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									Ladies Retreat Planning
  Camp Manatawny

        Ladies' Retreat Toolkit

    This document, example files and a
  registration page permanently resides at

       Contact Meta Christaldi for questions

              Prepared October 2011

 Table of contents
Organizing the Retreat                                        3

Committees and Responsibilities                               5
  Retreat Leader                                              5
  Promotions Committee                                        5
  Worship Committee                                           7
  Registration Committee                                      7
  Decoration Committee                                        8
  Food Committee                                              8
  Special Project / Fundraising Committee                     8
  Cleaning Committee                                          9

Camp Manatawny Retreat Facilities FAQ                         10

Examples                                                      12
  Budget                                                      12
  Agenda – Mini Retreat                                       13
  Agenda – Update Meeting                                     17
  Letter – Mass Mailing Letter Sent with Brochure Promotion   18
  Email Promotion                                             19
  Schedule of Events - Host Congregation                      20
  Name Tag Back                                               22

 Organizing the Retreat
Much of the organization of the retreat is a democratic process rather than one person's vision
or personality. Your goal should be to capture the spirit of the entire host congregation rather
than an individual.

Meeting One – 15 minutes after church
The women who volunteered to host are the interim leader(s). That group convenes a meeting
of all ladies of the congregation two weeks after accepting the role of host congregation.
Choose someone to record the minutes of this meeting.
At this meeting, the following will occur:
    1. Inform the ladies that in two weeks another meeting will occur and will last two hours
    2. Distribute the committee responsibilities found in this book
    3. Ask the ladies to take that document home and pray about where they may best serve

Meeting Two – 2 hours after church
1. Select a Date
The retreat is normally the first full weekend in October.

2. Select Retreat Leader
The best person in your congregation to lead a large scale retreat may be someone other than
your ladies ministry leader, and two leaders may be required. Leaders should be nominated
and voted on by the ladies of the congregation or volunteer themselves.

Qualities to look for include
1. Someone who is open minded and can hear all ideas, while keeping focus on the theme
    and other goals (like getting closer as a group of women.
2. Has perspective and is other-centered, not ego-centered
3. Has the time to invest as a priority in their life, and has the agreement of their husband and

3. Select Committee Leaders
Outline the responsibilities of each committee on sign-up pages, then have individuals sign up
to chair or perform specific duties. Select an individual to be the overall "secretary" who will
develop meeting agendas, take minutes and keep meetings on time.

4. Select a Theme
Ideas for the theme should be submitted and decided by the ladies of the congregation.

5. Nominating Speaker(s)
Speaker(s) should be nominated and voted on by the ladies of the congregation or volunteer
themselves. Ensure that your speakers are rooted in the Word of God. Speakers may be
sourced from inside or outside of your congregation. Reach out to these individuals between
October and March.

Meeting Three – Overnight mini-retreat for teams at camp in March
Hold a mini-retreat for the leaders, committee members and possibly speakers at the camp to
meet the Director, Assistant, see the facilities – as well as bond with fellow committee
members. The team also develops the project plan for each committee at this meeting.

Retreat Planning Calendar
    Volunteer to host
    Select Retreat Leader
    Select Committee Leaders and team members
    Schedule Mini-retreat for March
    Select Theme
    Select speaker(s)
    Develop church website for registration
    Develop PayPal to use as online registration tool
    Develop Brochure, flyer, postcard, etc.
    Create Cover letter(s) print and email
    Prepare email address and postal mailing lists of area churches, church members and
      last year’s Retreat attendees
    Mini Retreat to develop calendar and establish dates
    “Save The Date” email to go out
    Call area churches to set up “Promotion Sundays”
    Design T-shirt and decide upon a vendor
    Mail packets of flyers and brochures to area churches asking them to post the flyer and
      encourage all ladies of the congregation to attend the retreat.
    Wednesday night bible class/Facilitator training
    Mail brochures to area church members and last year’s retreat attendees.
    Wednesday night bible class/Facilitator training
    Visit churches
    Bi-weekly email blast reminders
    Begin to give headcount to Head Cook
    Meet with Tom to arrange ‘set up” details; rehearse PowerPoint equipment,
      microphones, etc.
    Wednesday night bible class/Facilitator training
    Visit churches
    Bi-weekly email blast reminders
    Mail post card reminders
    Order T-shirts 10 days prior to retreat
    Assign cabins
    Final printings of handouts
    Rehearsal
    Ladies Retreat!!!

    Committees and Responsibilities
Create a contact list with all committee members.

Retreat Leader Responsibilities
1. Establish a budget

The host congregation must establish a budget with the Elders immediately following
acceptance of the task of hosting next year. See Example page for budget template.

2. Build support in the home congregation

Throughout the year, the leader must address the congregation asking for support,
registrations, and providing progress reports. In September, ask church members to
specifically volunteer to provide needed items.

3. Keep Elders informed

Establish quarterly meetings to update and collaborate with the Elders.

4. Coordinate “Promotion Sundays” with area congregations

6 months before the retreat
  Establish a visitation calendar with area churches to address the women of that
  congregation for 15 minutes following worship. Ask the women to congregate in a section of
  the pews immediately after worship. These meetings are to encourage registration, answer
  questions and to summarize the theme. Ensure that the congregation advertises or
  announces the Sunday and Wednesday before your visit. Take two or more ladies from the
  host congregation.

3 months before the retreat - Begin visiting area congregations

5. Camp liaison

The leader connects each committee leader with the appropriate person at camp, for instance,
the Food Committee leader should be introduced to the head cook and the Administrator who
orders food and manages the kitchen.

6. Perform a full dress rehearsal one week prior to the retreat in your church building.

                               Promotions Committee

A web registration page permanently resides at . It includes:
    the theme
    Calls to action (share your story, etc.)
    a message from the host congregation ladies
    PDFs of the brochure and flyer (poster)
    biographical information about the speakers
    the schedule
    What to bring
    Contact for questions
    Accommodations information
    PayPal ordering for registration and t-shirts

The example site uses Yahoo!'s Small Business hosting and Yahoo! SiteBuilder. Learn more
about Yahoo!'s hosting solution and SiteBuilder here:

PayPal Setup
       1. Login to PayPal
       2. Click on the Merchant Services tab
       3. Click on Buy Now Button
       4. Choose a button type by using the drop down menu
       5. Go to Customize button. Select the “Add drop-down menu with price/option”
       6. Once selected, you will have a form to fill out that will allow you to create menu
          option names and set a price to charge.
       7. Once you have all of your options filled out go to the bottom and click on the button
          that says “Create Button”.
       8. PayPal then generates HTML code that can be copied and pasted to the software
          used to create your web site. Your software must include an HTML editor.
       9. Save the button in PayPal. Test it after you publish the site. If there is an error you
          can always go back and repeat the steps above.

Camp Manatawny Web Site
The site at must be updated with the following
information that you convey to Camp Manatawny:
     (year) Ladies Retreat at Camp Manatawny
     October (day, year)
     Sponsor: Church name
     To register and for more information go to (church's registration page link)
     Questions?
     Email (contact name at email address)
     Retreat Brochure (PDF) link
     Retreat Flyer (PDF) link

Mass email (area churches and individuals) – See Examples section
Print Promotion – See Examples section
     Purchase Microsoft Publisher here or through the Academic Superstore for $50 here

                                 Worship Committee
This committee builds out the spiritual theme of the retreat and consists of three sub-teams:

Worship team

  1. A song leader who will select songs
  2. A person who finds others to pray and read scripture
  3. A devotional leader who develops devotionals or breakout sessions, skits and leads the
     bonfire devotional
Songs, prayers and scripture must reflect the theme.

Speaker coordinator
Works with speakers to accommodate their presentation preferences, choose two songs per
speaker and choose their introduction scripture

Technical coordinator
Builds a single PowerPoint template (if PowerPoint will be used) that all speaker presentations
and songs use. This individual manages the technology at camp such as microphones and
advancing PowerPoint slides for songs, and potentially for speakers.

                              Registration Committee
Registration is the first welcoming and greeting that attendee's encounter from the host church.
They set the hospitality tone and accommodate special needs. Tasks include:

   1. People call the camp administrator to reserve entire cabins. The housing coordinator
      must work with the administrator to determine who the occupants will be in that cabin.
      Once that has occurred, the housing coordinator assigns name tags and orders any t-
   2. Assign cabins to those requesting a summer cabin, taking roommate requests into
   3. Manages accounting including PayPal, mailed in and day of retreat registrations and t-
      shirt orders.
   4. Creates name tags. See Example.
   5. Coordinates hotel and travel arrangements for speaker(s)

                                Decoration Committee
This team provides the visual elements of a welcoming environment. Decorations reflect the
season and promote the calmness of retreat while helping attendees find their way throughout
the camp.

Decorations should be designed for the Dining Hall and Garrett Hall stage, registration table,

Way finding and direction signs are placed along paths and in meeting areas.

Speakers are often presenting with gift baskets as a thank you. Themed baskets may be
placed in attendee cabins if budget allows. Other ideas are cabin door decorations, flower
arrangements, table clothes and toiletry baskets for the GH restrooms.

                                    Food Committee
Mealtime provides opportunities to connect with old friends and make new friends.

The camp provides a head cook and assistant for your retreat. Along with the camp
administrator, they advise on menu selection and purchase food for Saturday breakfast and
lunch. Supply a rough estimate head count to the cook and administrator one month before the
retreat, then update them in increments of 10.

Friday evening meal / hearty snack is the responsibility of the host congregation as the kitchen
and Dining Hall is closed. Hearty soups and rolls make an excellent selection for this meal.
Coordinate Garrett Hall table setup for the Friday night meal with the camp director.

Coordinate transportation of donated food to the camp.

Twelve dollars from the registration fee is provided to camp for Saturday breakfast and lunch.
The camp offers menu options for your selection for these meals and considers special dietary

Committee members secure men from the host congregation to:
  1. Prepare food on Friday night for Saturday meals (breakfast and lunch)
  2. Set up the dining room
  3. Cook food on Saturday
  4. Clean up after the meals

These men meet with the head cook for training prior to the retreat.

                  Special Project / Fundraising Committee
Fundraising - You may wish to sell items at the retreat and donate the proceeds to Camp or
Christian education.

Service projects - Examples include making a blanket for donation to a children's home

                                 Cleaning Committee
Assign people to clean the following areas. Copy the following table from this book.

 Area                                     Responsibility
 Summer cabins
    Girls Town 13 cabins
    Boys Town 11 cabins
 Sleepy Hollow Cabin
 Cook's Cabin
 Nurses Station
 Retreat Center
 Staff House
 Winterized cabins in the woods (8)
 Dining Hall
 Garrett Hall both floors and restrooms
 Garrett Hall chairs
 Bath House and showers
 Canteen store

Camp Manatawny Retreat Facilities FAQ
Address                      Camp Manatawny DVCC Inc.
                             33 Camp Road, Douglassville, PA 19518
                             Phone: 610-689-0173 ; FAX: 610-689-0174
Accessibility                Cabins are not wheelchair accessible. Garrett Hall is.
Security                     In the interest of safety, please keep your belongings with you
                             at all times. In the event of an emergency please contact…
Lost and Found               Please ask at the Registration Desk for assistance.
Directions                   Camp Manatawny is located on Route 562, one-half mile east
                             of Yellow House, PA. Take the PA Turnpike Exit 312 (old exit
                             23). Take Route 100 North to 422 West to Route 662 North.
                             Turn right at the light at Yellow House intersection with Route
                             562. Camp is on the left about 0.8 miles. Use "Yellow House,
                             PA" rather than 33 Camp Road, Douglassville when using
                             Google Maps.
Contacts                     Tom Scarsella, Camp Director,
                             Cris - Rental/ Office Manager,
Summer cabins                Girls Town has 13 cabins
                             #1 is closest to the bath house across from the dining hall
                             #13 is closest to the pool bath house

                             Boys Town has 11 cabins. There is no cabin #4.
                             #1 is closest to the bath house across from the dining hall
                             #11 is closest to the pool bath house and Garrett Hall
Summer cabins sleep          9
Summer cabin rentals         Hosting church registration committee manages registrations
                             for summer cabins
Sleepy Hollow Cabin sleeps   5 – can accommodate additional cooks or attendees
Cook's Cabin sleeps          Reserved for volunteer cooks from congregation
Nurses Station sleeps        6
Retreat Center sleeps        23 beds + 2 couches
Staff House sleeps           12
Winterized cabins in the     8 including nurse and staff house. Each has kitchenette,
woods                        bathroom with shower, refrigerator, microwave and coffee pot.
                             A winterized cabin is reserved for speakers.
Winterized cabins sleep      4
Winterized facilities        Camp manages registrations for winterized cabins.
(cabins/houses) rentals      Participants may register early by calling camp.
Food service                 Camp can serve Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast and lunch.
                             Groups can provide Friday dinner themselves in the lower
                             Garrett Hall instead of camp providing that meal.
Nurse                        Retreat organizers must supply a nurse for the retreat.
Chairs                       250 plus chairs available for set up
Recording Sessions           Springhouse Media, Tracy and Macy Santee, 2528
                             Brownsville Road, Robesonia, PA 19551, 610-207-8677,
Fees                         There are no fees for cabins. The package price per
                             registration is $10 per person plus $6 per meal per person.

Camp Manatawny Map

The toolkit online contains additional files:
      PowerPoint for entire event
      Camp Map – PDF
      Cabin assignment template – Microsoft Excel
      Mailing list template (list with names shared with next year’s host only)
      Schedule for host congregation – Microsoft Excel
      Cabin Assignments template – Microsoft Excel
      April Mini Retreat Minutes – Microsoft Word

Print Promotions
     Brochure – PDF and Microsoft Publisher
     Poster – PDF and Microsoft Publisher
     Postcard – PDF and Microsoft Publisher
     Name tag front – PDF and Microsoft Word

Income                                    Amount
Church contribution
Printing (brochure, postcard, poster)
Speaker travel
Speaker accommodations
Speaker fee
Camp rental


April Mini-Retreat Agenda                         Camp Manatawny Retreat Center


Leader Comments                       Rebecca
Speaker Comments                      Jenn
Vocal Performer Comments              Alexis
Worship Leader                        Silvia
Activity Leader                       Kim
T-shirt Leader                        Carrie
Food Leader                           Mary
Decorations Leader                    Emily
Registration Leader                   Meta

Additional Information
Next Meeting: Fri, May 6th 7pm at the home of Jenn Kulp
Future Retreat Planning Dates and host:
Fri, June 3rd – 7pm Mary
Fri, July 8th-7pm
Fri, Aug 5th- 7pm Kim
Fri, Aug 19th-7pm
Fri, Sept. 2nd-7pm
Fri, Sept. 16th-7pm
Fri, Sept. 30th-7pm
Sun, Oct. 2nd lunch, after church
Fri, Oct. 7th lunch at the Retreat Center. Lots of praying

Leader Comments                       Rebecca
        Future retreat planning dates confirmed and the need for volunteers to host the
         meetings in their homes.
        Church bulletin to contain “For the Ladies” section for our use as well. Need
         volunteers to visit churches to advertise the Ladies’ Retreat (June, July, August &
        Wednesday night Ladies’ Bible Class (June, July, August).

     1. Volunteers are needed to visit area churches
    2. Volunteers are needed to host retreat planning meetings in your homes.
 Action items:                                           Person responsible:          Deadlin
     1. Coordinate volunteers to visit area churches          Rebecca
     2. Coordinate volunteers to host future retreat          Rebecca
        planning meetings
Speaker Comments                   Jenn
   Action items:                                              Person responsible:    Deadline:
   Select a person to introduce you for the Retreat           Jenn
Vocal Performer Comments        Alexis
  Discussion: Great time spent getting to know Alexis and to hear her beautiful voice.

   You can go see Alexis Joi and her band at:
   Le Cochon Noir (restaurant)
   5070 Parkside Ave
   Philadelphia, PA 19131
   Action items:                                              Person responsible:    Deadline:

Worship Leader                       Silvia
  Discussion: Silvia suggested several ladies from our church who would be great at
  facilitating the breakout sessions. Rebecca will begin a class to best instruct how to
  Action items:                                              Person responsible:     Deadline:
     1. Continue facilitator selection process               Silvia
     2. Coordinate facilitator training class                Rebecca

Activity Leader                       Kim
 Discussion: Outdoor bonfire will be plan A Friday night of the Retreat. In case of inclement
 weather the indoor fireplace will be plan B.
 Action items: Schedule with Tom Scarsella                    Person responsible:      Deadline:

T-shirt Leader                        Carrie
 Discussion: The cost of the t-shirt will be $15. Isaiah offered to produce at a discount.
 Action items: T-shirt design needs to be done by the end     Person responsible:      Deadline:
 of May w/ samples made to take when visiting area            Carrie                   May 31st
 churches starting in June.

Food Coordinator                         Mary
  Discussion: Friday night meal will be soups made by volunteers using crock-pots. Select several
  men to be trained by the camp to work the kitchen for breakfast. Saturday breakfast and lunch
  menus to be turned in to Carol Bailey.
  Action items:                                                   Person responsible:       Deadline:

Decorations Leader                       Emily
  Discussion: Will ask ladies of KoP for Fall decorations. Dining Hall has 26 tables to decorate and
  if the weather is nice there can be an additional 3 tables set up on the patio to decorate. 23
  Summer session cabins that can sleep 4 people. 5 winterized cabins that can sleep 4 people.
  Nurses Station sleeps 6. Staff house sleeps?
  Conclusions: For more information contact the camp’s administrative assistant - Cris at

  Action items:                                                   Person responsible:       Deadline:

Registration Leader                      Meta
  Discussion: Registration fee is $32 per person. “Save the date” email to go out in April. Poetry to
  be used for PowerPoint slide segue.
  Action items: “Save the date” email to go out in April          Person responsible:       Deadline:
Agenda – Update Meeting

                                       Saturday, September 24, 2011
                                             Update Meeting Agenda
Retreat Leader
     We need games donated for Friday night
     Cash box
     Much of the setup Tom will handle
     As of Sept 22 we have 192 ladies have registered
     Stories – done
     2 skits – actresses needed
     Retreat booklet to printer by Sept 26
     Facilitator Training: Wednesday nights
     Area churches remaining to visit schedule:
             o Sunday, Sept. 25
                      First State, DE -
                      Conestoga, PA -
                      Chesmont -
     Deadline to order extended to Sept. 25
     send order to Isaiah on Sept. 26th
Activity Committee
     Ice Breaker “interruption”
     Activity 1 (Bonfire)
     Activity 2 Meditation
Food Committee
     Email Carol Bailey and Cris the headcount in increments of 10.
     Wednesday night, Oct. 5 teens’ bake night.
     Bread for the Friday night portion will be picked up.
     Sodas and waters can be stored in Garrett Hall’s refrigerators. Be sure to mark anything being stored in the
        refrigerators as belonging to KoP
     Let the Tom know to bring ice down from the canteen to Garrett Hall.
     Bins for Friday night drinks
Decoration Committee
     Two yellow parking signs that read, "Welcome! Retreat Parking" and an arrow pointing the way.
     Sign - “No cell phones" for the doors leading into Garrett Hall
     The camp director said that he had a welcome banner that he would put up for us.
             o Signs needed – Walk-ins , Pre-Registered
             o If time permits – woman’s story put inside the cabin.
             o Tags for the baskets with Bible verses about rest/sleep.
Registration Committee
     PowerPoint – done – test run Tuesday 27th
     Name Badges are being worked up to align with Facilitators.

                                          ***Oct. 1 Final Retreat meeting***
This will be a Dry Run of the Retreat Events. All need to attend.
        Where: Church building
        When: 2:00pm-5:00pm
        Who: All Committee Leaders, all Facilitators and any of the Team Members who have a role to play for the
        What to bring: Finger foods to share and a drink(s) for yourself.
        Project: Assemble Name Badges

Oct 2 – Soups being taken to camp after church Sunday, Oct 2 ,
Oct 6 – Camp set up –
Oct 7 – RETREAT!!! Lunch at noon

Letter – Mass Mailing Letter Sent with Brochure Promotion

             Register NOW for the 2011 Camp Manatawny Ladies Retreat!

                             Friday-Saturday; October 7-8, 2011
                          Register online NOW at

Hello Ladies,

The Ladies of King of Prussia Church of Christ are hosting the 2011 Ladies’ Retreat at Camp
Manatawny. Our theme is Life Interrupted. We invite you to join us for a spiritual retreat to get away
from the cares of this world and spend a relaxing time with other Christian women in an atmosphere
that promotes and challenges your relationship with God. Gather a few friends, make new friends,
build memories and change your life.

Come join us!

Your sisters in Christ,
The Ladies of KoP

Enclosed are brochures containing important information with a detachable mail-in registration form.

All women are invited. Please hand out two brochures to each lady of your congregation; one for
herself and one for her to invite a friend.

Also enclosed is a flyer to post on your bulletin board. Feel free to make copies and post additional
flyers around your building.

You may also download the flyer and brochure at to mail and/or email it to all
your ladies.

Please have this ANNUAL EVENT verbally announced frequently during your assembly’s
announcement times and encourage all of your ladies to attend.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to email us at or call Rebecca
Hobbs (610-322-2017) or Meta Christaldi (215-805-8717)

                  We’re looking forward to seeing you Friday-Saturday; Oct. 7-8!

Email Promotion
Register now for the Oct. 7-8, 2011 Camp Manatawny Ladies Retreat!

Register online now for the 2011 Camp Manatawny Ladies’ Retreat at

Hello Ladies,

The Ladies of King of Prussia are hosting the Oct. 7-8, 2011 Ladies’ Retreat this year at Camp Manatawny.
Our theme is Life Interrupted. We invite you to join us for a spiritual retreat to get away from the cares of this
world and spend a relaxing time with other Christian women in an atmosphere that promotes and challenges
your relationship with God. Gather a few friends, make new friends, build memories and change your life.

Come join us!

Your sisters in Christ,
The Ladies of KoP

All women are invited. Please forward this invitation to your church family, friends and relatives.

Questions? Email us at or call Meta Christaldi at 215-805-8717

If you know someone without email who would like a brochure mailed to them to register; please email us at or call Meta Christaldi at 215-805-8717.

Brochures to register can be downloaded at

Schedule of Events – Host Congregation

                                  Friday Schedule of Events

P. M.            Friday General Session 1
7:10-7:15        Vocal Solo: Grace and Mercy
7:15-7:20        Intro Alexis/ Welcome: Rebecca-book, paper, bonfire and games
7:20-7:22        Opening prayer: Rebecca
7:22-7:23        2 Timothy 1:7 NIV: Kaye Nicol
7:23-7:28        Group singing: Be Still My Soul
7:28-7:48        Alphabet Ice Breaker: Robin L. and Allyson
7:48-7:53        Group: Our God is an awesome God (Ally intro Jenn)
7:53-8:08        Speaker: Jenn Kulp
8:08-8:13        Skit: Love Letters of Job (Cat intro Jane)
8:13-8:28        Speaker: Jane Gregory
8:28-8:33        Vocal Solo: Draw Me Nearer
8:33-8:35        Poem: Soul Mending        Reader: Kim Redden
8:35-8:40        Closing prayer: Kim Redden to dismiss everyone to the bonfire
                  (90 minutes)

            9:00 Activity 1: Bonfire (30 minutes)
                 Group singing:__________________, __________________
                 LaDonna Leach starts off two songs

            9:30 Games and desserts (Dining Hall) (free time)

                                   Saturday Schedule of Events

AM:          Saturday Morning General Session 2 ( 1hour 20 minutes)
8:40-8:45    Vocal Solo: In Christ Alone
8:45-8:50    Intro Alexis/ Welcome: Rebecca-Breakouts, activity, etc.
8:50-8:52    Opening prayer: Rebecca
8:52-8:53    2 Timothy 1:7 NIV: Dawn Bower
8:53-8:58    Group: Light the Fire
8:58-9:00    Poem: Turn Myself Over Reader: Hilary Beason
9:00-9:05    Vocal Solo: God Has Smiled On Me (Alexis to intro Jenn)
9:05-9:50    Speaker: Jennifer Kulp
9:50-9:55    Group: Shout to the Lord (stand; facilitators leave)
9:55-10:00   Closing prayer: Kathy Hendrix dismiss to corresponding facilitators
        80   Minutes

10:45        Breakout 1 (35 minutes)
11:20        Activity 2: (30 minutes)

12:30        Lunch

PM:          Saturday Afternoon General Session 3
12:45        Vocal solo: How You Live
12:47        Prayer: Silvia Bush
12:57        Group: In Heavenly Love Abiding, You are worthy
12:59        Speaker's Scripture: James 1:2-4, 12 Robin Broadbent
12:59-1:01   Intro Speaker: Robin Broadbent
1:02-1:47    Speaker: Jane Gregory
1:07-1:52    Group: How Great Thou Art (stand-facilitators leave; sit for poem)
1:52-1:54    Poem: Redemption's Wings: Sue Ajaz
1:54-1:57    Prayer: Ann Giovannetti Dismiss to corresponding facilitator
             80 minutes

2:10-2:45    Breakout 2 - (35 minutes)

2:55-3:25    Closing Ceremony
3:25-3:30    Closing prayer: Jennifer Kulp

Name Tag Back

                                   Life Interrupted
                                          2011 Ladies’ Retreat

Friday Evening
                     5:00-7:00     Check-in/ Hearty snack        GH LL
                     7:10-8:50     General Session 1             GH LL
                     9:00-9:30     Bonfire                       Field
                     9:35-?        Games/coffee/desserts         Dining Hall

Saturday Morning
                     7:30-8:30     Check-in                      GH LL
                     7:30-8:30     Breakfast                     Dining Hall
                     8:40-10:00    General Session 2             GH UL
                     10:10-10:45   Breakout Sessions 1
                     10:50-11:20   Activity
                     11:30-12:30   Lunch                         Dining Hall

Saturday Afternoon
                     12:40-2:00  General Session 3               GH UL
                     2:10-2:45   Breakout Sessions 2             Various
                     2:55-3:30   Closing Ceremony                GH UL
                     GH LL Garrett Hall Lower Level
                     GH UL Garrett Hall Upper Level


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