Moving from one job to the next by MonaSamer


									Moving from one job to the next, assessing what is going to make you
Happiness is a very difficult thing to seek. The reason why this feeling
is so hard to pinpoint is because you can have many triggers that make
you feel happy. It’s almost like an illusion because you can be very
happy one minute and then unhappy the next minute. The key is to find a
job that makes you feel overall satisfied. You will want to think about
the link between your happiness and your social link. A lot of people
find that with jobs that help people it tends to be very fulfilling. You
will want to consider that there are of reasons why you could find
happiness at another job.

The first thing that you will want to do to make your transition as
smooth as possible is to sit down and assess what it is that makes you
happy. You’ll want to make sure that you think about your true feelings
and also think about the things that you need from the next job in order
to be financially secure and secure within the job field. You obviously
don’t want to take a job that you probably would be good at, but have
never done. You may even want to think about jobs within your current job
field. Like, you may want to switch to Accounts Payable instead of
staying with Accounts Receivables. You will need to figure out what it is
that you want from the next job.

Also, if you have a family you will want to talk to your mate and your
children about the decision to leave your current job. You will be able
to see if you have the support to back you up from the family. If your
family doesn’t think that the new job is a good idea, you may want to
take that inconsideration. Often moving with children can be very
difficult. Taking a pay cut to do something that you love is often
ridiculous as well. You just need to have the family support in order to
give you courage. Everyone needs to jump on the bandwagon so that you can
keep the family unit as one.

Have you ever heard of the saying, “The grass is greener on the other
side”? This is exactly what you will want to think about. How much better
could this other job be? There are always reasons why someone will go
from one job to the next, but then there are always times where they
start thinking that the move wasn’t a good choice to make at this time.
You will also find that when it comes to moving from job to job you have
to look back and reflect on personal experience. You need to learn from
your past mistakes. Although you still need to assess and list what your
personal needs are at the moment, you will still need to consider that
moving on to a new company and a new career is always a scary chance. The
fact is, you may not like this job, and if there is any doubt in your
mind, then you need to be honest with yourself.

Everyone thinks that if they move on to another job they have to see the
money. However, money should not be the only reason why you leave your
current job and you can’t allow it to be the main reason. Money can
always be made, but the fact is you still need a job that covers all of
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. You need to have a job that covers your
safety (security), social needs, self esteem, and self-actualization. You
need to look for a job that will give you personal finance security,
personal safety, and also job security. You will also need to look for a
job that will make you feel apart of something or satisfy your social
needs. As for self esteem, you may want to look for a job that makes you
feel important to someone or something. Then if you can find the perfect
job you will find self-actualization or job satisfaction.

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