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                        MINUTES OF COUNCIL MEETING

            held at Cardinham Parish Hall on Tuesday July 19th 2011.

Present: Councillors : Mrs J Best (Chairman), S Best, P. Crier, C Dyer, T. Keat, G
Rogers, A Searle, G. Tucker, P Tucker, County Councillor M Martin and Parish Clerk

There were also 4 members of the public present.

The Chairman welcomed everyone, in particular PCSO L Paynter who after giving his
report would be attending the St Breward Parish Council meeting.

11/ 80 Public Session

Police Report – PCSO Lloyd Paynter stated that he had checked the police computer
and found that there had not been any reported crime within the Parish in the past
month. Councillors again requested if the police would be able to do anything about
the parking of vehicles around the Primary School. The officer confirmed that this
was an on-going problem at many schools throughout the area and felt that the school
must also play it’s part in ensuring the safety of children. It was agreed that he would
again visit the area at the appropriate time and remind parents of their responsibilities.
He asked councillors to continue being vigilant on ‘boy-racers’ particularly in the area
around the air-field. The Chairman thanked PCSO Paynter for his attendance and he
left at 7.55pm.

County Council – Councillor M Martin commented on matters within his report that
had been circulated to all Parish Councillors. He spoke more on the decision of the
proposed incinerator at St Dennis and warned councillors of the changes proposed by
the introduction of the Localism Bill (details circulated) currently being discussed in
the House of Lords.

Public – Mrs Rosemary Rowe gave a short report on the upgrading of the electricity
supply to St Meubred’s Church as reported in last month’s correspondence.

11/81 Apologies There were apologies from Councillor M. Frost.

11/ 82 Declaration of Interest

There was a declaration of interest from Cllr T Keat on the planning application
PA11/04612 for M Rowe and Councillors C Dyer and A Searle on the planning
application PA11/-5163 by Cornish Farm Dairy Ltd.

11/ 83 Minutes of Previous Meeting.

It was proposed by Cllr P Tucker, seconded by Cllr C Dyer that the minutes of the
Parish Council Meeting held on June 21st 2011, which had been circulated, be
accepted as a true and accurate record. All in favour.
Also the minutes of the Footpath Committee Meeting held on July 4th 2011 had been
circulated and it was proposed by Cllr T Keat, seconded by Cllr Mrs J Best that they
be accepted as a true and accurate record. All in favour.

11/ 84 Matters Arising.

The Clerk confirmed re Min 11/73 (v) a copy of the Future Standards of Conduct had
been circulated to all councillors. Also Min 11/74 the Internal Auditor had examined
the accounts and they had been forwarded to the Audit Commission. Mr Abraham
was satisfied making recommendations that would be discussed later in the meeting

11/85 Correspondence

   (i)      A letter had been received from Susan Hearn, manager of Glynn Valley
           Crematorium agreeing that a meeting should be held between the Council,
           herself, her Regional Manager Tony Frewin and General Manager Steve
           Gant. It was agreed that the Clerk write to her requesting some suitable
           dates and to include also County Cllr L Kennedy and Town Clerk Paul
           O’ Callaghan. (Action taken).
   (ii)     A list of forthcoming planning training events being arranged by CALC
           for Clerks and Councillors
   (iii)   The Clerk read a letter from Unity Trust Bank offering their services.
   (iv)    Information from Cornwall Council that ‘one stop shops’ at Bodmin,
           Camelford and Launceston would be moving to public libraries at each
   (v)     Copy of details on beacons throughout the country to celebrate the
           Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on June 4th 2012. Councillors agreed in
           principle that this should be supported and should be an agenda item for
           later in the year.
   (vi)    Invitation to Community Action Through Sport presentation at
           Lanhydrock Golf Club on Friday September 16th .

11/86 Cemetery Fees

Following a request from Cornwall Council for current details of local fees Rosemary
Rowe attended the meeting and produced together with current details of fees,
information on plot availability.
Sexton’s fee £225 Purchase of grave space £50 Internment £50
Erection of headstone £25 Placement of slab £25
Charges are doubled if the deceased lived outside the Parish or has no historical parish
 It was agreed to forward this information to Cornwall Council but would continue to
reserve control of local prices. Both the Chairman and the Clerk thanked Mrs Rowe
for her assistance.

11/ 87 Finance

The Clerk circulated to members of Council the Income & Expenditure statement for
the month ended June 21st 2011 and briefly explained the transactions. It was
proposed by Councillor C. Dyer, seconded by Councillor G Tucker to accept the
financial report and make the relevant payments. All in favour.
The Clerk added that the accounts had been audited by Internal Auditor , Mr Ken
Abrahams and he had noticed that the Parish clock was not amongst assets insured by
AON Ltd. After some discussion in which it was established that the clock was a gift
bought by parishioners as a memorial at the end of world War1and was currently
insured by the church. It was left that Mrs Rosemary Rowe would clarify the situation
and notify the Clerk.
 He also felt that the Fidelity guarantee cover was low at £2000 and recommended as
guidance the indicative level from the Audit Commission would be £10,000.It was
agreed that the Clerk should contact AON to get a costing on any increase.

11/ 88 Planning Applications

   (i)     PA11/05163 Cornish Farm Dairy Ltd – application to amend planning
           application E1/2009/00524 to incude demolition of existing floor space,
           provision of new plant room etc at Greymare Farm, St Winnow,
           Lostwithiel. (Parish Council decision – difficult to comment because
           unable to access plans).
   (ii)    PA11/04612 Mr M Rowe – formation of lay-by to provide off street
           parking for 2 vehicles at 6 Churchtown, Cardinham. (Parish Council
           decision – support).
   (iii)   PA11/04485 Mr Andrew Williams – siting of a wind turbine with a hub
           height of 30m and a three bladed rotor diameter 19.2m and a temporary
           construction compound for use only within construction period at
           Newtons, Margate Farm, Bodmin.(Parish Council decision- although it is
           an application for an adjoining parish we would like to comment on the
           visual impact on the countryside.

11/ 89 Planning Decisions

PA11/03589 Mr M Old – approved.

11/ 90 Footpaths

 Cllr A Searle stated that all matters had been covered at the recent footpath
committee meeting. The Clerk stated that there was no claim from Local Maintenance
Partnership as the contractor, Mr Solomon confirmed that he had not done any
footpath work last year.

11/ 91 Highway Matters

Cllr G Tucker said the road surface at Leball is in a terrible state.

11/92 Parish Matters

Cllr T Keat stated that the Parish Council should take any expense for celebrations of
the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next June into consideration when discussing the annual
precept later in the year.
Cllr S Best asked about the possibility of providing dog-bins on some of the
footpaths. The Clerk agreed to obtain some prices for the next meeting. (Action
Cllr A Searle said that the work on the war memorial had not been done yet. The clerk
said he would contact Kernow Memorials.(Action taken).
It was reported that there was a problem of fly-tipping again on the common including
black bags containing glass.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 09.25 pm.

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