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									    Concert-recital ‘The Rise of the White Brotherhood sings and plays, learns and lives’
                                  30 September 2006, Sofia

                              CONCERT RECITAL
     ‘The Rise of the White Brotherhood sings and plays, learns and lives’
                          30th September 2006, Sofia

                    Paneurhythmy under MOUSSALLAH PEAK


     1. We present to you a concert recital held on September 30, 2006 on the topic
of ‘How was Paneurhythmy born under the sky at Moussallah Peak’.

      2. The stories we are going to tell you are all part of the published series ‘The
Rise’ («Изгревът…»), from Volume I to Volume XXV. The author of ‘The Rise’, Dr.
Virgiliy Krastev, drafted the scenario of each concert.

     3. After each story and event, we suggest one of the songs of Master Deunov in
performance of the musicians mentioned in the invitation.

    4. This is the only form, which presents the internal School of Master Deunov. It
was built on the foundations of His Word and the experiences of His followers.

     5. All these experiences represent the construction of the path of the White
Brotherhood’s School in Bulgaria. There is no other way to present them.

     6. Different stages of descending Paneurhythmy from Heaven and its
application in The Rise in Sofia are described in the series of volume ‘The Rise’, from
Volume I to Volume XXV.

     By the compiler of ‘The Rise’ Dr. Verguiliy Krastev

10th June 2011

Concert-recital ‘The Rise of the White Brotherhood sings and plays, learns and lives’
                              30 September 2006, Sofia




                          Memories of ‘The Rise’
               Photo exhibition ‘With Master Deunov on Rila’

                 Music of Master Deunov — Beinsa Douno
                     Arrangement: Anna Karalasheva
                                With the participation of:

    1. Maria Ivanova — soprano                       2. Anna Karalasheva — piano
          From Bourgas                                        from Sofia

                              Moderator: Peter Vanguelov

   In the hall of Izgrev Municipality                    Beginning: 11 a.m., Saturday
 16А Chekhov Street                                               30th September 2006

                                        Free admission

   Concert-recital ‘The Rise of the White Brotherhood sings and plays, learns and lives’
                                 30 September 2006, Sofia


   1. Please, silence!

   2. We kindly request you to turn off all mobile devices during the concert.

   3. The concert-recital started under the title: ‘With Master Deunov under
   Moussallah Peak. Meetings, happenings, events’
   Memories of ‘The Rise’, Volume I and Volume V.

   4. Music of Master Deunov. Arrangement by Anna Karalasheva. Performance
   by Maria Ivanova — soprano (from the city of Bourgas) and Anna Karalasheva
   — piano (from the city of Sofia)

   5. We start with the First Part, where we are going to tell you about the
   extraordinary story of how Paneurhythmy was born here on Earth, during one of
   the excursions with the Master under Moussallah Peak.

   6. Have a pleasant climbing of Moussallah Peak with the stories of Maria

    Concert-recital ‘The Rise of the White Brotherhood sings and plays, learns and lives’
                                  30 September 2006, Sofia

                        First Part:
1. Hiking with steam locomotive — samovar. ‘The Rise’, Volume V, pp. 419—420.

2. Climbing Moussallah Peak with lighted lanterns. ‘The Rise’, Volume I, pp. 204.

3. The light pointing at the path for Moussallah Peak. ‘The Rise’, Volume I, pp. 205

4. Paneurhythmy in the sky above Moussallah Peak. ‘The Rise’, Volume I, pp. 205.

5. How will the dance descend from Heaven to Earth? ‘The Rise’, Volume I, pp. 206.

6. Is Paneurhythmy of ‘The Rise’ better than that in the skies on Moussallah Peak?
‘The Rise’, Volume I, pp. 208.

7. What will be the purpose of the Paneurhythmy of ‘The Rise’? ‘The Rise’, Volume I,
pp. 208—209.

    Concert-recital ‘The Rise of the White Brotherhood sings and plays, learns and lives’
                                  30 September 2006, Sofia

                                        First Part:

    1. ‘Step by step’ («Стъпка по стъпка») — № 25 of Paneurhythmy

    2. ‘Moussallah’ («Мусалла») — songs 70—71 from the Songs Book of Maria

    3. ‘Good Day’ («Хубав ден») — № 23 of Paneurhythmy

    4. ‘The Sun rises’ («Изгрява Слънцето») — № 16 of Paneurhythmy

    5. ‘Introduction’ («Запознаване») — № 22 of Paneurhythmy

    6. ‘Weaving’ («Тъкане») — № 13 of Paneurhythmy

    7. ‘How satisfied we are’ («Колко сме доволни») — № 24 of Paneurhythmy

    The scenario of Part I was made after ‘The Rise’, Volume I, pp. 204—206,
208—209, where the history of Paneurhythmy is presented. It includes the text on pp.
419—420 from ‘The Rise’, Volume V.

     Concert-recital ‘The Rise of the White Brotherhood sings and plays, learns and lives’
                                   30 September 2006, Sofia

                     1. Hiking with steam locomotive — samovar
                              A story by Maria Todorova

      In the early years, we went on tours of Moussallah Peak. The group met in
Sofia, we hired trucks to drive us to Chamkoria, nowadays Borovets.
      In 1922, a very large group took a trip to Moussallah, and our route went
through the summer grazing Chamkoria (Borovets).
      Our group was versatile and heterogeneous in composition. Both young and old
walked in Indian file. Then mass tourism was not so widespread and visitors of
Chamkoria looked at us with amazement as if it was an unexpected spectacle in the
mountains. We passed by their villas, and they went out, on dressing gowns, and
they asked: ‘Who are these beggars and savages?’ They not only made fun of us,
but also chuckled straight in our faces — for them it was a new phenomenon,
something surprising, and even more bizarre. And adding that our brothers had
crafted handmade samovars carried as backpacks on their backs ... And the samovar
boiled and the steam rose and sounds like ‘bleep-y-y!’ could be heard above our
heads. The whistle was produced by the steam that comes from a narrow orifice of
the samovar and seems to be a locomotive walking on two legs. As you heard the
beeping, the brother who wore the samovar stopped and shouted: ‘Anyone wants
some hot water?’ Someone was approaching, reaching out his mug and the brother
turn his back to him to let him untapped and run hot water. They were loaded with
charcoal to ignite. Therefore, in the eyes of Chamkoria’s aristocrats it was so
wonderful and so funny! The group walks in an Indian file, and every 20—30 meters,
the samovar chirps and lets steam out. They looked at us, thought we were crazy,
swirled wrists to the left and right, and cried at us that we are a little ‘tra-la-la’. It was
the impression on Chamkoria (Borovets). Moreover, for residents of Sofia, it was
even greater fun. They just cracked up with laughter. Some seemed to be braver,
coming down to us and see what an invention we were carrying. They stared at it,
clucked with tongues and snapped: ‘Cleverly done, practical, but it's funny because
there is no such thing anywhere in the world — backpacking it and heading to the
mountain.” That is what they were laughing at. Years passed and they began to be
accustomed seeing us with these boiling samovars on the back. Then they asked :
‘Well, where are your steam locomotives?’ Once, I saw how a mother explained to
her child the following: ‘You see that man, where he has something on his back,
raising steam and whistles? This person is a steam locomotive of the train. He walks
and others are walking behind him. Others are the train coaches.’ The child asks:
‘Mom, but how is the locomotive pulling these people along, when they are not tied
together?’ The mother wondered what to answer. I turned and I said: ‘Little girl, we
are bound by invisible ropes, because they are magical.’ The answer apparently
satisfied the child’s inquisitive mind, but the mother looked at me horrified. Later, in
the very centre of Chamkoria (Borovets), trucks dumped our luggage and after a
short rest, we left for Moussallah Peak.

     Photographs with trucks that transported groups from Sofia to Chamkoria
(Borovets) date from 1927 and are placed on this board under my.

     Concert-recital ‘The Rise of the White Brotherhood sings and plays, learns and lives’
                                   30 September 2006, Sofia

                        A story by Maria Todorova

       In the early years, we went on tours of Moussallah Peak. The group met in
Sofia, we hired trucks that drove us to Chamkoria (Borovets), nowadays Borovets.
We unloaded our luggage and then left on foot for ‘Moussallah’ hut. We had a few
breaks. In the middle of the road a large rock stood in the way — we stayed with the
Master on a mandatory rest. Sometimes our luggage was loaded on horses that we
hired with the grooms of Samokov. Up, on Moussallah Peak, the old wooden hut
expected us. Usually, the Master sat inside and mandatorily the sisters. Brothers lit
fires, slept, and stood around them. Then we had no tents and wore military canvas
cloths left after the war. We spent the night around bonfires singing and having tea
until late evening. Then we went to bed. During the night, we had wake up at about 3
am and leave for Moussallah Peak.

      In a given sign, we woke up, clothed, lighted several lanterns and the column
set off in silence. One brother led the column with a lighted lantern, and another
brother wore a lantern at the end of the column. Therefore, little by little, we were
climbing the path at night, and the column reached the Moussallah Peak. It was still
dark. We did a prayer. Gradually, the sky became brighter in the east. It was an
extraordinary experience. We expected good weather and clear skies. It rarely
happened on Moussallah Peak and if it happened, it was a miracle of miracles. We
looked forward to the sunrise. From the edge of the horizon and the world, the first
sunray came out. We sang songs of the Master. Then the Master said a few words.
We waited for the solar disk to come out an inch above the horizon. Wind blew and
we sought shelter. We drank hot tea, which we carried in our flasks. Some went to
the observatory of Moussallah. About ten o'clock, we descended to the first lake
called ‘The Eye’. We had some rest; we had breakfast and in the afternoon, we
returned to ‘Moussallah’ hut.

     There we waited for one of our brothers. His name was Methodi Shivachev. He
was appointed by the Master to keep the luggage and to keep the fire. He went to the
Master and told Him:
     — I kept the luggage safe, Master, and kept the fire alive.
     The Master nodded and smiled at him:
     — We had very nice time. Now get some rest from your duties, because
tomorrow morning you will go to the top alone. It is the reason to be here, isn’t it — to
climb Moussallah Peak and wait there for the sunrise.
     The brother shrugged and said:
     — Well, if I had to climb it, I will, but how early should I go?
     — At three o'clock — the hour we set out, in order to be out there alone at
sunrise. — And the Master hinted and stressed on the word ‘alone’. Brother Methodi
expected that he could set off with the dawn.

     Concert-recital ‘The Rise of the White Brotherhood sings and plays, learns and lives’
                                   30 September 2006, Sofia

                         A story by Maria Todorova

      In addition, the Master hinted and stressed on the word "alone". Brother Methodi
expected that he could set off with the dawn. We also thought to bring some friends
for a company. Now, the task is a task. He was left alone to guard the baggage, and
now he had to climb Moussallah Peak. So was his lot – to walk alone to Moussallah
      At night, he felt that someone was waking him up. He looked around — there
was none. He looked at his watch — 2 a.m. had passed. He dressed in the dark.
What to dress — so he slept well, with his clothes. He decided to take a lantern, but
he did not know where they put them. It was pitch dark, where to look for it — all is
asleep. He decided to leave without a flashlight, following the path to the peak. So he
decided and did not know why so decided, and left. Gradually he got accustomed to
the darkness. He found the path. When he stepped on the path, suddenly a sunray of
light appeared. Yes, the sunray of light, as if someone walked in front of him, over
him, and with the light of his flashlight illuminated the path one to two meters in front
of him. He looked backwards — there was no one; no one was in front of him either.
He looked up over his head — nothing really, there is none. But the light came from
two meters above ground and one inch above his head and directed obliquely down
a sunray, one or two meters in front of him and lighted the path. He overcame his
sudden fear and surprise. Because he had other, the most unusual experiences with
the Master, nearly miracles incomprehensible to the human mind, he understood this
is the work of the Master. He thanked him in his thoughts and left more confidently
and immediately. Where it should, the light stopped moving and that meant he must
have a break. When the light set off, and he left. Mentally he experienced those
events from the Bible, when the Spirit of the Lord descended as a fireball at night and
a pillar of fire by day and led the Jews through the desert. Now he experienced the
same. Thus, in reflection of the historical biblical years and the pillar of fire that led
the Jews, he was already at the foot of the peak. After two or three hours, he stepped
on Moussallah Peak. The sunray of light led him and stopped at a specified location.
Methodi stood in the spotted space. The light that has brought him through suddenly
went off. Silence.

     Concert-recital ‘The Rise of the White Brotherhood sings and plays, learns and lives’
                                   30 September 2006, Sofia

                        A story by Maria Todorova

      Methodi is on Moussallah Peak. Around him, there was none! All alone! He
looked around and saw nothing! The light that filed him through had extinguished.
Absolute silence settled in.
      Darkness. Suddenly he heard chanting music high above his head. He loves to
sing and play, even in younger years he participated in a church choir, and knows
very well chants and choral performance. However, the music sounds. Methodi lifted
his head 60° up to Heaven to trace where this chant and music come from. He raised
his head, and what to see! Up in the heights of Heaven in the form of a large oval a
light stands out. He gazed into the bright ellipse. He looked at it, saw how, in light,
and with white robes human figures danced, arranged in pairs and in a circle. They
danced, made some movements with arms and legs and moved in a circle
accompanied by unusual music and chants. All over and around them there was
unearthly light. He heard music and chants. It accompanies the movement of all
playing lights in the circle. The dancers played in a circle. Figures of the pairs emitted
unparalleled white light. It is alive, vibrating and this light moves in a circle.
Everything moves in circles: the oval, the light it, and the figures in the light and
chants and music accompany them. Methodi Shivachev was dumbfound and just
observed with awe. Minutes passed, almost an hour. At one time above the circle of
light, the air became more lustrous. The dance was over, light beings gather to greet,
meet those in the centre and then, as a fireball, it vanished into thin air. Light above
his head disappeared. Darkness settled in again. The sounds of songs and music still
resounded in his ears. After a little, the dawn came out. Methodi observed the
magnificent sunrise. The first sunray appears. Music and song still sounds in his
ears. It seemed that those songs and music just came from the sky and the bright
circle of the ellipse transformed into the rays of the sun. He felt how the rays from the
rising sun disk also played their dance. Moreover, he saw how every light ray coming
from the space is not simply a sunray, but a light being that moves closer with dance
movements, music and song. Methodi continued to see and hear and contemplated,
while the whole disk of the Sun showed up. Then the rays ceased to dance and sing,
the music gradually sounded off until it was lost in space.

    Concert-recital ‘The Rise of the White Brotherhood sings and plays, learns and lives’
                                  30 September 2006, Sofia

                        A story by Maria Todorova

       Methodi has many times observed the Sun on Moussallah Peak, but he
experiences something like that for the first time. He knows that this experience is not
only experience but also a real devotion about times and events that must be
encountered in order to be real. He knows that is not a vision, but a true reality. In
addition, he knows he must be a witness of what he saw and heard to testify in time
for it. He knows that the Master has prepared this for him in particular. Why for him?
There are many worthier of it among his brothers and sisters.
       Methodi Shivachev stays high up for some time before the Sun. Then he goes
to the observatory, enters it, and no one is there. He enters inside the little room. On
a small stand, there is a kettle, which releases steam, a mug, some cheese, butter
and bread. I look around. There is none. Probably the guard is still sleeping. Of
course, this breakfast is for him - after all that happened to him before. He drinks tea
warming his body, bites off a bit of everything and leaves. He gradually descends
down to lunch and arrives in the camp to the hut. We have just returned from another
trip together with the Master around the vicinity.
       Methodi Shivachev approaches the Master, and kisses his hand. Methodi is
silent and embarrassed, but happy and introvert. The Master looks at him and asks:
       — Well, Methodi, above did you see up there?
       Methodi begins to talk and we listen. He tells everything in detail. When the
story ends with the dance of that glowing circle in the sky above Moussallah Peak
where Heavenly angels sang and played, the Master stands up, lifts his right hand in
greeting and most solemnly says:
       — What you saw above in the sky at Moussallah Peak, we will bring it down
here, on Earth. We will bring it down to be ‘well above the Heavens and the Earth
below’. To bring the Kingdom of Heaven, which is in Heaven, in the Kingdom of
Heaven as on Earth, between the sons of Man.

     We memorized that. Someone recorded it. Methodi Shivachev remembered it
the best of all.

    Concert-recital ‘The Rise of the White Brotherhood sings and plays, learns and lives’
                                  30 September 2006, Sofia

                            6. BETTER PANEURHYTHMY
                             A story by Maria Todorova

     When Paneurhythmy was given, it happened that Methodi Shivachev of Nova
Zagora, who was a Master there, arrived. He came to the Master and kissed his
hand. The Master ordered him to come to him when Paneurhythmy was started to
play. He came to the Master and the Master invited him to sit on the bench beside
the pillar of light, where the Master liked to sit. Methodi watched. Finally, after
Paneurhythmy was over, together with the Master we came to him. The Master
turned to him and asked:
    — Well, Methodi, what do you think? What you see here, on the lawn, is it the
Paneurhythmy you saw above, in the sky of Moussallah Peak?
     Methodi looked at his friends who are joyful and happy, with glowing faces,
looked back at the Master standing beside him, and said:
     — What I saw above, in the sky of Moussallah Peak, and what I see here on the
lawn is not the same thing. What I saw above, in the sky of Moussallah Peak was
perfection of music, movement and harmony, but this is something else.
     The Master looked at him, now seriously:
     — Yes, true Paneurhythmy has not been brought yet. True Paneurhythmy is up,
in the invisible world. It cannot be brought down in that purity of forms - music and
movement – on Earth. If it is brought down in the same form as above, in the sky,
and plays on Earth, the Earth will be destroyed. It will be brought down in the next
era. Paneurhythmy is harmony of the human soul and the human spirit, which made
communion with God. So far the human soul and the human spirit can make
communion with God in harmony just above, in the invisible world of wisdom, where
true Daylight and Light of Men.
     Now what do you think? Is Paneurhythmy of The Rise better than that, in the
sky of Moussallah Peak?

     Concert-recital ‘The Rise of the White Brotherhood sings and plays, learns and lives’
                                   30 September 2006, Sofia

                         A story by Maria Todorova

      We sit around the Master and try to think over his words, that the true
Paneurhythmy is Up there, in the invisible world.
      — Well, what would be this Paneurhythmy, Master? — one sister asked.
      — This Paneurhythmy here is brought down to the Bulgarian spirit and the
Bulgarian soul. It should be brought down from Heaven, pass through Bulgarian
individuality, pass through Bulgarian person, and pass through Bulgarian folk song in
Bulgarian horo steps to combine the harmony of melody, rhythm and movement.
Because The Bulgarian spirit and the Bulgarian soul are set to combine this melody,
rhythm and movement, and make here, down on Earth, communion with God and
with the Grand Master! In order that the Word of the Grand Master reaches other
nations, they must start from the Bulgarian land, from Bulgarian letters and writings
and pass through Paneurhythmy. Then they will meet the Word of the Great Master.
There is no other path for humanity. Bulgaria is destined to do so. Bulgarian
Paneurhythmy is destined for it. On it goes! Humankind has to get to it and start with
it! Here is the starting point — there is no other way of awakening human
consciousness through Cosmic Affection 1.
      We listened, looked stunned and asked each other voiceless questions: "So are
we those who give this Paneurhythmy to the Earth for a new Humanity?" It turned out
that we are indeed — all those who were sitting around Master. We have deserved
this privilege with our lives to the rest of humanity — what today was and what was to
come tomorrow.

       ‘I use the word “love” in the sense of energy that comes out of the center of the Universe and
spreads to the periphery, and the word “affection” in the sense of energy that comes from the
periphery to the center of the Universe. I call Love any artistic, creative process, while Affection is a
process that goes from the bottom upwards, it is creative. (...) Love creates, while Affection builds up.’
COSMIC AFFECTION. Talk, given by Master Beinsa Douno (Petar Deunov) on August 24, 1919,
Sunday, in the city of Tarnovo on the occasion of a meeting of fellowmen from the White
      See also: UNIVERSAL LOVE. Talk given by Master Beinsa Douno (Petar Deunov) on August 19,
1919, Wednesday, in the city of Tarnovo on the occasion of a meeting of fellowmen from the White
Brotherhood. (M.F.)

    Concert-recital ‘The Rise of the White Brotherhood sings and plays, learns and lives’
                                  30 September 2006, Sofia


     Distinguished guests,

     1. Feel free to view the exhibition with pictures of Paneurhythmy since the times
of the Master. What we told you and what we sang is a real life captured on these
pictures. The Paneurhythmy exhibition is evidence this life did existed, and it exists
today. You will see Paneurhythmy from the First, the Second, the Third Lake, and the
Lake of Purity.

    2. We present too your attention the series of books ‘The Rise’, from Volume I to
Volume XXII.

     3. We offer to your attention a CD, Maria Ivanova performing. The CDs are
available on the table with books.

     4. We would like to thank you all who assisted us with your tribute to this little
box for the organization of this concert. Those who are willing and able to help us for
the next concert, please feel free to leave your tribute in this small box.

     5. Let me announce a break of 20 minutes.

Concert-recital ‘The Rise of the White Brotherhood sings and plays, learns and lives’
                              30 September 2006, Sofia

                                 Second Part

1. Please, silence!

2. We kindly request you to turn off all mobile devices during the concert.

3. The concert-recital continues with meetings, happenings and events on
Moussallah Peak.

4. This is the time when Paneurhythmy was born on Heaven to be brought down
to Earth later.

 Concert-recital ‘The Rise of the White Brotherhood sings and plays, learns and lives’
                               30 September 2006, Sofia

                                  Second Part:

1. A spiritual work (by Boris Nikolov). ‘The Rise’, Volume II, pp. 289—290.

2. Unusual encounters on Moussallah Peak (by Tsanka Ekimova). ‘The Rise’,
Volume VI, pp. 285—286.

3. Beings of the etheric bodies on Moussallah Peak (by Tzanka Ekimova). ‘The
Rise’, Volume VI, pp. 286.

4. A car free of lie (by Boris Nikolov). ‘The Rise’, Volume III, pp. 159.

5. The Master bids farewell to Moussallah Peak (by Boris Nikolov). ‘The Rise’,
Volume III, pp. 159—160.

6. Pride precedes disgrace (by Boris Nikolov). ‘The Rise’, Volume III, pp. 144.

7. An unusual visit to Moussallah Hut (by Galiley Velichkov). ‘The Rise’, Volume I,
pp. 56.

       Concert-recital ‘The Rise of the White Brotherhood sings and plays, learns and lives’
                                     30 September 2006, Sofia

                                          Second Part

          CD                                   № of the song            Page on the Book
                                                                        of Songs by Maria
 8.       ‘Suffering soul’ («Страдна           №2                       page 34
 9.       ‘Fire Is Kindled’ («Запали се        № 20                     page 78
 10.      ‘Dawn of the new life’(«Зората       №1                       page 25
          на новия живот»)
 11.      ‘Tell me the Truth’ («Кажи ми        № 14                     page 70 (pp. 144—
          ти Истината»)                                                 145)
 12.      ‘Fir-Für-Fen. Bless’ («Фир-          № 10                     page 57
          Фюр-Фен. Благославяй»)
 13.      ‘Think right thoughts’ («Мисли,      №7                       page 76
          право мисли»)
 14.      ‘Love is a source’(«Любовта е        №5                       page 32
 15.      ‘Brotherhood, Unity’                 №6                       page 27
          («Братство, Единство»)

The singer sings the last song together with the audience at the concert-recital.

     Concert-recital ‘The Rise of the White Brotherhood sings and plays, learns and lives’
                                   30 September 2006, Sofia

                                 8. A SPIRITUAL WORK
                                A story by Boris Nikolov

      After a turbulent 1923, filled with political vicissitudes and killings, the year 1924
came in. The country was troubled, divided. Then the Communists believed that it as
the best timing to rise again in rebellion, using animosity of relatives and friends of
the slain communists and agrarians. In 1925 the chair of prime minister was occupied
by Alexander Tsankov, the country was in a state of dictatorship, which tightened its
chains especially after the bombing of ‘Sveta Nedelya’ Church on April 16, 1925, that
left 101 killed. More violent events were about to happen that summer.
      Then the Master ordered brother Boev to go to Nacho Petrov and procure food
for seven people and go to Moussallah Peak. He told them: ‘We have to do an
important spiritual work.’
      Brother Nacho bought food, filled backpacks and took the car of Lazar Kotev to
drive to Chamkoria (Borovets). However, when they went to the car, they saw there
were other seven candidates who are accommodated in the second car. Arriving at
Chamkoria (Borovets), suddenly, a dozen people come up with another transport.
Brother Nacho, who took food only for seven men, now, had to feed thirty people.
Those who came afterwards, wanted to see what spiritual work the Master would do
on Moussallah Peak. Nacho was driven by pure human curiosity.
      Most curious of all was Nacho Petrov. He had decided not to sleep, but to watch
closely the Master at night and see what he was doing. Others fell asleep and brother
Nacho only had a nap, and from time to time, he left the nap, and then he stared at
the Master. Moreover, every time he found him awake, sitting and praying in a
whisper: ‘O, Lord, Lord, Lord!’ The next day they climbed Moussallah Peak. At each
break, Master whispered the same words.
      They spent several days and then returned. Nacho could not help and asked:
      — Master, what spiritual work are we going to do?
      The Master looked at him:
      — You heard and saw!
      Nacho thought: ‘I heard and saw indeed, but understood nothing.’
      The Master said:
      — I called for the Lord to direct his servants to fulfil God's Will!
      Having returned to Sofia, after some time the political situation in Bulgaria
changed over time and took a different direction. In the autumn of 1925, the men in
power decided to replace Alexander Tsankov with a more compromising and
politically cleaner figure. Andrey Lyapchev headed the government from January 3,
1926 until 1932. It was a time of relatively normalized political passions.
      The Master calls the Lord! Moreover, we, the humans on Earth, with our sinful
souls, had to wait for the Word of God to split the times and events in Bulgaria.

     Concert-recital ‘The Rise of the White Brotherhood sings and plays, learns and lives’
                                   30 September 2006, Sofia

                          A story by Tsanka Ekimova

      For years, we climbed, in large groups, Moussallah Peak together with the
Master. We travelled by truck to Chamkoria (Borovets) and then walked over through
Tsarska Bistrica to Moussallah hut. Our luggage came up with horses. Most had no
money and carried the luggage and food on their backs.
      We made the first camp at the first lake, near the old hut, which was wooden.
We stood there for a couple of days and then set off to the very top.
      In such an ascent, we stayed on the terrace at the inner lake, below the peak
Chadur-Tepe. We made a fence out of squats to protect from the wind. We kindled a
big fire (we had squats) and sat around it to keep warm. Kettles of hot water were
ready. Everyone had a mug, we stretched it out to the man on kettle duty, he poured
down and we drank hot water at ill. We had sugar in the backpacks.
      I was sitting next to the Master, wearing a cloak. I heard his voice:
      — Tomorrow, we will go to Moussallah Peak.
      We sang around the bonfire. Eventually the fatigue made us asleep all around
the fire. It was late at night. I still was not asleep. Suddenly I saw standing in front of
me three beings, so huge that compared to them I felt the size of an ant. The beings
wore cloaks to the ground with the colour of mist and big hats with peripherals such
as the medieval Mages. They looked at me with deep eyes and said:
      — Tomorrow, you will not go to the peak — there will be fog.
      Having said this, and convinced that I had remembered everything they
vanished into space with their cloaks spread wide open.
      This was not a dream but it was real. This was not a vision, but was real. I tried
to remember everything and not think it was a dream. I fell asleep.
      This morning, when we awoke, all was in an impenetrable fog, we could not
move anywhere. Brothers bustled about the hearth, trying to light a fire, and with
shouts and whistles tried to get oriented in the fog to cut firewood.
      That day we stayed the night with the Master around the fire, in captivity of the
dense fog. Then it was gone and we went to the top with the Master. There he turned
to me and smiled:
      — Well, I said, the three musketeers got back their hats, after they had left them
below, at the lake.
      I understood that the Master mentioned those three beings that I have seen —
with long cloaks and large hats.
      Here, on Moussallah peak, there was no fog, and it was sunny and quiet. In
addition, what a beautiful view was around! There was an enchanting and ethereal
beauty! Being and Spirit merged through the Word of the Master.

    Concert-recital ‘The Rise of the White Brotherhood sings and plays, learns and lives’
                                  30 September 2006, Sofia

                         A story by Tsanka Ekimova

      Another time, after a while, we went back to Moussallah Peak, a small group of
friends with the Master. Before we went out to the top in the morning, we stayed at
the second lake near the small wooden hut.
      I was swept in reflection and in that moment, the mountain went alive. Out of the
large rocks, beings were coming out in ethereal bodies, translucent, in strange,
ancient costumes from different eras and cultures: Egyptian, Persian, Syrian, Greek,
etc., with a solemn and gold ornaments dating from the respective eras. Then I heard
a very clear voice that said: ‘These are the leaders of their ages and cultures that
have not solved their leadership tasks correctly and those rocks are their prisons.’
      It was an amazing experience because shortly before we left from The Rise to
Moussallah Peak, when I was with the Master (because after each arrival from
Gabrovo I had a meeting with him) He told me: ‘The time has come when the
mountain will reveal its contents. Then I remembered this, but I was surprised this
had no connection with our conversation. I thought it was some symbolism.
Moreover, behold, now proved that the converse of the Master was no symbolism,
but a reality which I was destined to witness and encounter on the Rila mountain.
This was an extraordinary experience in another world, with other senses in another

      The Master looked down from Moussallah, beyond the valley of Beli Iskar, onto
the coniferous forests and the line-up of peaks, and said:
      — They are clean and there are being, servants, living there. They all love to
live there, where no human foot has ever stepped and where they are not bothered.
They know the art of becoming visible and invisible, they live a semi-physical, semi-
astral life they have their homes here. Ether permeates the air and light, they
penetrate one another. What penetrates, it reigns. The smaller lives inside the larger,
the greater embraces the lesser. Ether has four states. It is generally thought that
ether is uniform everywhere, and yet it is not. Suns are centres of etheric energies.
The pressure of the ether forms suns. Where there is a sun, ether pressure is
greatest. Under ether’s pressure, solar systems are formed in infinite space.
Therefore, the pressure of the ether is not equal everywhere.
      The Master looked again at the tops of trees, dotted behind the valley of Beli
Iskar, and said:
      — Imagine that these beings live in a place, which is not attractive to people.
Apparently, bare rocks, as they make it unattractive and people will not want to live
      With our human eyes e see only the forms but when our eyes are opened to the
spiritual world, we will see real life on Earth.

     Concert-recital ‘The Rise of the White Brotherhood sings and plays, learns and lives’
                                   30 September 2006, Sofia

                                11. A CAR FREE OF LIE
                                A story by Boris Nikolov

     It was in 1942 when we lived among horrors of the World War II. The Master
called Brother Boyan Boev and told him:
     — Can you organize a trip to Moussallah Peak for a middle-sized group?
     Brother Boyan did not wait for a reminder.
     — Of course, Master, we can do that!
     The Master smiled:
     — Good.
     Brother Boyan ran to me:
     — The Master wants to go to Moussallah Peak!
     We sat to consider the organization. We had no food procurement difficulties;
although in those war years, it was a coupon regime. Products are given against a
coupon. The most difficult was to find a car to Chamkoria (Borovets). There were
cars, but no gasoline; it was delivered only with special notes, and as a last resort.
     I looked out for the service. I found it. In front of the counter – a long queue. I
lined up and I waited. I listened to what was said. Cars were available only for the
sick. A police officer, plain and stupid, stood at the counter. He works like an
automaton. Whatever he was ordered, he did it. I went closer to the counter and
thought. I was looking for strong arguments, but I see no other reason for giving a
car, except for the sick. I was looking to make a compromise with myself. I pushed
my position. I told myself: ‘Brother Boyan was not well with his feet. I ill think I want
the car for him.’ Something in me does not agree with it, but I was already at the
counter and automatically said:
     — I would like a car for a patient to Chamkoria (Borovets)!
     I received a note, but the little joy from it in me died.
     I left for The Rise. Brother Boyan sat in the same position and waited for me. I
placed the note on the table before him, but told him how I took it. Boyan immediately
ran to the Master and knocked on the door. The door was little open and the Master
looked out. Enthusiastic Boyan handed him over note and told him:
     — Master, we took a car to Chamkoria (Borovets)!
     The Master was strict, taciturn, did not let him in the room, kept him outside, and
suddenly cut:
     — I will not take on a car, taken with lie.
     Boyan remained scalded. He returned to his home, barely walking, the fire of joy
was extinguished with him. He came to me, sat at the table and said:
     — The Master will not take on a car, taken with lie.
     Now something inside me was derailed. I grabbed the note and ran into the city.
I went into the office, straight to the police head, knocked on his door, opened it and

    Concert-recital ‘The Rise of the White Brotherhood sings and plays, learns and lives’
                                  30 September 2006, Sofia

                        A story by Boris Nikolov

      At the desk, there is a young man with an officer's uniform, with a bright face
and very nice. I told him:
      — Mr. Deunov with some of his students would like to go to Moussallah Peak.
We need a car to Chamkoria (Borovets).
      The young man looked at me, reached out for a piece of paper from his desk
and wrote ‘Yes’. He signed it and gave me the paper — no question, and not a single
word. I went downstairs and queued again, waiting for my turn, passed the note to
the police officer and took a second note, but not with a lie.
      Now I flied up to The Rise. Who says that man has no wings? He has. It
depends on what emotion moves him.
      Brother Boyan was sitting in the same place, desperate. I placed the note in
front of him:
      — Here is a note without a lie.
      Now he ran to the Master:
      — Master, we have a note for gasoline without lying.
      The Master smiled and said:
      — Good! Can we go on Friday?

      This was the last trip of the Master to Moussallah Peak. All the time he was sad,
silent, closed. He easily got tired, resting frequently. I wore his backpack. Walking
with him was difficult. Panting, he stopped and said: ‘One minute rest.’ He used to
prop on his cane, closed his eyes, sat for a while. Then he looked at the great rocks.
At the place of the big rock, he watched the creek for a long time, the clear singing
waves of water. He seemed to be short of breath. What power was indeed in the air,
what flavour was there! We felt it because we were young. The Master bid farewell to
his favourite places, but we did not know it yet. What a beautiful life we spent with
him here at these places!
      We stayed at the hut. At night, as our custom is, we left for Moussallah Peak at
1-2 am. Here Mancho is our observer. He was very kind and affectionate to the
Master and welcomed us very well. He invited us inside, served us tea and
sympathized with the Brotherhood and the Master.
      The Master always dedicated an idea in climbing Moussallah Peak. I could not
chase away the feeling that the Master was saying goodbye to Moussallah Peak. He
was exhausted and rested more frequently. We stayed in the hut three days, every
morning we climbed Moussallah Peak for the sunrise.
      Now the Master bid farewell to Moussallah Peak itself.
      I remember also the year of 1922 when the Master opened the School, sang at
the council in Tarnovo, and gave the song ‘Fir-Für-Fen’. It became the battle march
of the White Brotherhood and drove away all enemy forces.
      Today this song is the one you need! Remember, it is the battle march of the
White Brotherhood!

    Concert-recital ‘The Rise of the White Brotherhood sings and plays, learns and lives’
                                  30 September 2006, Sofia

                        13.    PRIDE PRECEDES DISGRACE
                               A story by Boris Nikolov

      The Master went to Moussallah Peak almost every year. Back from the Seven
Lakes holidays in late August in Sofia, the Master went to Moussallah Peak again in
September for several days. He used to take along a small group because a larger
group took a very wide-scale organization and a lot of luggage. We went only five of
six brothers with him. He preferred the brothers to be a better moving group and to
avoid carrying unnecessary luggage. The brothers carried on their backs everything,
while sisters could not carry heavy backpacks.
      I can tell you one interesting happening. It happened in 1942. Until then, every
year we went out with the Master. This was His rule. This year the Master was very
tired and very exhausted and moved very difficultly. We arrived at the hut; we rented
a room and stood there. We were five or six brothers, and there were two or three
tourists in the waiting room, who listened to a radio attached to a car battery. The
broadcast was about celebrations in Germany on Hitler wins. The celebrations were
pompous, with exclamations of thousands of people with ‘Heil!’. They reported who
came in, went out, who sat — all well-known names. There were propaganda
celebrations around the world. There was victory after victory. Germans got tired of
      The Master sat above, did not went downstairs to listen to the radio. Brother
Boyan Boev listened to the radio. He knew German, had studied there. He went to
the Master in his room and reported what celebrations were broadcast on the radio,
what Hitler and Goebbels were speaking for the German power and strength, and
their invincible armies. The Master sat frowning, listened to brother Boyan and when
he finished talking, the Master raised his head and spoke only one sentence:
      — Pride precedes disgrace!
      Brother Boyan remained stunned. After so many victories and celebrations, the
Master said only that sentence. Moreover, since then the fate turned its back on the
Germans. We knew and saw how it all ended. There were a fall and a defeat of
Germany in 1945.
      Here is the law: ‘Pride precedes destruction (disgrace) and arrogance preceded
the fall.’ (Proverbs of Solomon, Chapter 16, verse 18.)
      We all, who were around the Master, witnessed how He guided the destinies of
the world and determined the way of the nations!

     Concert-recital ‘The Rise of the White Brotherhood sings and plays, learns and lives’
                                   30 September 2006, Sofia

                 14.    AN UNUSUAL VISIT TO MOUSSALLAH HUT
                            A story by Galiley Velichkov

       I was in the room with several beds, including one by the window, overlooking
the peak, which was for the Master. Entering the room, he was unusually silent. In
other cases, talking with him lasted until midnight. Then brother Boev wrote down
endless lines of wisdom and mysticism. Nevertheless, that night, we were quiet and
attentive. Everyone was ready for the appointed midnight hour. We let ourselves in
the embrace of nap, and sometimes, it deserted our eyes. However, the eyes of
brighter man notices the Master was worried. He often lit an electric torch to check
the course of the clock. The night outside was silent. It was 1:00 and He lit a torch
and asked in low voice waking Nedelcho who was lying next to him: ‘What time is it?
Before it was 12 and now is 12 again!’
       Nedelcho checked his watch and whispered back: ‘It is 1 o’clock, your watch
has stopped!’
       Reassured by the response, Nedelcho went asleep again, and the Master stood
and looked at the starry night, made a motion for greeting and spoke in whispers of a
strange and unknown language.
       I could hear some interesting phrases in sounds combining vowels and
consonants — to me it was incomprehensible, but perhaps understandable to the
One with Whom the Master was speaking.
       Like unfaithful Thomas of Christ days, I looked round the room for an intruder’s
visit, but there was none. All slept, and the conversation lasted no more than 15-20
minutes, then a lifted hand in greeting was irrefutable evidence that the "meeting"
was over.
       The Master then reached for the blanket and wrapped himself to have some
rest. An unforgettable and memorable scene of the Master Who was communicating
with the invisible for us beings!
        Not long afterwards, at approximately 2:00 am, the torch was lit again and
Nedelcho was awoken again with the question of the hour: ‘Mine is still at 12 o’clock!’
In his drowse, Nedelcho again replied: ‘It stopped because you have not wound it!’
The Master more did not answer, looked through the window and went to bed again.
       At 3:00 the light of his flashlight again leaped across the room, lit separately
each of our friends who had already awakened, and he spoke to them quietly: ‘Will
we be ready after a while? And you, Nedelcho, wake up our friends in other rooms
and tell them that at 3.30 am we leave for the top!’
       Friends leaved the hut swiftly, silently, without unnecessary chatter, and started
up the path in a silent file. A mystical, night light procession of playing lights of
electric torches resembled rather a vision than reality. From time to time, a rolled
stone, pushed by an unstable step, broke the silence. That was like a vision of the
Bogomil time!
       On the top, the Spirit of Moussallah and the Sunrise waited us. Then we were
convinced that the Source of Life is also unusual and irresistible.

    Concert-recital ‘The Rise of the White Brotherhood sings and plays, learns and lives’
                                  30 September 2006, Sofia

                                      FINAL PART

      1. Dear guests, this song puts an end to our concert recital.

       2. Let’s thank musicians: Let us present the singer, who arrived from Burgas to
sing the songs for you — Maria Ivanova!

      3. And Anna Karalasheva — piano!

       4. We thank the technical team that prepared the hall and the concert sound:
Vihar Penkov, Anguelia Penkova, Efrosina Anguelova-Penkova, Nonka Mateeva and
Polina Petkova from Vidin, Georgi Ivanov from Gorna Banya and Peter Avakiyan!

      5. Special thanks to the man who came and handed out 480 invitations for this
concert — Tanya Tsvetinova!

       6. Finally, thanks to the scenario writer, the director and the editor of ‘The
Rise’ who prepared this concert-recital — Verguiliy Krastev! (I give him the floor ...)

      7. The song ‘Brotherhood, Unity’.

      8. The next concert is scheduled for November 18.

      Until we meet again!


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