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									                   Poolesville Memorial United Methodist Church
                                   Strategic Plan
                                  March 2012 Update

Every good plan contains three key elements:
      1. Where you are
      2. Where you are going
      3. How you are going to get there

At Memorial we take attendance and count the money in the offering each week. We
see how many people show up for service projects. We hear about the good works
that members do for the church and the community.

But are we living up to our potential? Are we growing? Are we doing all that we
should be doing in service to our Lord? Are we bearing fruit?

In 2010 the Church Council undertook a serious planning effort. Although called a
Strategic Plan, we looked out only three years. Let's face it, it is often hard to look out
to next month, so three years is challenging enough.

In March 2012 we held another leadership retreat. We assessed ourselves to see if
we made progress relative to our goals set two years earlier. We looked out another
two years to 2014 and updated our plans accordingly.

During this period the greater United Methodist Church (UMC) began moving in the
same direction that Memorial was already headed. Through the Baltimore Washington
Conference, we have been encouraged to participate in the Call to Action.

Candidly speaking, the UMC is in decline. Across the nation and world there are fewer
United Methodist Churches and fewer active members. There is less financial giving.
The UMC began a serious self-assessment in 2010. It hired a third party to conduct a
comprehensive review of key attributes of more than 33,000 congregations. Next it
analyzed the data and identified which congregations were healthy or vital (~5000) and
which were not (~28,000) based on pre-established criteria. The study found that vital
congregations were engaging disciples in worship, in making new disciples, in growing
their faith, and in giving generously. It was not only that these things were occurring,
but they were evident at a significantly higher rate. Vital congregations, no matter what
their size, their location, or their common ethnicity -- demonstrated growth over a
period of several years.

The study further examined these churches and found that vital churches shared 16
ministries/strategies in common. The study called them "drivers of vitality." The 16
drivers can be grouped into four areas; 1) Small Groups, 2) Lay Leadership, 3)
Pastoral Leadership, and 4) Worship. The drivers are listed below:

2012 Memorial UMC Strategic Plan                                                     Page 1
  1. Vital churches have more small groups for all ages.
  2. Vital churches have more programs for children.
  3. Vital churches have more programs for youth.

  4. Vital churches focus on increasing the effectiveness of lay leaders. (Laity
     understand their role and carry these roles out effectively.)
  5. Vital churches have lay leaders who demonstrate a vital personal faith. (This
     faith includes regular worship, intentional spiritual growth, personal devotional
     life, and giving of financial resources.)
  6. Vital churches place an emphasis on rotating lay leadership in order to involve
     more people over time.
  7. Vital churches call, equip, use and support more lay leaders than non-vital
     churches. (Twenty percent or more of their worship attendees describe
     themselves as current or past leaders in their church.)

  8. Vital pastors coach and mentor lay leadership.
  9. Vital pastors use their influence to increase the participation of others in order to
      accomplish changes in the church.
  10. Vital pastors motivate the congregation to set and achieve significant goals
      through effective leadership.
  11. Vital pastors inspire the congregation through motivational preaching.
  12. Vital pastors, when they are serving effectively, stay for a longer period of time.

  13. Vital churches offer a mix of contemporary (newer forms and styles of worship)
      and traditional services.
  14. Vital churches have preachers who tend to use more topical sermon series in
      traditional services.
  15. Vital churches use more contemporary music (less blended music that includes
      traditional tunes) in contemporary worship.
  16. Vital churches use more multi-media in contemporary services (multi-media
      may not be as important as it is in some cultures).

During the Church Leadership Retreat on March 3, 2012, we recognized many things
we are doing right at Memorial. But we also saw some room for improvement. We
committed to work individually as work area leaders, and collectively as a
congregation, to focus on our strengths and to strive to improve in the drivers of vitality.

2012 Memorial UMC Strategic Plan                                                     Page 2
Below is a paraphrased summary of the conclusions:

Overall church strengths:
1. Large percentage of members visible serving in church and community
2. Church facility is used as a resource for the community
3. Warm and welcoming congregation
4. Sound financial management
5. Excellent music programs
6. Church family responds to needs and crisis
7. Active outreach supporting missions and community

Overall church opportunities for improvement:
1. Succession planning
2. Communications and use of web site and technology
3. Information and data management
4. Recruiting from new Poolesville neighborhoods
5. Formalization of processes

Since 2010 Memorial has experienced some significant changes that were not
envisioned in the June 2010 Strategic Plan. We went through a pastor transition
during 2011. The new pastor needed the parsonage, so we undertook a massive
renovation project that included taking out a $100,000 mortgage and conducting
$120,000 in repairs and improvements to the parsonage over a relatively short
duration. These expenditures combined with a two-year payoff on the new organ
console, with its last payment in November 2012, have taxed our financial situation.
These financial needs came during a tough recession that included the closure of
Selby's Market, the only grocery store in town, whose owners and many of its workers
are Memorial members. For these reasons, a fair amount of time at the leadership
retreat was devoted to explaining the financial status and plans for the church.

In late 2011 Memorial established a contingency fund to provide for cash flow
management and risk mitigation. The contingency fund can be used during seasonal
fluctuations, like the low giving periods during summer, and if emerging or unplanned
expenditures are required. The contingency fund avoids the need to obtain another
loan or create a financial emergency. Ideally the contingency fund will grow large
enough to enable Memorial to pay off the parsonage mortgage balance of $77,000
when it comes due in June 2016.

It is the finance committee's plan to make contributions weekly (about 10% of each
offering) to the contingency fund through the Spring of 2012, to grow the balance to
about $20,000 before entering the summer. During the summer we do not expect
giving to support continued contributions, but contributions will resume again in the Fall
of 2012 and continue as long as it can be supported while meeting our other financial
obligations. The next figure, titled PMUMC 2012 - 2016 Cash Balance Projections
illustrates the planned growth and potential uses of the contingency fund.

2012 Memorial UMC Strategic Plan                                                   Page 3
The 2012 retreat also offered a time to reflect on the many accomplishments over the
previous two years. In the Summer/Fall of 2010 we hired a new youth ministries
leader, created a youth center as a work camp project, installed new carpet and a new
organ console in the sanctuary and a new sign in front of the church. In 2011 we
celebrated the "burning of the mortgage" for the education wing and McDonald Center.
We said farewell to Pastor Ken Fell, and his wife Dyan, who served at Memorial for
more than eight years. We welcomed Pastor Pat Dols and her husband Tom, who
moved into the refurbished parsonage in the late summer of 2011. We had many
activities, socials and fundraisers throughout the year. We recall the productions of
Winnie the Pooh and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. We remember
the bus trip Lancaster, PA to the Sight and Sound Theater to see Joseph and Square
Dances in Fellowship Hall. These and many other new and exciting activities give us
fond memories, hope and a sense of purpose at Memorial.

Attendance is one of the key measures of the health of any church. In the 2010
Strategic Plan, data from the beginning of 2008 was analyzed and attendance was
plotted and then projections were made. From the analysis of historical information, it
was clear that Memorial's attendance was declining. A plan was established to
improve church facilities, increase our advertising and lay out and execute activities
that would retain existing members and attract new members. The goal was to stop
the decline, turn the corner and begin growing Memorial's attendance.

2012 Memorial UMC Strategic Plan                                                  Page 4
One of the key elements of the 2010 Strategic Plan was the figure showing average
quarterly attendance with the goal for attendance over the three year period 2010 -
2012. The figure is repeated immediately after in this update with actual attendance
for 2010 and 2011 plotted against the plan.

                       2010 Strategic Plan

2012 Memorial UMC Strategic Plan                                                Page 5
As can be seen, average attendance in 2010 was 116. Attendance improved in 2011
to average 129. Our goal for 2012 is 145. Below is a table of goals delivered to the
Baltimore Washington Conference at our Charge Conference in the Fall of 2011
(before 2011 data was known), establishing goals for several areas from 2012 - 2015.

                          2010       2011      2012      2013      2014      2015

Ave. Wkly. Attend. 116               129       145       150       155       160

Prof. of Faith            6          19        7         8         9         10

Small Groups              1          1         3         4         4         5

Mbrs. in Mission          102        131       125       130       135       140

$ given to Mission        47306      52508 45000 50000 55000 60000

2012 Memorial UMC Strategic Plan                                               Page 6
Memorial is organized and managed by a Church Council. The Council usually meets
once per month at the church and its meetings are open to any member of the
congregation. The Council is made up of leaders most of whom are responsible for
certain work areas. Below is a table showing the 2012 Church Council Work Area
leaders by work area and name:

Work Area                                   Leader

Trustees                                    Pilar Garrett
Finance                                     T.J. Mount
Stewardship                                 Bob Bachman
Endowment                                   Bob Bachman
Christian Education                         Scott & Dianna McGrew (temp.)
Youth Ministries                            Wendy Huff
Evangelism                                  Rick Arnold
Outreach                                    Ray Hoewing
Lord’s Acre                                 TBD
Communications                              Marty Schneider
Worship                                     Priscilla Lyon
Celebrating Grace (Contemporary)            Leslie Dutcher
Small Group Coordinators                    Karin Stout/Brenda Boulter
Crafty Ladies & Gents                       Kathy Cody
Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC)     Gary Hartz
Lay Leader                                  Scott McGrew

Each work area has a detailed plan that shows the leader of the work area by name
and picture, the purpose of the work area, and the overall goals and specific actions to
be accomplished during 2012 - 2014. At the retreat leaders were asked to update their
plans and this was accomplished and they were posted outside the sanctuary before
the end of March 2012. As a conclusion to Memorial's 2012 Strategic Plan, each of
the work area plans are attached.

2012 Memorial UMC Strategic Plan                                                  Page 7
Work Area              TRUSTEES

Leader                 Pilar Garrett

Trustees care for the physical church and enter into any legal or contractual agreements.
Trustees manage all facilities, utilities, maintenance and new capital projects.

       Church building is well maintained and attracts visitors
       Agreements implemented and updated to protect church interests
       Other church facilities maintained to preserve assets and benefit church
       Number of members and skill variety supporting work days increased
       Improve project funding/selection process (with finance and council)

    Develop 10 year capital budget and add to list as needed
    Perform structural inspection of all facilities - 2012
    Continue improvements of old education building
    Perform mechanical inspection - 2012
    Identify how church facilities can benefit community
    Work with finance committee as to budget needs of church facilities

2012 Memorial UMC Strategic Plan                                                            Page 8
Work Area             Finance
Leaders    TJ Mount (Chairman), Andrew Lewis (Treasurer), Reva
Hoewing (Financial Secretary)

The Finance Committee supports the mission of the church by being conservative and faithful
stewards of church finances and providing budgeting and reporting of income and expenses.

       Budget/finance the short-term and long-term capital and operating needs of the church
       Manage the cash flow needs of the church
       Ensure all bills are paid in a timely manner
       Handle the day-to-day accounting of the church
       Ensure donors receive timely and accurate reports on contributions (for tax purposes)
       Ensure all UMC and IRS reporting requirements are satisfied timely and accurately
       Automate and modernize financial management (e.g. electronic giving, website)
       Work closely with trustees, stewardship and endowment on programs/efforts
       Support ad hoc church programs/committees with financial advice (e.g. PIPES)

    Electronic giving piloted (July 2010)
    Electronic giving incentive program launched with Stewardship (Nov 2010)
    Develop a narrative budget (December 2010)
    Begin electronic capture of income and expenses from self funded areas (Jan 2012)
    Finalize 3-year budget for 2012 - 2014 (March 2012)

2012 Memorial UMC Strategic Plan                                                        Page 9
Work Area              Stewardship

Leader                 Bob Bachman

As United Methodist's we acknowledge that all that we are and all that we
have is a gift from God. As stewards, we learn to give back to God in
the form of our time, talents and gifts.

       Discuss the meaning of stewardship in letters to parishioners, in newsletter articles, in
        statements during worship, and in stewardship letters to members of the church
       Announce opportunities to act as stewards in the life of the church
       Increase appreciation for the stability that annual pledging brings to church operations
       Provide automated options to make a pledges and give money to the church
       Increase the number of annual pledges and estimates of giving each year
       Increase the number of giving units in the church
       Increase the amount of money the church receives

    Send a stewardship thank you letter to the members of congregation (Annually)
    Write Stewardship articles in monthly newsletter emphasizing time, talents and treasure
    In conjunction with Finance, encourage implementation of electronic giving
    Increase number of annual pledges by 5% over 2011 level (Dec 2012, 2013, 2014)
    Increase number of giving units by 5% over 2011 level (Dec 2012, 2013, 2014)
    Increase total annual giving by 5% over 2011 level (Dec 2012, 2013, 2014)

2012 Memorial UMC Strategic Plan                                                           Page 10
Work Area:            Endowment

Leader                Bob Bachman

Provide opportunities for charitable gifts to become part of a permanent investment fund that
generates interest and dividend income that is directed by the Endowment Committee to
support special ministries.

   Increase awareness of the Endowment & Memorials programs
   Invest the General Endowment Fund assets in accordance with PMUMC Endowment
      Investment Guidelines
   Continue process of asking the members, ministries, and Church Council for ideas as to
      the what special ministries the endowment income supports
   Grow the General Endowment Fund
   Lay the foundation for a potential future endowment program to include a new Outreach
      Endowment and/or a Capital Expense endowment, should a large memorial so designate

    Select investment managers for the PMUMC Endowment corpus (April 2012)
    Send thank you letters to contributors to Endowment (upon receipt, at least annually)
    Appoint annual Endowment Fund Committee (Mar 2012, Mar 2013, Mar 2014)
    Install a “Giving Tree" in church (Dec 2013)
    Grow the General Endowment Fund to $125,000 (Dec 2013)
    Make annual endowment income awards (April 2012, Feb 2013, Feb 2014)
    Evaluate/balance Endowment Fund investments annually each February
    Grow the General Endowment Fund to $150,000 (Dec 2014)

2012 Memorial UMC Strategic Plan                                                       Page 11
Work Area Christian Education

Leaders        Scott and Dianna McGrew (Interim)

Provide opportunities for children ages 2 through adult to increase knowledge of the Bible,
Jesus Christ, Christian living as well as service to families, friends, neighbors and the world. In
addition to Sunday School classes, opportunities include an Easter Celebration, Vacation Bible
School, Family Activities, Mission Projects, a Christmas Pageant and Community Outreach.

       Maintain classrooms staffed with teachers and curriculum
       Increase awareness of Christian Education opportunities
       Increase involvement with parents of children who attend Sunday School
       Increase average yearly Sunday School attendance by 10%

    Solicit 1 hour of time commitments from members – (continuous)
    Identify/train Vacation Bible School leader (Jan. 2012) – (completed)
    Hold a Christian Education Sunday for recognitions – (Sept. 2012, 2013, 2014)
    Submit articles for newsletter each month
    Hold 2 parent/student socials annually (April & Oct. 2012)
    Create email distribution list for communicating Christian Education information to
      families (Sept. 2012)
    Identify and recruit new teachers as substitutes, and future replacements
    Ready classrooms for future growth and reconfiguration

2012 Memorial UMC Strategic Plan                                                           Page 12
Work Area             Youth
Leader         Wendy Huff

Youth group provides safe and welcoming environment for middle school and high school
youth to enjoy fun and fellowship, worship and Christian service.

       Have youth take more leadership roles in youth and church activities
       Weekly bible study
       Youth calendar to include monthly service / mission project with increased attendance
       Increase opportunities for ecumenical activities
       Encourage retreat attendance, including Chrysalis at ≥ age 15
       Develop a deeper spiritual connection for youth
       Outreach to other youth in community

    Develop timelines and check lists for all activities (spring 2012 – ongoing)
    Continued improvement of youth communications through email, facebook, texting, etc.
    Implement Chrysalis scholarship for any interested youth
    Large youth participation in mission work camp (summer 2012, 2013)
    Develop drama team (fall 2012)
    Christian Rock concert (spring – summer 2013)
    Regular Bible study group (fall 2012)

2012 Memorial UMC Strategic Plan                                                       Page 13
Work Area              Evangelism
Leaders        Rick & Peg Arnold

Evangelism seeks to attract new members to Memorial and the Christian faith through effective
communications, active outreach and welcomed invitation.

       Make visitors feel welcome
       Increase contact with new residents to Poolesville
       Provide enhanced new member programs
       Retain members; reach out to absentees

    Send thank you letters to all visitors after 2nd visit (effective immediately)
    Recognition of new members in newsletter (effective immediately)
    Create a Fellowship Friends Program to ease transition for new members (Apr 2012)
    Create a Welcome card for church visitors (Spring 2012)
    Implement a system that ensures follow up with members who have been absent from
      church for some time (Fall 2012)
    Send letters to all new homebuyers in area, marketing Memorial activities
    Create visitation groups to talk with new subdivision home buyers
    New member fellowship opportunities, Soup and Salad dinners, twice a year
    Collect and update communication information from membership
    Communicate Evangelism activities through web and newsletter

2012 Memorial UMC Strategic Plan                                                     Page 14
Work Area             Outreach

Leader                Ray Hoewing

   Provide leadership, information and resources that will facilitate the response of our
   members (and the church, where appropriate) to needs and opportunities in our area and
   beyond—that we might generally call “community involvement/outreach” and have the
   potential of improving lives and of making our witness as caring Christians.

       Support WUMCO-Help as top priority (volunteer work and financial resources)
       Promote and initiate ecumenical cooperation in the various community missions
       Assume leadership role in community service/Christian action undertakings
       Function as resource and information center for outreach opportunities
       Encourage and recognize (as appropriate) Memorial members who serve
       Educate and encourage response to national and international humanitarian crises
       Serve as liaison for Memorial-supported missionary(ies)

    Budgeted $2000 for WUMCO in 2012. Ray Hoewing serves on WUMCO board.
    Actively participating in Helping Hands-Poolesville—the coalition of all five
      Poolesville churches that has community service/Christian action programs.
    Organize and serve dinners at Frederick Mission (every 4th Saturday)
    Leadership role in Rebuilding Together (work performed each April)
    Publicizes opportunities via newsletter, announcements, bulletin board, Web
    Promote "Great Hour of Sharing" (March 2012)
    Advertise in Monocacy Monocle "Christian Service Directory" (April 2012)
    Enhance communication with and funding for missionary in Liberia (Fall 2012)
    Collaborate with emerging coalition to establish a Community Center with programs to
      appeal to the elderly in our area.

2012 Memorial UMC Strategic Plan                                                      Page 15
Work Area          Lord’s Acre

Leaders            TBD....Former leaders: Mike & Pilar Garrett

A fall festival celebrating the Lord's blessings with a primary mission of
community outreach and a secondary goal of fund raising.

   Increase awareness of Lord’s Acre and PMUMC within the community
   Attract new members
   Provide an affordable event for the community
   Fellowship
   Provide a community service (e.g. Blood Drive)
   Fund raising

   Obtain name and contact info from ≥ 5 people as prospective new members
   At least one new activity each Lord's Acre
   Increase number of PMUMC members involved in Lord’s Acre by 5%
   Increase fund raising by 10% each year (2009 net raised $6,500)

2012 Memorial UMC Strategic Plan                                             Page 16
Work Area             Communications

Leader                Marty Schneider

Develop and implement strategies and techniques that convey the life of the church in an
attractive manner to better inform members and the church seeking community.

   Improved content and delivery of the happenings of the church to members
   Improved web site content to inform members and attract new members

    Become a 'go-to' resource for church body on communications issues (Jan 2012)
    Create a bulletin board with Monthly Calendar of Events (July 2012)
    Test drive a 'this week at Memorial' email to Congregation that will include Outlook
      Calendar capabilities for capturing upcoming events (Sept 2012)

2012 Memorial UMC Strategic Plan                                                       Page 17
Work Area             Worship

Leader                Priscilla Lyon

Coordinate the atmosphere of the sanctuary, sermons, and music to enhance the worship


   Maintain and update the sanctuary to provide the best possible worship experience
   Provide a traditional Methodist service in a comfortable and genuine environment
   Allow and encourage all parishioners to grow in their faith
   Continue efforts to bring variety and ‘freshness’ to the services


   Investigate using technology that may enhance the worship experience (ongoing)
   Continue efforts to coordinate the worship service and look for ways to increase awareness
    among parishioners and the community of our worship opportunities
   Increase the opportunities for parishioners to take communion; consider communion as part
    of Celebrating Grace and/or a separate communion service monthly (Dec 2012)
   Establish a contemporary worship service that meets weekly in addition to the traditional
    service (Dec 2013)
   Purchase “Choir” chairs – preferably stackable – for the choir rehearsal room for both the
    children and chancel choirs (Dec 2014)
   Establish a nursery for in-service child care or a parent/child ‘Quiet Room’ closer to the
    sanctuary and with adequate audiovisual features to allow the adults to hear the service (Dec

2012 Memorial UMC Strategic Plan                                                        Page 18
Work Area             Celebrating Grace

Leaders       Leslie Dutcher
Planning Team: Peg Arnold, Karin Stout, Judy Holt, Chris Giarratano, Youth Rep (TBD)
Music Team: Peg Arnold, Walter Moskwa, David Melton, Wendy Huff, Geoff Behrend, Steve,
       Joshua & Jesse Krasner

To provide a rich contemporary worship option for Memorial members and the Poolesville
community; serve as a means of outreach and provide an opportunity for individuals to witness
how God is working in their lives.

   Increase involvement of PMUMC members actively supporting Celebrating Grace, e.g.,
      music, set-up, food, clean-up, speakers
   Increase average attendance

    Find someone to share music leadership duties with Peg Arnold (ongoing)
    Advertise service to other churches and Poolesville community by sending invitations to
      churches and developing signs for posting around town (June 2012)
    Develop plan and necessary outreach and work with youth of church (or “churches” if
      CG becomes ecumenical) for routine youth leadership in services
    Youth will lead at least two Celebrating Grace services per year
    Hold two planning meetings a year (spring and fall) to set the dates, times and themes
      for each service for the upcoming season
    Establish a list of topics and speakers, historical and prospective
    Take a free will offering to support the food and fellowship time after the service
    Have the coordinator of Celebrating Grace attend the Worship Committee meetings

2012 Memorial UMC Strategic Plan                                                     Page 19
Work Area              Small Groups

Leaders                Karin Stout & Brenda Boulter

Provide opportunities for members of Memorial to build deeper relationships with each other,
nurture spiritual growth and grow together as disciples of Christ.

       Small group leaders are provided with the tools to succeed
       Small group ministry needs are identified and met
       Small group opportunities are communicated to all members and visitors
       New members are shown opportunities to connect with others in discipleship

    Form at least 3 small groups in 2012 (Met in Feb 2012)
    Analyze and communicate survey results (March 2012)
    Start up a young adult ministry (June 2012)
    Start up a couples mini-series (Fall 2012)
    Offer a Small Group Leader training session (Dec 2012)

2012 Memorial UMC Strategic Plan                                                      Page 20
Work Area             Crafty Ladies & Gents

Leader:               Kathy Cody

The Crafty Ladies & Gents offer social activities to enrich spiritual growth and enhance church
family with fundraising opportunities that are used to support the church and/or community.

       Hold monthly meetings to plan social and fundraising activities
       Increase Group’s Membership
       Increase number of social events for spiritual and church family growth
       Increase number of fundraising events to support church, service and mission
       Support other church groups with their needs

    Continue sponsoring annual fundraising events; Spaghetti Dinner, Bake Sale,
      Square Dance, Christmas Bazaar
    Introduce new fundraising events such as; Karaoke Night, Valentines Dance,
      Sock Hop, Gospel Concert, Talent Show
    Provide Meals for Frederick Rescue Mission
    Sponsor various church social activities; All Church Birthday Party,
      Church/Sunday School Picnic, Various Pot Luck Lunches/Dinners,
    Monetary Donations to; Memorial Cares Fund, Endowment Fund, Pipes Fund,
      other church work groups and miscellaneous community needs
    Provide financial support for maintenance, upkeep and various needs of church

2012 Memorial UMC Strategic Plan                                                       Page 21
Work Area           Staff-Parish Relations Committee

Chairman            Gary Hartz

The Staff-Parish Relations Committee is the administrative unit in a local church where
staff and congregational interests are integrated to focus on the mission of the church.

   To encourage, strengthen, nurture, support, and respect the pastor(s) and
      staff and their families.
   To promote unity in the church.
   To provide evaluation of staffing needs of the church, and evaluations of
      performance of paid staff.

    The committee will meet at least quarterly, as required by ¶ 258.2(e).
    Provide formal, written evaluations, at least annually (Q4).
    In cooperation with the pastor, review job descriptions annually for church
      staff and revise as necessary.
    Reassess the needs of the church youth ministries and Christian
      Education with respect to existing staffing (i.e., can the needs be met with
      only a part-time Youth Ministries Leader position and volunteer Christian
      Education Director?) and propose alternative staffing suggestions to
      church council and/or finance committee.
    Arrange a parsonage tour with the Dols’ and a representative from the
      board of trustees for inventory, maintenance, and repair annually (Q2).

2012 Memorial UMC Strategic Plan                                                 Page 22
Work Area              Lay Leader
Leader                 Scott McGrew

Recognize, celebrate and promote lay Christian action within the church and community (in
broadest sense of that term)

       Increase lay leadership in both church and community
       Enrich and elevate the role of lay leaders
       Develop clear roles and responsibilities for lay leadership positions
       Develop succession plans for key lay leadership positions

       Increase lay participation in Sunday services: announcements, Scripture reading
       Increase participation at Leadership Days training (Jan 2012)
       Nominations identifies assistant chairs for key work areas (Nov 2012)
       Key lay leadership positions have clear job descriptions (Dec 2012)
       Sponsor member for Lay Speaker classes and certification (Dec 2013)
       Sponsor a seminary student (Dec 2014)

2012 Memorial UMC Strategic Plan                                                          Page 23

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