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									Christ Church Cathedral
Chapter Workday Minutes
January 29, 2011

Present: Very Rev. Mike Kinman, Grace Hamilton, Robert Schleipman, Stephen Kroll, Joseph
Adams, Anne Trolard, Rev. Amy Chambers Cortright, Leah Clyburn, Emily Bloemker, Tim
Smith, and Kris Reppert. Tom Manche arrived at 1:30 pm

The workday began at 9:00 am

Opening Prayer: Vicar Amy Chambers Cortright

Introductions & Orientation

Grace Hamilton led the orientation which covered the By-Laws and the many responsibilities of the
Chapter--including participating in the workshop Safeguarding God's Children, the 10 Rules for Respect,
and the unique responsibility Chapter has to the Cathedral parish as well as the diocese and the city. A
history of the Cathedral was provided, as was the work of the Pope Bequest Committee and the resulting
decisions on the money's use.


Amy Chambers Cortright introduced a new structure for the Cathedral's business and committees. The
reason for a new plan is that currently there are far too few committees that lack clear scope and job
descriptions. The new system identifies six areas of ministry (Inreach, Outreach, Communications &
Evangelism, Education, Worship, and Administration) and assigns current, and some new, committee to
the most appropriate area. Each area is also assigned to two Chapter members who serve as liaisons. The
liaisons will request committee reports prior to Chapter meetings and send those to either the Provost or
Vicar for meeting preparation. Liaisons will also prepare brief reports for meetings. Liaisons will be re-
assigned each January.

It was noted that this structure does not adhere to the by-laws, but that is most prudent to live into it and
evaluate fully before making a change to the by-laws.

Regarding the authorization of purchasing, the committees will take each spending request to the
Cathedral Administrator who, in communication with the Treasurer, will approve the purchase(s). If any
committee spends without prior authorization, they risk possible denial and non-reimbursement.

Area assignments: Inreach, Tom Manche (Jan-June (1st)) & Grace Hamilton (July-December (2nd));
Outreach, Tim Smith (1st) & Shug Goodlow (2nd); Administration, Kris Reppert (1st) and Robert
Kamkwalala (2nd); Education, Leah Clyburn (1st) and Anne Trolard (2nd); Communications and
Evangelism, Tom Edelmann (1st) and Gary Johnson (2nd); Worship, Bob Schleipman (1st) and Steve
Kroll (2nd).

Theological Reflection

The provost led the Chapter in framing the challenges and opportunities in front of us using the scriptural
story of David and Goliath -- and drawing five leadership lessons out of it:

1) When you're called to do a work of God, there will be Giants in the Land: Measure them against God,
not you.
The Chapter named the "Giants" confronting us today -- those challenges that try to convince us of our
own powerlessness and get us to forget we have God's power behind us.

2) When you're called to do a work of God, people will grumble. The Chapter named some of the
grumbling is out there about what has happened so far and the challenges in front of us.

3) You must reject Saul's armor. Just as David had to set aside the armor that had served Saul so well, the
Chapter named those things that had served us well in the past that we might have to lay aside.

4) Know what your five smooth stones are. Just as David chose that which God had provided that enabled
him to fell Goliath, the Chapter named those things that are our strengths.

5) When you're called to do a work of God, you will not be able to accomplish it on your own, but only
with God's help. David was very clear that his power came from God. If we are just as clear that through
us, the power of God can accomplish anything, there is no Giant in the land that cannot be felled.

Business Meeting

Kris Reppert described the current financial challenges facing the Chapter for the coming year. The Tuttle
Trust needs to have new trustees appointed, and she is working on that. A shortfall in pledging, totaling
65K, also needs to be addressed, and it was agreed that the Provost would write two letters--to pledgers
and non-pledgers--asking the former to increase their pledge by 20% if able, and urging the latter to
pledge. The executive and stewardship committee members will review the drafts. Pledge statements will
also be sent out in January.

While the Chapter is not certain why there was such a unexpected shortfall in pledging for 2011,
possibilities included receipt of the Pope bequest. There was consensus that a clear message must be
communicated that no Pope bequest dollars will be spent on daily operations.

Sr. Warden: the Provost nominates the Sr. Warden, and Grace Hamilton will serve this year.

Jr. Warden: Anne Trolard was nominated for the position of Jr. Warden, and a motion was made and
seconded, and unanimously approved.

Secretary: since this position can be made from someone not serving on Chapter, it was agreed that
Chapter members would submit their recommendations to Grace and she would make an offer based on
names provided. This position will not serve on the executive committee. It will be discussed further if
the Chapter will elect a Secretary who will serve on the Executive Committee but not in a note-taking

Archivist: a motion was made and seconded to nominate Paul Anderson to the position of Cathedral
Archivist. Paul has been volunteering in the archives for some time now, and this is the first time Chapter
would make it official. The motion passed unanimously.

Dean's Selection Process
Grace introduced the timeline for the review and decision regarding Provost's promotion to Dean. The
decision is made by the Bishop with a recommendation made by the Chapter. The timeline includes a
mutual ministry review and should be wrapped up by May of June of this year.

Closing Prayer: Very Rev. Mike Kinman

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