2013 CDFY Scholarship Application Cover Letter by 5uIp7t8


									PO Box 212                                                   www.jccdfy.org
Jefferson City, Missouri 65102                                573-636-2411

Dear Scholarship Applicants;
Please be sure that you submit the completed application to your counseling office
or directly to CDFY at the address listed above no later than February 15th.
Please make sure your application includes:

     1 written essay

     2 short paragraphs

     2 letters of recommendation
Your application MUST include all required components and be submitted on time
to be considered for this award.
We award (1-5) $500.00 scholarships to qualifying seniors based upon the essay
and your interview.
We also are involved in the decision making process for the Kindred Spirit
scholarship which is a $1000.00 scholarship to a drug free senior going into the
medical field.
If you have any questions please contact CDFY @ (573) 636-2411.

Joy Sweeney
Executive Director
Council for Drug Free Youth
PO Box 212                                                                          www.jccdfy.org
Jefferson City, Missouri 65102                                                       573-636-2411

Council for Drug Free Youth Scholarship
Deadline: February 15, 2013

Amount: $500.00 (given to one student)

Eligibility: Any graduating senior who has remained drug free, who is involved in school or community
activities and has at least a 2.0 GPA. Drug free means you have NEVER USED tobacco products, alcohol,
and/or other illegal drugs at ANY time (family function, wedding, special occasion, etc.).

Last Name: ___________________________ First Name: ____________________ MI: ____

Address: _______________________________ City: __________________ Zip: __________

Social Security Number: ________________________________ Birth date: _______________

Name of father/guardian: ________________________________________________________

Name of mother/guardian:________________________________________________________

Where do you plan to attend school? _______________________________________________
(Scholarship will be sent to the school you attend.)
School/Community Activities (inc. drug-free activities example: DARE, Show Me Players):


Please attach the following:
    1. A one page type written paper on: Why I have chosen to be drug free?
        In addition, write a paragraph on each of the following: How would you solve the drug problem in Jefferson
        City? and How do you plan to stay drug free in college?

   2.    Two letters of recommendation from community people (church leaders, employer, neighbor, etc. – not a
        school employee) which include a character reference about your drug free lifestyle, leadership, leadership
        capabilities, and character.

Please note: After the scholarship is narrowed down to the final few students from each school, a personal
interview will be held with each student. These students will be invited to attend the Council for Drug Free Youth
Dinner on Thursday, March 28th @ 6pm in the Truman Hotel.

To the best of my knowledge, my child has never used drugs or alcohol.

Parent Signature:______________________________________________
To be completed by High School Counselor:
       7th Semester GPA is _____/4.0            ACT Composite Score _____

Signature of High School Counselor: _______________________________________ Date: __________

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