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Noise Polution


Noise pollution and its effect

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									                                          NOISE POLLUTION

Noise pollution is a condition in which the entry of the incoming sound too much and interfere with
the human environment. Noise pollution is quite a serious threat to the quality of the environment.
Sources of noise pollution is the noise, which sounds or sounds that can disrupt and damage human
hearing. The sound is called noise when the intensity has exceeded 50 decibels. Sound with high
intensity, such as those issued by many industrial machinery, motor vehicles, and aircraft, if it lasts
continuously for long periods of time can interfere with humans, even causing permanent hearing

Effects that can be caused by noise pollution is as follows:

       Stress,
       Madness,
       Changes in pulse,
       Blood pressure changes,
       Impaired heart function,
       stomach contractions.

Directly, such as noise pollution can cause deafness physical and psychological pressure. Further, the
psychological pressure will cause other diseases emerged in humans.

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