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Strengths and Self Determination


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									Strengths and Self Determination
Struggling along to face the challenges of the world and from others,
many people tend to step further back from self-development and self-
determination often thinking, what’s the point anyway? It seems every
step one takes; someone else comes along and pushes them further back.
There never seems to be a dull moment in life. What’s more, the vast
majority of the people in the world spend their time judging others and
forcing others to conform to the way they think, behave, etc, when an
entity is noncompliant, these people will increase the stress that they
put on the person’s shoulders. There never seems to be an escape.
Most people are conformists. This presents a problem because the vast
major of people sit around waiting for things to happen, rather than
striving to make things happen. The problems never seem to end. Despite
of all the problems one faces however they must move to reframe their
thinking to that of a nonconformist in order to survive this hasty life.
Most people think that a nonconformist is someone poses trouble or
threats. Contrary to their thinking, the nonconformist is a maverick or
eccentric thinker that has free spirit and will not allow humankind to go
against the “laws of nature.” They stand up for what they believe in and
their self-determination is constantly monitored as this entity will
build from his or her strengths to stand tall and protest against wrong.
People all around the world strive success and failure. There may be
times when you try to achieve success but fail. When the outcome is a
positive one, we feel happy and contented because our efforts pay fruits
when we need them the most. On the other hand, sometimes our effort does
not provide us with success and the result is that we face awkward
situations and feel frustrated. In actuality, failure is the key to
success. Failure may cause disappointment and sometimes collapse, yet the
breakdowns are only challenges that one must accept, face, and move to
take action to take back control of his or her life.
This can be understood more clearly by an example of a boy who lost his
left hand during an accident. He had interest in learning judo. After
much persuasion, his parent agreed to appoint a teacher for him. The judo
master taught him only one action. The day of competition arrived and the
boy was declared as the winner. Then the master told the innocent boy
that the stroke, which he taught him, was the only stroke that could save
his life because the opponent would need his left hand to defend himself.
The little boy and his parents realized that sometimes-even weaknesses
become strengths. So, we should not underestimate ourselves and rather
follow our inner self for personal development.
No matter what obstacles one may come up against, realizing that these
obstacles are only challenges can help you maintain self-determination in
order to continue growing. If you let the obstacles get in the way of
your progress, it promotes negative thinking, negative behaviors, and a
bad attitude. You will not win. People with bad attitudes often land in
jail, running from the law, player hating, or dead.
It does not pay to hate, doubt, fear, or resent another individual,
simply because the bullet you channel to others will in time come back to
bite you. For this reason, one must keep their self-determination strong
and continue through the self-development processes in order to survive
this world. Instead of worrying about fitting in, fit into your own shoes
and take control of your life.

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