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(Casa Hogar de la Montaña)

                          STATEMENT OF FAITH

 We believe the Bible to be the inspired, the only infallible authoritative

   Word of God.

 We believe that there is one God, eternally existent in three persons:
   Father, Son and Holy Spirit

 We believe in the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, in His virgin birth, in
   His sinless life, in His miracles, in His vicarious and atoning death
   through His shed blood, in His bodily resurrection, in His ascension to
   the right hand of the Father, and in His personal return in power and

 We believe that for the salvation of lost and sinful people, regeneration
   by the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential.

 We believe in the resurrection of both the saved and the lost; they that
   are saved unto the resurrection of life and they that are lost unto the
   resurrection of damnation.

 We believe in the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ.


1. Review this packet with your group and if you have any questions feel free to email
   or call:
      a. Scott Carroll scott@missionshelps.org (956)584-7878 or cell (956) 739-0070
      b. Al Gatti algatti@sbcglobal.net (956) 583-1511 or cell (956) 739-0081
      c. Phillip Askey askey2mexico@hotmail.com

2. To help generate interest within the church, we suggest that you announce a
   planned mission trip as soon as possible, even 6 or 8 months before departure. Make
   timely reminders during worship services.

3. Have each potential team member complete an “Individual Application”.
   You may make as many copies of this form as necessary.

4. Submit 3 preferred dates for the trip for approval.

5. Send Group Application Form and deposit, ($45.00 per person) as soon as possible.
   We cannot secure your desired date until we receive your deposit.

6. Make reservations for airlines and motels as necessary

7. Have regular team meetings to encourage participation and develop team spirit and
   Christian qualities of service. We suggest you begin monthly meetings at least 6
   months in advance and increase it to weekly meetings as the departure time nears to
   plan music and worship services. This will build a cohesive group prepared to come,
   work and worship together.

8. Send balance of fees, Individual Application Forms and Liability Waiver forms for
   each team member one month before scheduled arrival.

9. Remind each person to pack so they can carry their own luggage, and keep in mind
   space is limited.

10. Travel to the agreed upon location. Begin an experience serving the LORD in Mexico.

REMEMBER, we want you to have a good experience so if we can be of service …

For up to date information on what’s happening at the Children’s Home, our web site is:

                                GROUP APPLICATION
                               (To be completed by Team Leader)

Name of Church or Organization
Arrival Date                             Departure Date
City                       State                        Zip
Name of Leader                                  Title
Phone ________________ Cell _________________ E-mail _________________
Total number of Team Members _____ # Adult Males _____              Youth Males _____
                                         Adult Females ____ Youth Females ____
Has each member of the team had a current tetanus shot?           Yes ____ No _
Each member must have a valid passport. Passports are now required to re-enter the US.
               If a person in your group is NOT a US citizen, that person
               must obtain their visa to Mexico before coming to the border.
Persons under 18 must have, in addition to a passport, a notarized permission slip signed
by both parents or legal guardians to be used for medical purposes and for entering Mexico
(form attached)
What special skills does your group have _________________________________________
What outreach crafts are you bringing ___________________________________________
Each team member must fill out an application form and a signed release (attached).

Cost: $350.00 per person. ($175.00 for age 12 and under) This includes your food and
lodging at the home in Mexico, the cost of supplies and materials to work with and the op-
eration of the children’s home. Payment of the balance and all applications and waivers are
due 30 days prior to your arrival.
If we provide transportation for the week there will be an additional fee of $50.00 per per-
son from the border and $25.00 per person from the Monterey or Saltillo airports to cover
fuel & toll costs.
A non-refundable registration fee of $45.00 per person must be sent with this application.
(This is part of the $350.00 charge) This should be paid immediately to secure the
date you want.

Make checks payable to: Children’s Home of the Mountains, Inc.
                        2112 W. University Drive, PMB #1006
                        Edinburg, TX 78539-2862
TOTAL ENCLOSED $__________________
                                  APPLICATION FORM
                                           PLEASE PRINT

                                                                        Attach Recent Photo

Name                                                Birth date             Age     Sex

Address                                     Telephone:___________________________

City                   ST        Zip                Email:_______________________________

Church/Group Name _______________________ Group Leader _____________________

Planned Arrival Date at CHM ___/___/______ Planned Departure from CHM ___/__/______

I am coming to minister at the children’s home because ____________________________
I have skills and talents in the following areas that I’d like to contribute to this team ______
                (Use back of application or another sheet of paper for added comments)

                                 MEDICAL INFORMATION:
Date of last tetanus shot ____/____/_____

Allergies ________________________________________________________________
Dietary Restriction __________________________________________________________

_______________________________________                             _____________________
     Signature of Participant                                            Date Signed

In Case of Emergency Contact:

Name __________________________ Relationship __________ Phone ________________

I give permission for this ministry to use group or individual photos in their publications.


Parent/Guardian Release: (BOTH parents MUST sign)

This is to certify that ____________________________________ is a United States
                           (Name of minor traveling)
Citizen, born in ____________________________, __________________ in the county of
             (city)                                                         (state)

______________________________, on ______/ ______/ _____. As the parent(s) of this
        (name of county)                               month        day        year

minor, I (we) give permission for him/her to travel to and from the country of Mexico

with __________________________________________.

The scheduled date for this trip is ______________ thru ____________________

I give my permission for the above-mentioned child to participate in the mission trip to Mexico. I certify that
the information given is correct and I have read and signed the liability waiver and release form included in
this application. In an emergency, I give my permission to a licensed physician to hospitalize, anesthetize, or
perform surgery on my child named above. I understand that every reasonable effort will be made to contact
me before these actions are taken.

        Signature _____________________________                  Date _____________

        Relationship to child
        Signature ______________________________ Date _______________

        Relationship to child
         Parents’ or Guardians’ Address

_______________________________________          ___________________________________
         City, State, Zip Code                                 Telephone number

Notary (This form is of no value if not notarized)

        State of                                        County of

        Sworn to and subscribed to me this                       day of               , 20

                      Signature ____________________________My commission expires
                          LIABILITY WAIVER & RELEASE

By being allowed to participate in the trip sponsored by Children’s Home of the Mountains,
Inc. and in consideration of the benefits to be derived there from, I hereby release Chil-
dren’s Home of the Mountains, Inc. and its present and former officers, directors, employ-
ees, agents and their heirs, administrators, executors, successors, and assigns from all
claims and liabilities of any kind, whether known or unknown, which arise from or are con-
nected in any way with my participation in the trip or the participation of any member of my
family including my spouse or minor child.
I recognize that the conditions in some of the places to which my spouse, my child, or I will
travel are not of the same standard as the conditions to which I am accustomed. I realize
further, that there are certain health risks as well as other risks to personnel and property,
and I enter into participation in this trip and agree to the participation of my spouse or mi-
nor child with knowledge of those risks. If for any reason I or my spouse or child is unable
to complete the planned stay at the project, I assume full responsibility for expenses in-
curred for my spouse, my child’s or my return home.
In the event of an emergency, I hereby authorize a leader of this activity, as an agent for
me or my spouse or my child to consent to: any x-ray exams; medical, dental or surgical
diagnosis; treatments; hospital care advised and supervised by a physician, surgeon or den-
tist licensed to practice under the laws of the state or country where services are rendered,
either at a doctor’s office or in a hospital. I expect my family to be contacted as soon as
I certify that I am of lawful age and competent to sign this Release, and have done so vol-
I understand that this document constitutes a full and complete waiver of all possible claims
for any act or omission, including claims for negligence regarding injury or property damag-
es, arising out of my participation in the trip.
(We at CHM strongly suggest you check with your group leader regarding health and acci-
dent insurance to cover this trip.)
I understand that this Release applies to, covers, and includes unknown, unforeseen, unan-
ticipated, and unsuspected damages, losses, or liabilities and the consequences thereof,
which result from the matters herein before inferred to as well as those now disclosed and
known to exist. The provisions of any state, federal, local, territorial law or statute providing
in substance that releases shall not extend to claims or damages which are unknown or un-
suspected to exist at the time and hereby expressly waived by me.
Should any dispute or controversy arise, I agree to seek resolution according to Biblical
SIGNED ____________________________________________ DATE ______________________
   Prior to your departure date, we will provide you with a reminder of what to
    bring and telephone contact numbers to be used in case of an emergency.
                          FACT SHEET FOR MISSION TEAMS
PREPARATION: Teams are encouraged to meet together several times before coming here. The-
se meetings provide an opportunity to build team spirit and bonding in the LORD. Cultural differ-
ences and how to work together can be shared in these sessions. Fund-raisers can also be orga-
nized during this time. We will assist you in each stage of the planning if you so desire.

LOCATION: Children’s Home of the Mountains, Inc. is located in the beautiful Sierra Madre Moun-
tains near Ramos Arizpe, which is about 12 miles north of Saltillo, Mexico. The elevation, about 5000
feet, is similar to Denver, CO. If you prefer to drive, travel time is about 4½ hours from the border
at McAllen or Laredo.

COST: The cost is $350.00 per person. ($175.00 age 12 and under) plus transportation cost. This
includes food and lodging for the time at the home in Mexico, work supplies and materials and op-
erating costs of the home. An entrance visa to Mexico is required. Currently a 7-day visa is an addi-
tional $23.00. You’re encouraged to bring personal spending money for souvenirs.

ACCOMODATIONS: You will be housed in dormitories on the children’s home property. Each
dormitory accommodates 20 people. Cooks experienced in feeding large groups will prepare your
meals with assistance from your team members. Purified drinking water will be provided to refill
your personal water bottle.
    PLEASE give advance notice of any dietary restrictions.

ACTIVITIES: Teams should expect to participate in a variety of tasks. This may include all types
of construction; clearing land, digging ditches, erecting block walls, painting, building fences or vari-
ous other tasks.
Staff will lead devotions in the mornings and groups are encouraged to have a share/devotion time
each evening. At least one evening of the week, you will participate in a local outreach. Appropriate
church clothing must be worn (no shorts, short dresses or tight clothing).
Optional activities may include visiting other ministries and shopping at local markets.

ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE: Groups arrive at the Home on Saturday and depart Friday morning.
Special circumstances will be accommodated.

AIRPORTS: There are International airports in Saltillo and Monterey. Many groups have found it
less expensive and more convenient to fly directly to one of these airports in Mexico.
If you plan to fly to the border contact either Northwest, American or Continental airlines for sched-
ules into McAllen, TX. Plan to arrive before noon to travel on to the Children’s Home the same day.
DRIVING IN MEXICO: Driver/owner will need an original title and letter of permission from lien
holder, a current driver’s license and a Visa or MasterCard credit card (in his name) for entry into
Mexico. In the case of a rental vehicle or church van, the church or agency needs to send
two notarized copies on letterhead stationary giving permission for the trip into Mexico.
There is a fee (approx. $35.00) for the vehicle visa. We also recommend that you purchase Mexican
insurance. It is available near the border or on the Internet.
 ASSISTANCE: When you arrive some of the missionaries will meet you, assist you in getting your
visas and escort you to CHM. If coming to McAllen or Laredo, you must arrive before noon in order
to cross the border the same day. If you find it necessary to arrive at the border after noon, we can
recommend some local places with reasonable overnight rates.

DRESS CODE: No sundresses, tank tops or midriff tops. Males should wear shirts at all times, (no
muscle shirts). Shorts must be knee length.

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