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									   Master Builders NT
Master Builders Association NT
is a member owned organistation.

It is a part of the Master
Builders Australia (MBA). The MBA
is represented in all states and
territories of Australia.
            Master Builders NT
 Information advice the members- OHS, IR, Technical
  (Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards)
 Industry Training
 Contracts and Stationary
 Publication- weekly email bulletins and quarterly
 Political lobbying
 Representation- MBANT is represented on all major
  industry committees.
 Networking Opportunities-golf days, industry
  breakfast information seminars, awards nights/annual
  dinner, trade nights and products launches.
Master Builders Australia
 The Federation of Master Builders was
  established in 1890.
 The Federation will be celebrating its 120
  years of existence in 2010
 Master Builders NT has been a part of the
  federation since 1950.
 From 1980 to 2009 changed its name to
  Territory Construction Association (TCA).
  Now reverted to Master Builders NT.
Benefits of Membership
 Provides National Recognition of the building
  and construction industries role in Australia’s
  development, economy and social well being.
 It provides autonomous services for state and
  territories that is unique to the construction
 Able to achieve outcomes on a national scale
  with all states and territories involved.
 International fraternity of other Master
  Master Builders Brand
 The Master Builders brand is a very powerful
  brand, not only from a commercial perspective
  but also from a lobbying perspective. It is a well
  recognised by clients because the brand stands
  for quality and integrity which is backed up by
  Codes of Conduct, endorsed by the ACCC.

 The brand also has value politically. The
  recognition given by both federal and state
  governments in appointing Master Builders to
  high level government committees in a wide
  range of areas such as industrial relations, OH&S,
  training, Treasury, Tax Office, international trade,
  and Building Codes.
GFC and Global Recession
 Last year – all about the gfc
 Pain still with us but the gfc is
 Becoming yesterday’s news
 Despite positive economic news:
 - not “out of the woods” yet!
Impact on Australia
   Australia in early stages of recovery
   Weathered worst of slow down
   Now close to bottom of the cycle
   To move into (modest) recovery
   Building and construction – nationally:
   Commercial hard hit
   Residential to begin to improve
Credit Crunch
 GFC with its US roots left a trail of
  wealth destruction
 Overseas banks took a big hit
 The 4 Australian Banks much better
  off due to good regulation
 But global credit squeeze means a
  shortage of working capital for
  business and development projects
The Territory
 The Northern Territory seems to have
  fared better
 Likely 4 per cent growth in 2008/09
  would be highest of any states
 Forecast 2 per cent growth 08/09
  versus little growth in other States
Investment Boom
 Territory economic growth driven by record
  investment of $5.2 billion in real terms last
  financial year
 Major private sector projects e.g. Blacktip
  gas project, Bonoparte gas pipeline, Gemco
  Manganese refinery expansion on Groote
 Strong population growth has also driven
  much of the building growth
Public Works
 Private investment complemented by
  government infrastructure
 Victoria highway upgrade
 Owen Springs and Weddell power
 Ongoing redevelopment of the Darwin
Positive Medium Term
 The NT outlook is positive with strong
  population growth and investment
 Underpinned by Territory
  Government’s record level of public
  infrastructure expenditure of $1.3
  billion (up 50 per cent on last year)
Stimulus to Help Short Term
 Add to this the Rudd Labor
  Government Nation Building and Jobs
  Plan stimulus of over $400 million
 Suggests a great economic future
  where the building and construction
  industry will play a critical role
Long Term –
Building Prospects Good
 Master Builders forecasts total construction
  activity in the Northern Territory next
  decade will be at least $37 billion
 Will see the construction industry become
  one of the largest employers in the
 Currently over 6,000 people working in
  construction and this could reach 10,000 or
  more in the next decade
 Spectacular growth in the building and
  construction industry
 Means Master Builders Northern Territory
  will work even harder with the Northern
  Territory Government
 On behalf of its members to ensure the
  right policy settings for this level of
  investment to occur without creating delays
  and cost pressures
Working with Government
 The Territory Government is to be
  congratulated for its recent efforts:

 to streamline procurement arrangements

 to increase Development Consent Authority
  resources to speed up planning approvals
   The Media’s Perspective

The 3 C’s

                          Economy - Industry
                                   GSP per Industry

Mining                                  23.6   Retail Trade                           3.4

Property and Business Services           8.9   Finance and Insurance                  3.2

Ownership of Dwellings                   7.5   Personal and Other Services            2.8

Government Administration and Defence    7.0   Accommodation, Cafes and Restaurants   2.2

Construction                             6.8   Communication Services                 2.1

Manufacturing                            6.5   Wholesale Trade                        1.9

Health and Community Services            5.4   Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries    1.8

Transport and Storage                    5.1   Cultural and Recreation Services       1.6

Taxes less subsidies on products         5.0   Electricity, Gas and Water             1.4

Education                                3.5
           Economic Development

Presently a narrow spine
through the centre

Need to broaden our
thinking East and West
Economic Development - Infrastructure
       Economic Development - Land
Land is the cornerstone for growth and development

             Unique title (ALRA) over 55%+
                     Held in Common
                  Land Councils manage
                 Federal Minister controls
         Places obligations on indigenous people
             Demography - Population
                  Population by age group










        10    8   6          4             2   0   2     4         6   8   10

                      Northern Territory               Australia
Education Status
 Highest Level of Education Achieved (2006)

                   NT %        Australia %

Year 12            33.2            41.8

Higher             18.2            22.7
Certificate        17.2            16.7

Housing is the cornerstone of genuine progress,
get it right and it underpins every other strategy
– but get it wrong and it undermines everything
else you are trying to do.

DARWIN – Australia’s dearest capital to rent or
     purchase – Alice Springs following suit
Capital growth is seductive – Boom town risks
New House Prices

Artificial supply constraints
Cost shifting
Regulation creep; and
Burgeoning expectations
The Bush

   Paradigm is still one where Governments provide every
   Life cycle is short
   Costs are incredible
   SIHIP is part of the solution
   No tangible debate yet about a private sector role
Opportunities Rail / Port
      Major Bulk Minerals
        Export Centre
 Gas Resources in Our Region

Opportunities – Inpex Gas
 $20bn gas project
  (upstream and

 2 train development in

 Final decision in late

 Workforce likely to be

 Gas exports from 2014.
         Climate Change
Top End – More Rain and more cyclones
  Central Australia – Hotter and dryer
 Substantial economic growth
 Considerable prospects for that to
 We are well into a transition
 We will have to get the fundamentals
 That includes one society, but many
 The key to everything is momentum
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