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					                                    Reflective Essay

      My portfolio that serves as an overview of the types of projects I expect to

encounter as an employee. Potential employers, professors, and fellow

classmates serve as the target audience for this body of work. Because I have

elected a professional concentration, my portfolio includes works from my

professional writing classes.

      As English major at Georgia State University, my coursework has been

focused on career oriented material. After graduating, I plan to pursue a career

as a Technical Writer. I have taken the required courses that serve as a

foundation for the professional writing I hope to do after graduation. The

literature courses provided exposure to different genres of writing. These courses

also required the use of research methods that will be useful to me as I pursue

my career goals.

      The material that I chose for the portfolio is a reflection of my Advanced

Rhetoric and Composition curriculum. In addition to the required courses, I also

took elective classes that would further strengthen my skills as a writer. The

courses I took, such as Shakespeare, African American Literature by Women,

and the History of Argumentative Writing, enhanced my ability to write about

different genres. Likewise, the courses I took in Electronic Writing and

Publishing, Business Writing, and Editing introduced me to the different forms of

media available to accompany my writing. The semester I spent reacquainting
myself with English language mechanics in Advanced Grammar was vital to my

understanding of the types of writing I will be expected to produce in the future.

       The works in my portfolio are divided as follows:

          Historical/Theoretical Work

           I collaborated with fellow senior Dennis Lester on a project that

           explored the Technical Writing profession. We were only two of a

           classroom of many who chose to pursue this line of work. Our

           audience was composed of future educators who were unaware

           Technical writing. Our presentation included a presentation

           accompanied by several examples of the materials that Technical

           Writers produce.

          Professional Work

              The first professional work includes a Document Analysis

               assignment completed in a Technical Writing course. The purpose

               of the project was to examine professional documents and

               determine the need for revision relative to the target audience.

              The second piece of work is a White Paper Assignment that was

               also completed in a Technical Writing course. The topic of this

               assignment focused on my research in areas pertinent to Technical

               Writers such as Graphic Design, Web site design, and Internet


              The third professional work is a Hypertext Essay project completed

               in an Electronic Writing and Publishing course. This assignment
               was my introduction to Dreamweaver, a widely used software

               program for building web sites. This project closely connected to

               the previous work because it unifies all of the principles outlined in

               the White Paper project.

            Thematic Work

               My choice for a Thematic work is a web site designed for Pine

               Grove Baptist Church. I collaborated with my classmates Sheila

               Tent and Margo Owens on this assignment, which was part of a

               community service project headed by Dr. Jeff Grabill. This project

               exposed our team to the many aspects of professional web design,

               such as client satisfaction, research, and audience analysis.

               Overall, the project enhanced our writing and design skills and

               promoted teamwork.

         As a whole, my writing process has improved tremendously throughout my

academic career at Georgia State University. The courses that I have taken

unveiled a wealth of resources that formed a solid foundation for my professional

career. I am more confident with my writing now that I have been introduced to a

wide a variety of writing samples. My goal throughout my college career has

been to acquire the knowledge that will allow me to communicate clearly and

effectively. My academic career at Georgia State University has afforded me this

privilege and I welcome the opportunity to advance my skills in the professional


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