MMS and Self Determination

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					MMS and Self Determination
(Multiple Motivational Systems)
MMS stands out in the eyes of the evolutionist and his perspectives that
both animal and the human race manifolds of motivational systems. These
systems include natural responses, as well as the tendencies. It seems
that we are structured on a neural circuit that helps us to adapt and
solve problems. According to evolutionary philosophers both humans and
animals respond, behave, and all of these actions is from the way one
thinks. Many of the evolutionist theories point to the evolution of human
and animal natural selections with the most extreme selection being
survival. The second need is reproduction. Motives also factor into MMS,
since it is the basic emergence of cross-cultures. That is humans are
driven on love, power, money, and perspectives.
Power and control is the dominate need for many men, which these
animalistic traits dominate others to the point of death. Men from
centuries of old had the desire to compete against the other, fighting
for power and control. Men instinctively are driven to protect their
interest, honor, and family. They will often compete against other men
solely for the gain of power and control.
Humans have the need to feel love and to give love. Sadly, the worldly
point of view of love is defined as sex. Love is unconditional, it does
not lie, cheat, steal, or harm others. Still, the basic human has the
need to produce offspring, associate with family, friends, and to count
on others to help them when times are rough.
One of the common things we see in the world is people acting strong,
until life deals them an off deck of cards, and then they show their
weaknesses. Instead of relying on the self to come out of the rut, they
often will ask others to show them, or bail them out of the rut. It is a
common weakness among humankind. With these known facts, how can one
think that it is logical to develop self-determination?
What is self-determination? Self-determination is a strength that gives
us power and control over our life. Self-determination in fact, is an
innate want of the autonomy. When one has self-determination this person
has self rule, freedom, freewill, and control of his or her life.
The freedom that one gets from self-determination ranks him or her as a
sovereign being that has choices, liberty, and independence. Rather than
having reigns on, the person has a lack of restrictions. This creates a
nonconformist. A nonconformist is an eccentricity individual and
original. This person is inventive, frank, free to express, open, and
will abandon any negativities that get in the way of his or her success.
This person has ultimate power and control that any given human being can
have in this life.
When you have more choice it gives you a wide selection of options in
which you can choose to match your preferences and likes. Self-
determination creates a diverse mind that has an abundance of choices on
a broader scale.
Building self-determination improve your quality of life. When a person
has self-determination that person often has a good measure of self-
control, self-respect, self-awareness, and self-identity. This is a
dignified soul. If you are working on building self-determination, visit
the Internet to find ways to help you grow. You will find a wide
selection of options, natural techniques, organic solutions, and more
When online will help you expand your knowledge, which will empower you
to continue learning and working on self-determination. Be sure to look
in the self-development isle online, since self-determination is part of
self-growth and development.

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