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									                         INTRODUCTION TO REFERENCES
                        THE LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION

References are people who can give prospective employer(s) information about any
applicant, their attitude and ability. Here are some things to note when asking for letters of

      Carefully consider who to ask for a reference letter. Try to select people who are
       well known from different activities and be sure to ask these individuals for their
       permission to use them as references.
    Suggestions: teacher, counselor, employer, coach, minister, Scout Leader, neighbor
       or family friend.
    Relatives and students are not acceptable.
    The letter of recommendation should be addressed to the employer or To Whom It
       May Concern.
Please note: References need to be individuals who believe in you and know you well
enough to give you a good recommendation. Don’t ask someone who is not well enough
acquainted with you that he or she cannot write a sincere and positive letter.

      References cannot be a family member
      Suggestions: teacher, counselor, employer, coach, minister, Scout Leader, neighbor,
       or family friend
      Include name, address, and phone number
      Ask permission to use the person’s name

                            SAMPLE LIST OF REFERENCES


Ann Leonard
Redlands East Valley High School
31000 East Colton Avenue
Redlands, CA 92374
(909) 389-2500

Jonathan Jarboe
Temple Baptist Church
611 Cypress Avenue
Redlands, CA 92373
(909) 793-2448

If you know individuals who might offer you business connections, include name, address
and phone number.

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