Job title: Teacher of French and German by HC120831012852


									                                       The Winston Churchill School
Job title: Teacher of French or German

Job purpose: To teach French or German up to Key Stage 4, preferably both
             To support the school in the implementation of its key priorities as detailed in
             Department and School Development Plans

Post holder:

Pay scale: Main scale

Responsible to: Subject Leader for Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Accountable for: The provision of a full learning experience and support for students across the curriculum

Key accountabilities:

       You are required to:

        Carry out duties of the School Teacher as set out in the current School Teachers’ Pay and
         Conditions Document
        Teach French and German within the age range 11 – 16 and, if necessary, other subjects
         commensurate with your expertise
        Act as a member of the school’s student support and guidance organisation as directed by the
        Contribute towards raising standards and achievement
        Share with and support the school in providing opportunities for personal and academic growth ie
         Study tours to France and Germany

Key tasks:

       To undertake the effective management of the following tasks:

    Use appropriate teaching and learning strategies to ensure and enable students of all abilities and
      backgrounds to make optimum progress
    Secure a good standard of student behaviour in the classroom by establishing high expectations in
      the context of the school’s Behaviour Policy
    Keep appropriate records of students’ current and predicted attainment in classwork, internal tests,
      homework and formally assessed pieces of work
    Set challenging targets for students based on all relevant available data and follow up appropriately
    Set and mark homework according to school and department policies and follow up appropriately
    Write reports as directed on students’ progress and attainment
    Use the Frog VLE for planning, resourcing and setting homework for students
    Use the Frog notice boards and email system to communicate with students and parents
    Ensure that resources are organised and available to promote a purposeful environment for learning
      and teaching to take place
    Ensure that the classroom presents a stimulating environment through the display of student’s work
      and other exemplar materials
    Where applicable, deploy other adults effectively in the classroom, involving them, where
      appropriate, in the planning and management of students’ learning
    Support students with Special Educational Needs by providing appropriate work and guidance and
      where applicable, contribute to the preparation, implementation, monitoring and review of Individual
      Educational Plans
    Be actively involved in the monitoring and evaluation of aspects of the school as detailed within the
                                      The Winston Churchill School
       Form tutor (in a supervisory capacity as required)
      Monitor the progress and well-being of all members of the tutor group and follow up appropriately
      Attend year group meetings as directed
      Maintain an accurate register of student attendance, including lateness, in accordance with school
       guidance and follow up appropriately
      Register students, accompany them to assemblies, encourage their full attendance at school and
       their participation in other aspects of school life
      Retain absence letter and telephone messages for school records
       Monitor students’ achievement and behaviour on SIMS
      Ensure effective communication to parents and students through distribution of written material and
       collection of acknowledgements where appropriate
      Respond to initial parent / guardian enquiries within 48 hours of receipt
      Liaise with the Year team and Pastoral Support team
      Contribute to the PSHE, Citizenship and Enterprise programme according to school policy
      Support Year events

Professional responsibilities
    Implement school policies
    Meet deadlines
    Personally keep up to date with developments and new ideas related to the subject and share this
      information with department colleagues.
    Contribute towards the updating of schemes of work at key stage 3 and key stage 4.
    Attend scheduled department and school staff meetings and take part in Open Evenings, Progress
      Review days
    Attend parents’ consultation meetings as directed.
    Participate in the Appraisal process ensuring that the Appraisal Review Cycle is completed annually
      by set deadline.
    Take responsibility for own professional development, setting objectives for improvements.
    Participate in the In Service Training programmes organised by the school and other relevant
    Maintain a professional development portfolio of evidence to support the Appraisal review process.
    Participate in activities to promote liaison with other schools and agencies.

       Other specific duties
      Play a full part in the life of the school community at The Winston Churchill School, support our
       vision and values and encourage staff and students to follow this example
      Undertake any other duty as specified by the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document not
       mentioned above
      Carry out health and safety audit of the working environment and working practice regularly

This school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and
expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment

This job description will be reviewed annually and may be subject to amendment or modification at any time
after consultation with the post holder. It is not a comprehensive statement of procedures and tasks but
sets out the main expectations of the School in relation to the post holder’s professional responsibilities and

Signed: _________________________________ Date: ____________________________
       (Post holder)

Signed: _________________________________ Date of next review: Summer 2013
      (Line manager)
The Winston Churchill School

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