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					             Saint Michael and All Angels, Cherry Burton

                            Annual Report
                         Financial Statements
                                 of the
                       Parochial Church Council

                     for the year ended 31 December 2011

                          Pulpit detail, St. Michael’s church

Rector:      The Revd Martyn Westby, The Rectory, Main Street, Cherry Burton

Bank:        The Yorkshire Bank plc, Market Place, Beverley

Architect:   Mr. Jonathan Forman, Studio Offices, 54 West End, South Cave, Brough
             HU15 2EY
                   Saint Michael and All Angels, Cherry Burton
                       Annual Report of the PCC for 2011

Our Mission
Our mission is expressed in our slogan, which is “To know God, to show God, and to share
God”. The PCC has the responsibility of co-operating with the Rector in promoting in the
ecclesiastical parish of Cherry Burton the whole mission of the Church, pastoral, evangelistic,
social and ecumenical. The PCC is a charity excepted from registration with the Charity

PCC Membership
The Rector, and the two Churchwardens who are elected annually at the Annual Vestry
Meeting of Parishioners, are members of the PCC ex officio. Three lay representatives on the
Beverley Deanery Synod were elected for a three-year term at the Annual Parochial Church
Meeting (APCM) in 2011, and are also members of the PCC ex officio. The other twelve
members are elected in rotation, four at a time for a three-year period, at the APCM. During
the year the following served as members of the PCC:

                                                                           Retiring at APCM
Rector                The Revd Martyn Westby                                      -

Churchwardens         Mrs Liz Hargreaves                                           2011
                      Mr Rob Stanley                                               2011

Deanery Synod reps. Mrs Helen Gill                                                 2014
                    Mr John Gill (resigned November 2011)
                    Mrs Ros Stanley                                                2014

Elected members       Mr Chris Brown                                               2014
                      Mr Mark Costen                                               2012
                      Mr Ian Davidson                                              2012
                      Mrs Jan Denison                                              2013
                      Mr Ian Hargreaves                                            2013
                      Mrs Jane Papworth                                            2013
                      Mr Howard Petch                                              2014
                      Mrs Andrea Simpson                                           2014
                      Mr George Sweeting                                           2014
                      Mr Alan M Woodhead                                           2012
                      Vacancy                                                      2012
                      Vacancy                                                      2013

The members retiring at the April 2011 APCM were Chris Brown, Andrea Simpson, and
George Sweeting, who were all re-elected, and nominations were also received for Jane
Papworth and Howard Petch who were accordingly elected unopposed. There were no
nominations for two further vacancies. Mrs Helen Gill, Mr John Gill, and Mrs Ros Stanley
were elected unopposed as representatives to the Deanery Synod for a period of three years.

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Standing Committee This is the only committee required by law. It comprises the Rector,
Churchwardens, Secretary, and Treasurer and has power to transact the business of the PCC
between its meetings, subject to any directions given by the Council.

The PCC uses sub-committees to streamline its business by dealing with specific issues as
they arise and to prepare reports for consideration by the full committee. These sub-
committees and their chairs are: Youth Work (Howard Petch); Pastoral Care (vacant);
Buildings and Fabric (Rob Stanley); Finance and Giving (Chris Brown); Mission (Tracy
Costen); Social Activities (vacant)

PCC Appointments 2011

At its meeting in May, following the last APCM, the PCC made the following appointments
to undertake specific duties:

                        Chairman    The Rector
                   Vice Chairman    Ian Hargreaves
                         Secretary  Rob Stanley
                         Treasurer  Chris Brown
                          Cashier   George Sweeting
                Gift Aid Secretary  Alan Woodhead
             Standing Committee     The Rector, Churchwardens, Secretary,
                                    and Treasurer
           Electoral Roll Secretary Alan Woodhead
                  Flower Secretary Christine Ashworth
                  Newsletter Editor Liz Hargreaves
             Newsletter Distributor Judi Peirson
                  Pew notice editor Andrea Simpson
           Choir Wardrobe Keeper Head Chorister
PCC Representatives on the Friends Enid Holtby and
        of St Michael’s Committee Liz Hargreaves [Churchwarden]
                          Organists Alan Hemingway and David Howarth
Churchyard Maintenance Coord’tor Brian Holmes
                 Social Committee Chair :- vacant
     St Michael’s Centre Bookings Liz Hargreaves
   Church & Centre Cleaning Rota Rob Stanley
 Child Protection Representative & Jane Papworth
               Children’s Advocate
Foundation Governor, CBCE School Chris Sparke
   Health & Safety Representative Ian Hargreaves

In addition there are many people who give selflessly of their time and talents to help run the
business of the church and to keep the building and its surroundings attractive and well cared
for. This is much appreciated, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you
for everything you do.

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Church Membership
At the last APCM it was reported that there were 122 members on the Electoral Roll. An
annual review has since been carried out, and full details of the new membership and changes
to the Roll during 2011 have been posted in church during April and will be reported at the

Review of the year
Church Services

Our established pattern of two principal Sunday services (namely a 9am traditional format
and a 10.30am modern worship style for families) continued with minor variations for special
circumstances, including Remembrance and Christmas.

In order to accommodate the Rector’s commitments elsewhere a further change was made to
the form of worship at 9am on the second and fourth Sundays of the month. Common
Worship Holy Communion was offered on the second Sunday, with Morning Worship led by
Howard Petch on the fourth. A further change was made to services on the third Sunday of
the month, with the introduction of one joint service of Holy Communion at 10.30am.

At Easter, we joined with other churches in the Deanery to follow the story of ‘Broken’. In St.
Michael’s we held a time of quiet reflection on Good Friday, while on Easter Day we held a
service of Celebration at 8.15am, incorporating the final episode of ‘Broken’ to which
members of the other churches were welcomed, and a separate Holy Communion service at
10am. Christmas services followed the established pattern with Crib Service and Midnight
Communion on Christmas Eve and Prayer Book Communion followed by Christmas
Celebration on Christmas Day morning.

Remembrance Day was again marked by a ceremony at the war memorial which included
children from the Primary School. The traditional parade service on the following
Remembrance Sunday included the minute’s silence at 11am.

Children at Heart services were held as themed activities related to special Sundays such as
Harvest. Experiments were made to the day and time of the “Encounter” services, which
provide an opportunity to worship, pray and listen to God in a modern style. From September
these were held on a Friday evening.

A Confirmation Service was held in June, and we welcomed Bishop Richard Frith who
confirmed four of the young people who had been attending the Open Spaces Explore group.

Church Attendance

Overall attendance remained constant, with an average of 32 at the first worship service each
Sunday (31 in 2010), and an average of 33 adults and 16 children attending the second service
(32 and 15 in 2010).

Over the full year, average attendance on a ‘normal’ Sunday in 2011 was 65 adults and 16
children (63 adults and 15 children in 2010).

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Attendance at special services at the major festivals showed modest increases, while the
number of communicants at Easter fell sharply, possibly as a result of the production of the
last episode of ‘Broken’ as the climax to our Easter celebration in a separate service:

                                    Attendance              Communicants
            Easter Day              159 (128 in 2010)       46 (107 in 2010)
            Christmas Midnight      58 (55 in 2010)         50 (37 in 2010)
            Christmas Morning
                    Celebration     77 (70 in 2010)

Meetings of the PCC
The PCC met every two months, with an average attendance of 10 members.

In providing support to the Rector in furthering the mission of the Church in this parish, our
meetings have included administrative, business and financial issues as well as pastoral and
spiritual ones. Amongst the issues we considered and prayed over during 2011 were:
     Martyn’s role in the wider Deanery, including his new position as “Assistant Curate”
        of Etton and South Dalton, and the implications for his time and ministry in Cherry
     a replacement for the electronic keyboard, which was proving a seriously limiting
        factor in worship
     raising our concerns with the Diocese over the seemingly high cost of funerals and
     arrangements for services to mark the major festivals of Easter and Christmas
     the appropriate method of recognising an individual’s outstanding service to church
        and community (we agreed not to support petitions for permanent memorials inside
        church, preferring the use of the Memorials Book).
     inconsistencies in the charges made by various funeral directors, resulting in a letter to
        remind them of the statutory fees they should be charging
     implications of the government’s reduction in Gift Aid to 25p/£ resulting in a loss to
        our income
     proposals from the Fabric Sub-committee for dealing with the results of the church
        questionnaire, resulting in approval for the provision of cushions to the nave pews
     a review of our building insurance following a site visit and inspection by
        Ecclesiastical Insurance
     approval for the church website developed by Charlotte Hattersley
     the scope of our church music licences to ensure our compliance with the law
     changes in the Open Spaces Youth Project activities, and the search for alternative
        funding streams to replace withdrawal of the County Council’s grant
     a replacement for the photocopier
     supporting a faculty petition to enable development of the Children’s Garden in an
        area of the churchyard
     changes to our procedures for CRB checks, and for the recording of children and
        leaders attending activities
     adoption of a Baptism Procedure drawn up by Lynn Johnson in conjunction with the
     the level of mission giving
     various building maintenance issues: including rising damp in the toilets, the leaking
        toilet roof, the poor condition of the lytchgate, and the condition of the tower parapet
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      the theft of a set of new Advent candles and, a few days later, a break-in via the
       Centre doors

A copy of the draft minutes of each meeting is placed on display in the entrance to the St.
Michael Centre shortly after they take place, and members are encouraged to read them and
are welcome to raise any queries with the Hon. Secretary. All our discussions take place
within the framework of our conviction that our actions need to be God-centred and based in
prayer and on active worship. We centre each meeting in prayer for the guidance of the Holy
Spirit to the end that our decisions and actions may achieve His purpose within our
community and be to His glory, and we end with a quiet service of Compline.

[In the sections that follow the name of the person to whom enquiries on that subject should be
addressed is given in italics to the right of the section heading.]

Financial Overview                                                                Chris Brown

The accounts for the year show a deficit of £23,968 before taking into account the decrease in
the value of the investments which amounted to £2,125. This means that there is an overall
deficit for the year of £26,093. This includes a shortfall on the Youth Project of £6,123. The
results for the General Fund include expenditure on Equipment & Furnishings of £4,032 and
building maintenance costs of £7,072.

The Budget for 2011 included projected Income of £50,000 as against the actual income
achieved of £46,670. The results for the year show the need for improvements in the ongoing
level of fund raising and regular giving, which are needed if we are going to succeed in
maintaining the fabric of our Church as well as meeting our Mission commitments.

“And God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance so that by always having
enough of everything you may share in every good work.” 2 Corinthians 9, v.8

To help achieve the objectives of the PCC, to maintain a Christian presence in our
community, and to further the mission and ministry of the Church, we ask everyone who is a
taxpayer of any sort (pay, pension, interest, dividend) to consider making a regular donation
by Gift Aid. This is simple to complete and, if contributing by standing order, no further
action is needed on your part. The Church will benefit by a further 25% (£0.25p in the £)
through the tax recoverable.We thank everyone for their giving in the last year and pray that
this may continue.

Fabric                                                                             Rob Stanley

The terrier and inventory of the church’s goods and ornaments has been duly checked and, as
reported to the PCC in March, everything has been found present and correct.

Routine maintenance was carried out to the Centre room dividers, which identified that at
least one of the trollies is damaged and will need replacement in the medium term. Jackdaws
managed to find a way into the tower staircase, where they attempted to nest, leaving a
considerable quantity of twigs and other rubbish. When this was removed the grilles to the
staircase windows were replaced and so far the jackdaws have not been back.

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A major concern has been the deteriorating condition of the toilets, and the architect was
brought in to investigate in September. Kemps Builders were eventually able to trace the
water leak, and after a period of drying out the interior was repaired and redecorated.
Attention will now turn to the toilet roof, which is life-expired, and the architect has drawn up
plans for its replacement. A faculty will be applied for in 2012 so that the work can be put in

Annual maintenance was carried out on the clock mechanism in April, and regular tuning has
been carried out on the organ. The clock required further attention in November when one of
the motors on the rewind mechanism burned out. A new motor was obtained and fitted in
January 2012 together with safety cut-outs on both motors to prevent damage to them in the
event of faults in future.

Preliminary discussions were held with the architect regarding our ideas for the potential
reordering of the church interior, but no further progress has been made while the focus has
been on sorting the toilets. However, PCC did agree to purchase cushions for the nave pews
in response to concerns over comfort identified in the church questionnaire and these have
been well received.

Perhaps the most bizarre event occurred in late November when a new set of Advent candles
was stolen from their wreath in the nave. Four days later someone forced the Centre doors
and also damaged the internal Centre and vestry doors before making their escape, having
apparently taken nothing at all. Both events were reported to the police, and a visit was made
by the Crime Reduction Officer to advise on security. As a precaution the church was kept
locked except when in use for the rest of the year.

Health and Safety                                                                Ian Hargreaves

In common with any other organisation, health and safety is an ongoing concern. Annual
testing of fire safety equipment was carried out in July, and all gas appliances were tested by a
Gas Safe registered engineer in August and passed fit for purpose.

The Health and Safety Handbook, copies of which are on permanent display in the Centre and
entrance, is kept under review to ensure it remains relevant and up to date. An Accident Book
is kept in the Centre kitchen together with the First Aid kit. This was brought into use for the
first time when a member of the congregation cut their finger on broken glass following the
break-in in November. Action was quickly taken to seal the cracks to prevent further injury.

Beverley Deanery Synod                                                               Ros Stanley

There were three meetings of the Synod during 2011. The first, in January, included
presentations from Rev. Liz Marshman on her work across the deanery, and from Lee Kirkby,
who gave a talk on "Ministering as a Youth Minister". He felt that youth workers only had a
limited few years to make an impact on young people and therefore it was very important to
get this right. A "needs assessment" found that the best place to engage with young people
was within the schools. It also showed that young people wanted to have somewhere where
they felt welcomed, safe, valued and warm. A number of activities have been set up and these
include Youth and Night Cafes, Emmaus Youth Service, Love Beverley Action Group, Cell
groups and mentoring. The Youth Cafe held every 8 weeks attracts between 200-250 young
people. The talk prompted a lively discussion on how youth work could be done within the
Deanery using the resources and experience gained by Lee.

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The meeting on 8th March 2011 was cancelled. In June the main focus of the meeting was a
presentation from the Rector and Rev. Liz Marshman on “Broken”. At the October meeting,
members heard about plans for a new Deanery website from Rev. Matt Martinson. (This has
since been launched and can be viewed at It was also
confirmed that there would be no increase in parochial fees for 2012, and there was useful
information about the “Big Bible Challenge” – a resource with particular usefulness in
schools where there are no Christian teachers.

Working with Children and Young People
Children’s Work                                                           Becky Sawyer
The Children’s work has seen another exciting and encouraging year, with a time of real
consolidation and the excitement of welcoming new families.

As reported last year we started 2011 by reducing the number of groups on a Sunday morning
from 4 to 3, and this has been a really positive move. The groups run every Sunday (except
the first of each month): Small Angels (all pre-schoolers, reception age and school years 1 &
2), Treasure Seekers (School years 3-6), and Quest (School years 7+). The older groups have
generally up to 6 per group and the younger group is regularly blessed with 8 or more, and it
has been a delight to see the children learning songs, building friendships and learning
together about God.

The fabulous team of leaders and helpers remain faithful, and it has been exciting to have
added to that group. In the summer we enjoyed a social/team building evening facilitated at
the Rectory by John Steel. Some great ideas came out of that meeting including the Childrens
garden which has been pioneered through to fruition by Linda.

We have continued to be well resourced and supported through our link with Urban Saints,
and we see no reason for this to end.

We’re also pleased to report that we’ve been looking out as well as in and have organised
family fun events during the year which have been a huge encouragement, and highly
enjoyable along the way. Christingle and other Family Fun events have been a great success
with a large number of families and friends joining together for stories, prayers, songs, crafts,
games and food.

We would like to reiterate what we said in our report last year, that in terms of ‘human
resource’ needs, we are one of the largest teams within the Church on a weekly basis. On each
Sunday that MP3 is running we will have three people running Small Angels, one or two
people running Treasure Seekers, and one person on Quest, and of course everything has been
prepared in the week before. The commitment involved in this ministry is huge! As we also
said last year it must be appreciated that this is the only team ‘removed’ from the ‘grown up’
content of the service by their ministry. That is not to say that we are not fed by our
preparation or by our interaction with our younger brothers and sisters, but it can be
significant. It has been a real bonus when the sermons have been recorded and we really are
grateful for this development.

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We would love to welcome any of our church family who are not already involved in this area
of ministry to visit us for a week and see what fun we have, and of course if anyone feels
particularly drawn to this ministry we would love you to join us.

Child Protection Policy                                                         Jane Papworth
As the Child Protection Representative I attended training given by Sue Roughton, Child
Protection Advisor from the Diocese of York on 14th June and I have updated my training
with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council recently.

The Diocese of York requires us to follow their Child Protection policy (placed on the notice
board in the foyer) and also to ensure that all volunteers who regularly work with children and
young people in church have an Enhanced CRB certificate. All CRB certificates are valid for
5 years and cover any similar work within the whole of the Diocese. A CRB certificate from
another organisation is not valid.

We currently have 53 volunteers holding a CRB certificate and a further 6 people are in the
process of obtaining CRB checks. The numbers of volunteers working with children or young
people has increased over the years (2007 - 22, 2008 - 38, 2010 - 42, 2011 - 51). The success
of these activities would not be possible without the continued support of all of our dedicated

If anyone would like to volunteer to help in any of our groups, please would they let me know
before they start. I will arrange the CRB checking process, which takes about a month. Please
note that a person who helps on one occasion only does not need to have a CRB certificate, so
if you can use your skills to the benefit of our children and young people, please speak to one
of the leaders.

Youth Work                                                                        Phil Simpson
Changes, challenges, and choices. Looking back over the past year, these three words capture
the essence of our work with young people. In a constantly changing society young people
face many challenges including, but not limited to, peer pressure and academic expectation,
and therefore have many difficult choices to make. As we continue to work with young
people in this important formative phase of their lives we are challenged to ensure we provide
safe places for them, where they are encouraged, supported and provided with the opportunity
to discover for themselves their real value in the eyes of God.

New Groups
Our provision for young people has developed into 3 weekly groups open to all young people
of secondary school age;

      Explore – meet on a Sunday night, and this is where we explore Christianity and its
       relevance to the everyday life of young people, helping them to handle the influences
       and pressures which life throws at them. In spring 2011 this ran as a confirmation
       preparation group, and in June 4 young people were confirmed at St Michaels. Since
       then the group has consolidated with a membership of 7 young people, and has proved
       to be a good place to continue to explore faith. At our last meeting 12 young people
       turned up and were able to find out more about Jesus and the radical life he lived.

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      Active – meet on a Wednesday night, where there is a greater focus on being active.
       At this group we use some of our sessions to play sports and provide an outlet for the
       energy many of our young people have.
      Relax – meet on a Thursday night, where we aim for sessions to be a bit more relaxed
       and chilled out. This has involved at times more arts based activities as well as space
       for young people to relax with friends.

In February 2011 we launched ‘Escape’ a weekend residential in partnership with Hunsley
Christian Youth Trust, and Cottingham Churches Together Schools Work Trust. This
weekend was repeated in 2012, and provides young people with the opportunity to escape the
everyday, make new friends, take part in lots of fun and exciting activities, as well as think
about how God fits into their everyday lives. This year we considered technology e.g. mobile
phones and the internet, how we use it, and what the bible says about these issues. Following
the success of Escape 2012 plans are being made for 2013.

Over the last 2 years we have been involved in setting up and running a youth club in
Lockington in partnership with St Marys, Lockington. Unfortunately we had to finish this
arrangement in Summer 2011 due to a lack of volunteer support to maintain and develop the
youth group. We remain committed to supporting the young people in that community, and
continue to look at how we can support a provision to meet their needs. Recently someone
has come forward from Lockington who may be interested in setting up and running a youth
club in the village, and we are looking at how best we can support the development of this

We continue to support corporate worship in Cherry Burton Primary School as well as
delivering RE lessons to year 6 on a regular basis. These lessons provide a great opportunity
for the pupils to explore Christianity with a ‘real, live Christian’ through asking and exploring
some of the big questions such as ‘Why are we here?’

Our volunteer team and management committee are a fantastic group of people without
whom all the work we do with young people would not be possible. It would be all too easy
to take them for granted, so a big thank you to each and every one of you. If you are interested
in volunteering within our youth work please let us know, as we are always grateful for more
help with anything from up front face to face work with young people to more background

Over the past year we were unfortunate to lose some of our funding due to local government
cutbacks and have had to try and find replacement funding from other sources. Our bid to the
Churches Community fund in autumn 2011 was unsuccessful. However we have just (March
2012) heard that a bid to a fund administered by East Riding of Yorkshire Council has been
successful, and will go a long way towards sustaining our youth work during this year.

As ever we are indebted to the efforts of so many people who continue to support all the work
we do. In particular we are immensely grateful to the church and people at St Michaels for
giving time, facilities, prayer, finance, and encouragement.
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As we look to the future of this work, we ask for your continued support in whatever way you
can, but more than ever in prayer. The young people in this generation are faced with so many
pressures, temptations and challenges and are filled with an amazing potential to impact this
world, so please pray that this potential is realised, and that they discover for themselves the
real meaning of life.

Social Activities                                                               Alan Woodhead

There is still not an official leader for Socials, so if anyone wishes to take on this important
role, it is available. At present there is a small nucleus of planners and helpers, to whom I
would like to record grateful thanks for all their hard work and effort:- Lynne Bullock, Linda
Brown and Liz Hargreaves.
The socials calendar opened with a Breakfast in the Centre in February to celebrate Fairtrade
Fortnight, organised by the village Fairtrade Group. This was well received.
In March there was a circular walk from Goodmanham taking in part of the Wolds Way. This
was the first this year of (more or less) bi monthly walks. A walk round Tophill Reservoirs,
near Driffield, in May was led by Chris and Linda Brown. In July Barry and Margaret Gibson
took us on a walk around the Wolds from Thixendale. October saw us walking from North
Cave to North Newbald and back with lunch in between. Finally, in December, the walk was
round Huggate. All the walks are suitable for all age groups and are generally within a
distance of 5-7 miles.
On Good Friday as part of the ‘Broken’ performance we offered a soup lunch, for which the
response was overwhelming, while on Easter Day we held a celebration champagne breakfast.
Harvest in October comprised a ‘bring and share lunch’ which was well attended by all age
Several other ideas were explored, including a concert by the Cottingham Singers which had
to be cancelled as for whatever reason it failed to hit the spot.
New blood and new ideas are welcomed as we seek to provide social activities and encourage
fellowship outside of worship.

Pastoral Care                                                                    Martyn Westby

A pastoral care team was formed during the spring of 2007. Its aim was to share the love of
Jesus in Cherry Burton and the surrounding areas by walking alongside church members and
those in the wider community who are in need of practical, physical and emotional help. We
have been seeking a new leader since Helen Gill resigned to take up her reader training, and
continue to pray that the right person will come forward.

In the absence of a leader/co-ordinator individuals nevertheless continue to meet the needs of
church members and others in the community. Hospital and Nursing Home visits are carried
out as the need is required, and several members of the congregation are involved in the
monthly communion service in Cedar Grange, led by Helen Gill. The link between the
Church and Home is well established and enjoyed by both residents and staff.

A few of us are able to give Holy Communion to those who are housebound and unable to
attend Church, and we have been seeking to extend this by offering home communion to
small groups in different parts of the village. If you are aware of any Church member who
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would welcome communion in their home and would be willing to host such a meeting,
please let Martyn or one of the churchwardens know so that we can respond.

Baptism Visits                                                                  Lynn Johnson

During 2011 ten baptisms took place, nine children were aged 1 year and under and one was
aged a year and a half. Of these the baptism secretary undertook eight visits/discussions with
parents, and the updated Children’s Activity leaflets were given as appropriate to those
parents who live in the village. Six visits also took place to take birthday cards to those
children up to three years old who had a birthday during the year.

During the second half of the year the role of the baptism secretary was revised to undertake
all out-of-village enquiries and to collate the baby/child’s information ready for the Baptism

An administrative procedure detailing the role of the baptism secretary was written and
adopted by the Parochial Church Council.

Mission Partners                                                                 Tracy Costen
At St Michaels we seek to spread the news about Christ to as many as possible. The aim of
the mission team is to continue to support our mission partners, financially, prayerfully, and
practically where possible. Our mission partners are spreading the news in various ways,
which include direct evangelism and demonstrating Christ’s love in practical ways.

Our Mission partners during 2011 were:

Jacob’s Well

We appreciated the time Beryl took in the summer when she spoke to our church updating us
in all their news.
In recent weeks Beryl’s husband has resigned and Mike Adams is to take over, as chair of
Jacob’s Well. A warehouse chairman is still needed however. The medical clinic continues to
grow, but there is need for a doctor to take over the clinic. There is much use of the clinic
from the Psychological therapies department. At present the Pakistani government is blocking
shipments to Afghanistan. Also Jacob’s Well need to meet the rising costs of flying
medicines to places of need. We do seek to continue our warm relationship with this charity
and in the coming year hope to be able to continue our financial and prayerful commitment to
them. We do also look for opportunities to help in some practical way too.

Hull Youth For Christ

There is direct involvement from some of the church membership with the work of the team,
which has been a huge encouragement to them. The Hull Youth for Christ team came and
updated us in January, which was very informative. We were also able to offer them lunch,
which was an opportunity to show them our appreciation of what they do for Christ in serving
the Youth in their community. It is felt that we need to pray that the Lord will show other
ways in which we can be involved as a church and ways in which other members may be able
to serve directly.

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Farm Crisis Network

There is a continuing need for support with a steady case load. FCN’s vital role is being
recognized at governmental level and this is a powerful witness. They are currently involved
in TB awareness training amongst farmers. Financial pressure leading to overwork and
strained relationships and increased regulation and ‘red tape’ are some of the biggest issues
they see. As a church we need to prayerfully consider how we can best support them because
their need for help is increasing.

Local Mission

It has been identified that there is a strong pastoral need in the village, and this was
highlighted at the church half-day away. Discussions at the village show in the summer
highlighted the important role that the church has in the community. Current ventures include
craft mornings with Andrea, dads’ ministry (Mark) and a possible role for the church in the
Jubilee celebrations in the summer.
It was recognized that we have lost 2 of our Alpha leaders and the church needs to look for
someone who can take on these roles.

Pastor Bouya and Tim

Bouya, Tim, all the children and congregation have been out of touch for a month or more.
We heard from the last ‘phone call we had from Bouya that not only was he ill with a lung
infection, but that the city was taking an influx of many refugees from surrounding villages,
fleeing an armed insurrection. This is on top of rains failing, growing famine, and electricity
and other services being cut off. We can only assume that life-supporting supplies from
outside have been severely hampered.
There is changing news at the present time but it is known that Christians are being
threatened and so our friends are living in a more hostile environment so do need our prayers.
We will keep the church updated as and when we have news, but can we ask all to pray

Other Activities
Home Groups                                                                     Martyn Westby
As a church we strongly recommend and encourage you to join one of our Home Groups.
Between 40 and 50 members of our congregation now meet in one of the groups on a
Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening, or a Thursday morning. These groups offer
wonderful opportunities to grow together in our faith, to support one another in prayer, and to
continue our Sunday worship into the week following. Several groups have used the previous
Sunday’s sermon as the basis of further discussion and prayer, while others have followed
study series such as those published by Scripture Union. During the autumn a new approach
was tried with all the groups following the same 8 week course covering the core Christian
values, resulting in a unity of purpose. All members of the congregation were invited to join a
housegroup for this series, and the regular autumn ‘Alpha’ course was postponed until the
New Year in order to focus on it.

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Friendship Circle                                                            George Sweeting
The St Michael's Centre continues to provide a clean, cheerful meeting place for a programme
of lunches and talks. Members continue to give generously to support a number of charities.
New members are always welcome.

Christian Aid                                                               George Sweeting
With the help of members of the church, Christian Aid envelopes were again delivered to
every house in the village during Christian Aid Week 2011. This year the village envelope
collection, including gift aid, amounted to £1075 and this formed part of a grand total of
£9630 for the Beverley & District area of churches. During the summer, a further £600,
excluding gift aid, was given by members of the church to the Christian Aid Harvest Appeal.

Fairtrade                                                                          Ros Stanley
As a church we support Fairtrade as an expression of our Christian mission to fight poverty
and seek justice for our fellow human beings. The system guarantees a fair price to producers
in developing countries allowing them to trade their way out of poverty. The commitment of
our church was integral to the village’s success in being recognised as a Fairtrade Village in
2003, and we are grateful to everyone for their continued support.
A Fairtrade stall is held each Sunday in the Centre during refreshments between services,
where we try to provide a range of products to appeal to a wide range of tastes, and to keep
you up to date with associated issues such as trade justice. The stall is a non-profit-making
venture, with money from all sales going back to the One World Shop in Hull to the direct
benefit of their producers. We were delighted that more members of the congregation have
come forward to take turns on running the stall during the year.
In 2011 we again served breakfast to over 70 people from the community one Saturday
morning during Fairtrade Fortnight, using as far as possible Fairtrade or locally sourced
products. Members of the church, and particularly the children at MP3, participated in the
national challenge to produce a world record length of bespoke bunting, with an impressive
75 metres going to London from the village.

Men’s Group                                                                     Howard Petch
During the year the group continued to flourish. A decision was taken to continue to meet in
the church centre with the outstanding catering provided by Jenny Wynne and her team. This
will be further reviewed for the Autumn of 2012 with the possibility of returning to the pub in
order to emphasise the outreach element of our purposes. We enjoyed a fascinating and
challenging series of talks including testimony from Paul and Esther, an overview of prison
chaplaincy, the faith related challenges of developing a large business from Tom Salmon, the
life story of an engineer and pilot and a very moving testimony of conversion in prison from
Matt Martinson.
The group continues to provide a forum for presentation and discussion on faith related issues
in a very friendly and non threatening atmosphere and we are delighted that those with close
church connections and none enjoy participating.
The challenge is to continue to maintain the standard and range of excellent speakers. There
is an open invitation and very friendly welcome for those who may not have joined us so far,
whatever the gender!

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And finally, a word from Helen Gill, Reader in Training...

Many of you may be wondering where I’ve been over past few months. In September 2009 I
began a journey of discovery studying Theology and Ministry through the University of York
St John. I felt sure God was calling me into some form of Church Ministry but I had no clear
direction. The following summer I was accepted as a Reader in training and my academic
journey continues now at the University once a month and long distance learning at home. To
my great surprise I love the studying although I find it extremely challenging. The practical
side of my training has also taken me away from St Michael’s. At present I am coming to the
end of a placement at St Nicholas Church, Hull, a complete contrast to our own rural church
but I have learnt so much. Since St Mary’s Etton has become part of Martyn’s benefice I have
become involved in the church life in my own village. A very different pace of life but God is
doing great things. I hope to be licensed at York Minister on Saturday 17th November this
year. I still have a further year of academic training to do but I wish to take the opportunity of
thanking you all for your prayers and good wishes: it has meant a great deal to me. God bless
you all, Helen

       On behalf of the PCC

       The Revd Martyn J Westby (Chairman) ........................................................................
       26th March 2012

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