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									                          ST PATRICK’S CHURCH PCC MEETING



Fr. Digby Samuels (Parish Priest)
Fr. David Reilly (Assistant Priest)
Seán O’Ceallaigh (Chairperson)
Robin Kelly-Weekes
Joe Riley
Catherine Bryan
Cathy Walsh
Hamilton Forrest
Ellen Carroll


Freda McMahon
Lance Lawler-Smith
Angela Kindell
Linda Bayles

1. Review of minutes of previous meeting (All)

Addition to Item 1: “Catherine requested that she be included in all future discussions on Children’s
Liturgy, as Liturgical Representative for the Council.” Two typos were also corrected.

2. Post of Secretary (Sean)

Joe Riley agreed to take on post of Secretary for six months. Sean asked for minutes to be issued
within two weeks of each meeting, and feedback submitted reviewed within a further one week.

3. Children’s Liturgy and Prayer Carpet (Sean on behalf of Angie)

A meeting was held by the Children’s Liturgy leaders on 14th December, as a follow up to the
discussion at the November Parish Council (item 1 of that meeting). There was little change to the
prayer carpet idea. A set of minutes with action points was issued, although Catherine was not
copied on these.

Sean noted that noise at 10am Mass has not been an issue for him of late. Robin added that it was
good to see visitors attending the November Parish Council, with enthusiasm for developing children’s
liturgy. A discussion ensued and concluded with agreement that this issue has advanced beyond
simply “behaviour at the 10am Mass”, and now encompasses the wider goal of facilitating liturgy for
children of all ages.

Fr. Digby is to meet with Carla Stone and Mary Crowley, to review the guidelines that had previously
been issued for Children’s Liturgy, at Carla’s request. Catherine agreed to attend.
Action: Catherine to request a set of minutes, review, and continue to meet with the
Children’s Liturgy Leaders, as PCC Liturgy Liaison, and report back to the council with an

4. Youth Club (Robin)

Robin said that the ground floor room in the hall is now available for the Youth Club, and will have a
pool table, Playstation and computer. Whilst Robin had not specifically requested this room, the
eventual conclusion was that the Sewing Club relocated to the Parish Room in the Presbytery. All
PCC members present noted their appreciation for the efforts of the Sewing Club in relocating.

Guidelines will be that our youth, of secondary school age (and possibly those in the last term of Year
6) can come along to a safe, simple environment on a Saturday night, and bring a couple of friends.
They will need to let Robin know in advance if they plan to attend, and to ask permission if they want
to bring more friends. There have been some requests to bring the age limit down. Robin has
replied to these by saying it is important to meet the needs of younger children, but we should aim to
do this in another way.

Robin will supervise initially. Health and safety and security will be a concern, but will be manageable
with small numbers. The aim is not for it to become a general community facility, but something for
the youth of St Patrick’s and their friends. Robin asked for volunteers to help with supervision.

Action: Robin will set down the arrangements in writing for the Parish Council to review,
prior to issuing to the wider Parish.

5. Outreach to the Sick and the Housebound (Sean)

Fr. Digby reported that there are not enough Eucharistic Ministers to carry out the Holy Communion
rounds after Sunday morning Mass. Catherine asked whether the Eucharistic Ministers from Saturday
or Sunday evening Masses could occasionally attend Sunday morning instead and carry out one of
these rounds.

Sean asked whether the council thought it would be a good idea to ask for volunteers to assist those
who are unable to travel unassisted, in making a visit to church. There was some agreement,
although Catherine commented that the timing right now is not ideal, given the very cold weather.
All agreed to reconsider when the weather is warmer.

6. Lenten Mardi Gras and Faith Sharing (Sean)

Adrian Tobin is coordinating a Lenten Mardi Gras event on 28th February. This will be a Parish event,
aimed at all in the Parish, young and old, of all backgrounds. It will involve a celebration of the Holy
Spirit through the sharing of music, film, dancing, food, prayer and more. Tickets will be available
soon. Volunteer helpers should speak to Adrian.

Robin said that Faith Sharing is starting again in the first week of Lent (Ash Wednesday is 25th
February). We will be encouraging people to “give up some time” for Lent, and to focus on the Holy
Spirit this Lent. Robin added that it was inspirational last time round to have our own priest
attending one of the groups, and he encouraged our priests and councillors to take part this time.
Volunteers to help, including saying a few words at Mass, should talk to Robin.

Action: Parish Council to consider attending both of the above.

7. AGM Follow Up (Catherine)

Lance and Catherine met with Fr. Digby in January, to discuss the objectives of the follow up, which
will be on Tuesday 27th January at 7:30pm for an 8pm start. They were clear that it should not be a
reporting back meeting, but a genuine developmental follow up. With this in mind, they came up
with a letter, to be sent to the attendees of the July 2008 AGM and posted up at the back of church.

The meeting will review what we do well as a Parish, what we could do better, and explore the areas
people would like to see developed. It will include a breakout session where parishioners can share
ideas in groups, preceded by an introduction and followed by a session all together and night prayer
at 9:15.

Catherine said that it’s really important that the AGM Follow-up meeting is properly advertised this
coming Sunday, after it was somewhat overshadowed by the Mardi Gras publicity last Sunday.

8. Update on the old School Building (Fr. Digby on behalf of Lance)

Fr. Digby said that the diocesan feedback is that because of the credit crunch, the offers for the
Dundee Street site have not been taken up, due to the state of the property market. Robin said that
the Buildings Committee need to look at what maintenance (including fire safety doors etc) are
required for the next two years. Fr. Digby noted his inbox is often overloaded with requests requiring
action, and the Parish buildings is one area which contributes to this. The PCC said they are happy to
be delegated to by email by the Parish Priest, wherever appropriate. Post Meeting Note: Lance
pointed out that matters concerning Parish buildings should be delegated to the Buildings Committee
in the first instance.

Action: Fr. Digby to delegate future email requests concerning Parish buildings to the
Buildings Committee, and on other matters to the PCC, where appropriate.

9. St Patrick’s Night and March PCC Meeting Date (Fr Digby)

All agreed to a Patronal Mass, at 6:30pm with drinks afterwards, and lifts offered to those who
require them. The March PCC meeting will be Monday 16th at 8pm.

10. Feedback on Advent Event 6th December (Fr Digby)

Around forty people attended (despite a bout of sickness sweeping Wapping). Catherine and
Hamilton felt that the day went very well, and was well structured. Hamilton even felt encouraged to
do more faith sharing in future! Some people did comment to Catherine that it wasn’t what they had
expected, and would have been more comfortable if the speaker had used more of a lecturing style.
Catherine felt that we didn’t manage to give enough time to this event at the November Parish
Council, and urged the group to be more sensitive to upcoming events in future and direct energy at

11. AOB (All)

Robin added a word of support for Catherine’s view on the council giving due attention and energy to
future events.

Fr. Digby said that two confirmations are coming up. The names of those to be confirmed are in the

The Bishop is to visit the Deanery in May, to St Mary’s and St Michael’s.

A new stream of RCIA, for those interesting in coming into full Communion with the Catholic Church,
will begin with a meeting on 3rd February. Fr. Digby asked all to encourage anyone “on the cusp” to
come along.

Fr. Digby welcomed Father David Reilly to the PCC!

Date of next meeting: Tuesday 17th February 2009, 8pm.

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