Dealing with Co Workers and Self Determination

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					Dealing with Co Workers and Self Determination
In every workplace, competition cannot be avoided. You would be surprised
to see that most of your co-workers are being too competitive that they
would try to beat and outpace you and each other in any way. It would be
practical to keep up with the competition. That would help you to strive
harder. Competition is a fuel that would ignite the best in all of you,
but handle it very carefully. Do not fall desperate and become negatively
scheming just to win the race. You just have to stay self-determined to
win the race.
In time, troublesome people will lose out. When people show troubled
behaviors they often lose respect and credibility. People will try every
tactic in the world not to have dealings with this person. Moreover,
troublesome workers may find themselves one day wondering why people
disbelieve what the person says. In time, the co-worker just might lose
his or her job.
In the meantime, you must learn to deal with troublesome employees or co-
workers, despite they push your last nerve. Often people fail to
paraphrase, clarify, or give positive feedback that slows a person.
The biggest problem in the world is failure to communicate, which comes
from a major failure in comprehension. Since we live in a world with
people full of various traits, such as dialects, views, beliefs, etc, it
often leads to breakdown in communication.
My professor in college once told me a story, which I will share with
you. In his class were two men. One man was from Kentucky and the other
from New York. Yankee and Rebels often rarely get alone because they
cross wires because of failure to understand dialect. My professor told
the men to consider dialects. For instance, a Kentuckian might say,
“Ya’ll, are not doing yaws job right.” This will lead to confusion if a
person with a different dialect is listening, since that person may
believe that the Kentuckian is downgrading everyone, thus generalizing
that no one is doing his or her job. This is not what the Kentuckian is
It depends on the situation, but if this person is speaking to one
person, then “ya’ll,” is that person he or she is referring to. This is
part of this person’s dialect and if people would cease thinking that the
world revolves around them, thus they would know that this person is
saying, “I see a problem with the way you are doing your job. Perhaps I
can show you how to do the job effectively.” This is an underline of
hidden messages that the sender is stating.
Of course, this is not detailed as to what my professor said to me, but
it is clearly linking to what he meant. Thus, try to learn how to read
between the lines successfully manage troublesome co-workers. Once the
two men started to understand dialect, both men became best friends. Many
people fail to use affirmatives to clarify what a sender is stating to
them. This causes breakdowns in relationships, with co-workers, and so

Look at some examples of affirmatives: Joe Asks: Which processor is of
higher quality than the processor in my system now? Co-worker: “How the
heck should I know, go ask someone that gives a hoot.” Paraphrasing: So,
you are telling me that you have no clue which processor is better than
the other. Receiver: Well, yes. Clarifying: So, it’s my understanding
that I need to research or talk to an expert, qualified to help me find
the best processor? Clearly, you can see that using affirmatives could
break out the point in discussion and slow anger.

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