Shiloh Baptist Church � first black church on the hill, major by 5uIp7t8


									Shiloh Baptist Church

This panel represents the distinctive tower and spire of the historic Shiloh Baptist Church
on I Street. Like many of the churches in the dynamic and ever-changing Hilltop
community, several different denominations and congregations have occupied Shiloh
over the course of its history.

The original church is one of the oldest buildings on I Street. Built as the Norwegian
Evangelical Lutheran Church in 1891, it became The First Norwegian Lutheran Church,
the Messiah Lutheran Church (1938), the Gloria Dei Lutheran Church (1959), and finally
the Shiloh Baptist Church (1965). Many of these changes resulted from the merger of
smaller congregations into a new, larger home elsewhere.

As the first African American church on the hill, Shiloh Baptist has been a major
socializing force and community center. Shiloh’s first pastor, Dr. Earnest Stonewall
Brazil, first opened the church on Easter Sunday, April 10, 1955, and served until the last
Sunday of 1999. The recently constructed addition features African-inspired architecture,
in contrast to the original church with its tall spire and gothic windows. Today the Shiloh
Baptist Church is a dynamic organization, with community events and meetings filling
the building with an energetic congregation daily.

Although Shiloh’s distinctive spire was chosen as the symbol for this panel, the design is
intended to also represent the many other active Baptist churches on the Hilltop,
including Bethlehem Baptist and Bethesda Baptist.

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