Bosses and Self Determination by MonaSamer


									Bosses and Self Determination
Success tips -Dealing with a troublesome boss

You have to deal with your boss first and foremost. Your boss is the head
of your team and controls the quality of output produced. That is why it
is recommended that before you handle your job effectively, you should
first learn how to deal especially with a troublesome boss. You do not
have to be a hypocrite just to please your boss. Just do what you have to
do and with utmost willingness and motivation. In no time, your boss
would surely learn to appreciate your efforts and skills and retain you
as among his most trusted staff.
Troublesome bosses are often pessimistic thinkers. Often the person will
act out unaware, sending misguiding signals. Too many people in the world
today are sending these messages attempting to challenge positive
thinkers. It usually causes the receiver to feel sluggish, since the
negative messages bring you down. Changing how you think however can turn
this problem around. Change your viewpoints. Instead of thinking negative
about the troublesome sender, start sending positive signals perhaps to
encourage the boss to reform his habits.
Fighting fire with fire is only going to lead to failure in many ways. At
what time you make constructive changes, the product often reflects in
your personality. Your conduct just may rub off on your troublesome boss.
Instead of trying to change other people’s ways, learn to change you.
Most troublesome people have a notion that they know it all and everyone
else is short of a full circuit. Some of the top areas this attitude is
displayed is in technical sectors were IT workers, or related techs work.
Still, it happens in other job places.
Troublesome people often make excuses. In denial, they often remain
stuck. When you ask questions, you do not receive adequate feedback,
since the boss may have an attitude “I am perfect, I never make

Well, he/she hasn’t realized yet that like everyone else in the world,
he/she is human and makes tons of mistakes each day that go unnoticed.
Troublesome bosses often develop an arrogant attitude. The attitude
commonly leads to defensive eruptions in which too often emerge from
fear. This person likely has insecurities, and/or vulnerabilities, which
he/she will put up a brick wall to shield this awareness.
So many common people believe these traits developed at a youthful age,
which according to reports, parents often criticize their children. This
is not true in many cases, since most troublesome people dealt with poor
teaching at school, peer pressure, bullies, and other influences that
guided them away from their parents’ teachings.
Troublesome folks often fear failure, or feel short of success. The
defense goes up, which provides them a shield. Keep in mind, when you
must deal with troublesome bosses you can win them over by demonstrating
a humble attitude. Although, your boss may outright piss you off, you can
subdue him or her by humbling you. Maintain a chaste attitude that
directs your troublesome boss to review his or her behaviors, habits, or
the way he/she may deal with his workers. Just stayed determined and you
will do fine.
One of the best advantages in your favor; is to avoid argument. When you
see a difficult person is argument or defensive, become aware of this
behavior and silently listen without striking back. It helps to realize
that this person is feeling unsure of his or her self. If you decide to
argue back, it could lead to bigger problems. Knowing your rights can
also help you deal with difficult people. For instance, you have the
right to demand respect. You have the right to reclaim respect when
someone disrespects you. If co-workers are abusing you mentally,
physically, or verbally, you have the right to take back your respect. Of
course, you want to learn under minding tips to take back that respect
without casting fire on the hot burner.

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