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					Dear _____:

I am pleased to invite you to join me at the Generous Giving [Conference/Dinner] for
a time of fellowship and learning [cosponsored by local organization and Generous
Giving]. This event, scheduled for [date] at [venue], captures God’s biblical plan for
joyful giving. [Insert names here] will be the featured speakers. This is not a
fund-raiser for any organization, and no solicitation will be permitted at this

[Select lead sentence A or B for the paragraph that follows:]

   A. As a pastor, I often meet people who struggle with ...

   B. Often I tell people that even as a pastor I struggle with …

... questions such as: “How much should I give?” ... “Am I giving enough?” ... “Why
should I think about giving more?” ... “Am I being the best steward of the resources
God has entrusted to me?” I’m convinced that many others wrestle with these same
questions and, as such, this program is organized around these issues. As a leader
in our church seeking to expand your impact in God’s Kingdom through your giving,
you will be encouraged to meet other men and women who know intimately the joy
of financial freedom—not because they have amassed great wealth, but because
they can’t give it away fast enough.

[Select paragraph C or D:]

   C. In the next few days you will receive an invitation from Generous Giving on
      behalf of [your church’s name]. Call me anytime with questions.

   D. I have enclosed an invitation and would like you and your spouse to be my
      guests. Please reply to me by [date] so that I can reserve your spot, or call
      me with any questions.

I am certain that this event will be a blessing to you—one that will draw you closer to
the Savior who gave us everything—as you consider the eternal implications of your
giving. I look forward to seeing you.

In Christ’s service,

[Pastor’s signature]

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