Conduct and Self Determination

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					Conduct and Self Determination

Learning how to reform your conduct, which makes up your behaviors and
habits, can help you successfully maintain self-determination. When you
reform your ways, likely you will follow find the strength to advance
into the future to find your success. Don’t waste precious time
patronizing or allowing others to patronize you, rather find the
positive, and use it to your advantage. You cannot change anyone but
yourself. Many people make this major mistake in relationships. They
often focus on changing their mate rather than changing their ways. The
main thing you need to do is to hold on to your self-determination and
reform your habits, learn to trust, and respect you so that you grow

Some beneficial conducts you may want to develop is a chaste. Chaste is a
pure individual, innocent of lies, or other behaviors that create
negative emotional charges. Thus, honesty is a policy you want to
conform, relate, and stand up to make your skills stronger. Trustworthy
is another good quality. When you demonstrate trustworthy to others, they
will honor you and feel good about discussing issues they may have with
you. You will find that people are more willing to follow your lead when
you are trustworthy.

Virtuous and honest person is someone with righteous qualities, yet not
someone that uses biblical commands to their advantage. When you have
virtue, you show upright conduct, moral traits, etc that makes others
want to fall in your lap and ask you how did you do it? By developing
these qualities, you will inspire others to join you. As people, we are
by nature gregarious. By this, I mean we as humans will find it difficult
when we isolate from others, especially if we are close with others. As
humans, we need to love and feel loved. We have a need to express and
show and seek companionship, yet our social skills are something we need
to review to make sure others will welcome us. Again, you want to build
chaste, virtues and other useful qualities that will guarantee take you
to success. Therefore, you can develop self-determination if you are
willing to work in harmony with the self. When you have synchronization,
you can make anything happen.

Moreover, when you focus on the here and now you boost your ability to
use your commonsense. Practically, human development is a long process,
so hang tuff, and hold on to self-determination. You may use commonsense
to compare what your child will need to make you happy. For instance,
compare a child to you so that you see the balance and medium of taking
care of you, i.e. the equilibrium. Would you like to lie around in wet
clothes? Logically, you would not. This is an example, since surely no
loving parent is going to permit their child insufficient care by letting
them rest in a wet diaper. Therefore, use commonsense when you are taking
care of you.
You may not realize it but if you are adjusting, you are dealing with
some negative emotions buried in your subconscious mind. These fears
develop and hide frustration, uncertainty and the fear of failure. By
ignoring these emotions, you only set yourself up for failure. Turn this
around by removing any doubts you may have. If you have doubts of your
ability, reach inside of you and make an assessment to determine where
the doubt is coming from within you. Spending time with you will help you
to grow stronger and hold onto your self-determination. You can also ask
someone you trust to help you reach inside to find answers. The person
can give you some support.

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