Building Self Determination in Relationships by MonaSamer


									Building Self Determination in Relationships

The best rules for any type of relationship whether you are dealing with
kids, mates, friends, or relatives are posted below:

Never expect more from you than you can manage: Expecting more than you
can manage makes you an over determined person. You need balance to stay

Do never expect more of your partner or child than you would expect of
you: Follow this golden rule will help you develop in a relationship and
keep the relationship growing strong.

Accept realization: each of you is adapting to the new changes – work on
developing self-actualization to ensure that you can adapt to changes as
you progress in self-determination and self-development.

Take advantage of time you can share with your mate and baby – do not
forget to spend time with you as well. Spending time with you allows you
to assess your inner strengths and weaknesses in order to move through
the processes of self-development.

Express your emotions and feelings maturely – expressing your emotions
enable you to clear up doubts, confusion, hate, or other negative
thoughts that form in the mind. You can work through maturity by adapting
to this rule.

Talk with your mate and let him express his feelings also about the new
baby, breastfeeding, experiences, sex interests, body changes, and what
the two of you feel about being new parents – discussions are healthy.
Make sure that you learn and get in the habit of discussion your
interests, while listening to the interest of others as well.

Learn to solve problems as a family unit – this will ensure that you have
room to grow. When you have a happy family unit, it gives you the room
you need to take time out for you and move through the stages of self-
determination and self-development.
Discuss changes and your dislikes and likes during your childhood – this
is another part of maturity. This rule is a healthy rule that will bring
you many benefits. Not only will you feel happy and content, you will
also feel in control of your life – and you will stay determined to meet
your goals.

Discuss your parent’s upbringing and which mistakes you can learn from
them to avoid making the mistake in your relationship and parenthood – it
is always healthy to spill out your guts and discuss differences in
points of views to create a healthy environment for everyone, including

Use nap time to converse and share activities with your mate –
conversation is the main skill we have that helps us to build
relationships, open our minds up for discoveries, learn something new and
more. With good conversation you can exchange ideas, which will help you
learn. You make room for discussions, which creates a healthy environment
for everyone, including you. This is only part of building the self-
determination you will need to live a healthy, productive life.

More tips:
Accept unorganized house care, since it occurs when you have a new baby –
spend quality time and try to clean up together – do not spend your time
or burn energy nagging or complaining over simple things. Instead keep
your self-determination strong by overlooking the things that do not

Work as a team – working, as a team is the only way that each member in
your unit will keep the unit growing strong. Take some unity time to
discuss self-growth and self-determination, as well as related topics so
that all of you can grow together.

Put your priorities in focus as a team – create a list to help you work
together – priorities are essential elements we need in life. Priorities
keep us focused, determined, and prepared.
Maintain a sense of humor --- life is too difficult not to add a little
humor into your life. Do mistake humor as watching a funny program on
television; rather open your mind to all aspects before you open your
mouth to speak. Think about the positive instead of the negative at all

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