Creation and Self Determination by MonaSamer


									Creation and Self Determination
The way we as humans were created by God, made us the greatest creation,
simply because of our ability to think, communicate, and evaluate
ourselves. The traits we have as humans cannot compare to most of the
subordinate order animals. The negative aspect is most humans do not use
their strengths to the greatest possible level.
Humans by definition of most are complex people that have the ability to
understand other fellow human beings. Yet, because of the competitive
nature of the basic human being, and because of the advancement in modern
world, human beings have lost touch with their inner strengths and self.
Most peoples’ minds are under enemy control with earning money, striving
into the future in life and being victorious that they tend to forget the
most important purpose of human life i.e. deliverance and identifying
with their soul. Humankinds’ greatest role in life is to find their aim
and to follow the laws of the true God.
Because the world is out of order, we must learn to stay allied with
ourselves while searching for ways to stage-manage from first to last
self-development and self-determination --- and lastly to self-
realization. This level of growth will put you in touch with your
purpose, morals, values, and standards. These people are able to
demarcate their goals, preferences, and values in life at a very early
stage. This is what enables them to tread on the pathway to steady
progress. They are usually very energized and passionate about their hope
in life and will not hesitate from working hard in order not only to
achieve it, but to maintain it when they arrive.
As humans, and in the eyes of God, we are all equal. Man has taking away
this equilibrium to a great extend and until God restores our equal
opportunities by abolishing wicked souls from the earth, we all must
obtain self-development through immeasurable resources of spiritual and
mental understanding.
We all must learn to depend on ourselves in order to survive. In the time
of crisis, instead of seeking answers from others, often we can find the
answers within our self. Our inner being is profoundly enriched with
infinite resources of creativity, self-determination, motivation, and
mature understanding. Our inner person is the storeroom of our deepest
talents, deepest desires. And only when we are in touch with ourselves,
can we utilize these hidden talents of ours to the best possible level.
The movement through self-realization will build your Self-determination.
At what time an entity stays in connection with the self, it plays a
vital role in controlling our anger. A person who knows the inner self
and is spiritually connected with himself has a better control over his
emotions. Such an entity, when motivated or provoked can control himself
and his anger.
The process of discovery the self however is a lifelong commitment. An
entity can spend years identifying the self, his or her strengths, and
weaknesses. This process of trying to know oneself is essentially known
as self-introspection. Self-introspection requires a little bit of time
and attention on the part of a person so that he may learn about himself.
It is a sort of meditation process, which guides a person about the right
path to choose in the course of life.
When you need help do not forget that it is ok to ask for support, but
realize that the ultimate responsibility rests on your shoulders. If you
want to build self-determination, look within yourself to find the
answers. Only you know what’s best for you. Since you were created,
follow the rules of your creation and nature and you will do fine.

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