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									                                 St. Timothy’s Catholic School
                                       School Council Minutes

                                             April 11, 2012

Attendance: Lynne Mills, Tara Williams, Karen Kovacs, Teresa Loftus, Maggie Taggart, Micky Maoloni,
Shannon Zenga, Angela Lecanda, Anna Nasello, Lina Converso, Olga Miranda, Linda Kostick, Nicoletta
Pilotti, Carol Filippone, Patricia Buttigieg, Chiara Bradstreet, Maria Vessio, Daga Ulanowski

Regrets: Debbie Mikkelsen, Kim Japp-Delaney, Anna Bartosik, Rose Diluzio

Opening Prayer: read by All

Approval of Minutes: from last meeting held March 7, 2012 approved by Anna Nasello, seconded by
Nicoletta Pilotti.

Chair’s Report: Lynne Mills

   Guest Speakers
    o Lynne, Tara, Nicoletta, Debbie and Patricia attended a presentation by Joe Rich, Family Counsellor
         on March 26. Great speaker, excellent presentation and very informative.
    o April 24 – St. Edmund school is hosting Dr. Karyn Gordon – Raising Healthy Kids/Teens in the Age of
   CCCSC Conference and Marketplace – Saturday, April 14
    o St. Joseph Catholic S.S. – 8:30am-1:00pm – advise Lynne if you’re interested in attending
   SEAC (Special Education Advisory Committee) invites parents of students with special needs to attend an
    event if their child is in high school and plans to attend a mainstream university or college program
          April 19, 6:30-9:30 p.m. at the Mississauga Grand Banquet and Convention Centre
   Invitation to our school’s anniversary was sent out to parents
    o Lynne thought it would be nice to send a personal invite to past council members (Lynne & Elia have
         put together a list of names)
   Sacraments
    o Communion – May 5
    o Confirmation – May 24
    o Chiara needs certificates to print out
    o May 30 – Celebration of Sacraments in gym
          Communion Celebration – 9:30am
          Confirmation Celebration - 1:30pm
   Teacher Appreciation Dinner – Monday, June 4
   Patricia & Nicoletta suggested we have a guest speaker speak to the students and then in the evening to
    parents. An idea set aside for the Fall.

Treasury: Maggie Taggart

   Finalized figures for Christmas bazaar – Tara putting together a spread sheet
   Money has been put back in the council budget that had not been approved for distribution

B.R.A.V.O.: Olga Miranda (in Debbie Mikkelsen’s absence)

   Nothing to report

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Principal’s Report: Karen Kovacs

    St. Timothy’s 50 Anniversary
    o To help to defray the cost of the 50 Anniversary Celebration – selling t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.
         Still waiting for final quotes/samples
         All orders are presales – forms to be ready next week
         2 weeks for preorders – everything will be included on the information sheet and will also be
            posted on the website, as well
   Spring Fundraiser
    o Avon Fundraiser organized by Tara Williams and Daga Ulanowski. Council has voted and agreed to
        pass funds on to Karen to put towards cost of 50 Anniversary
   Safe School Committee – teacher to attend a workshop – committee will include a student and a parent

Teacher’s Report: Shannon Zenga

   Grade 7s – Tableau Presentation on April 12 – Stations of the Cross
   April 12 – Lockdown practice
   April 19 – School Talent Show, 7pm – tickets on sale $5
   April 20 – Earth Day – Mrs. Chyz will be hosting a used book sale – donated books will be collected
   Junior Basketball is in progress – few games left
   Junior and Intermediate Soccer starting
    o April 30 & May 1 tryouts for Intermediate
    o May 6 & 7 – tryouts for Juniors
   Junior Achievements
    o April 17 – Grade 8s and April 25 – Grade 7s
   April 23 – 25 – baking cupcakes. All money raised is for ShareLife. Cupcakes will be sold on April 26
    and 27 in the morning.
   April 30 – Grade 6 Art Program with Visual Arts Mississauga
   Ticker Tape/Banner is up on the website
    Teachers are working with their students, putting together projects to decorate the school for our 50
    Anniversary Celebration night.
    A suggestion was made to dedicate the display case in the school lobby to memorabilia for the 50
    Anniversary Celebration
   Grade 8 Graduation
    o June 27 - Graduation Mass. It will be combined with the school’s end of year Mass
         9:30 at St. Catherine of Siena Church
    o June 28 – Graduation Celebration (Lunch at banquet hall beginning at 11:00am followed by dancing)
         4:30 – Ceremony & Awards and Reception in the school gym with staff, students and their
             families, ending approx 6/6:30pm

Other Business:

   Parents of grade 8 students have expressed their concern that no trip has been set for these students -
    teachers are reviewing and will advise what has been planned.

                                          Meeting Adjourned

                                              Next Meeting

                                              May 2, 2012

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