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									                                                                                                                                                      Evaluation Form 2
                                                                                                                                                        Revised 6/22/10
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Zion Lutheran Church
Evaluation Form 2 – Treasurer

    Name of Staff:                   BEV MELROSE                                                                         Date:
 Name of Evaluator:
1. Ratings of Exceeds Criteria or Needs Improvement must include written comments in support of the rating.
2. Do not use +/- Exceeds, Meets, or Needs. Any ratings other than those listed will be marked to the lower designation for tabulating purposes.
3. Sign the evaluation. Unsigned forms will not be accepted.
4. Return completed evaluation to the Personnel Committee Brad Belmondo (bbelmondo@aol.com) by                       APRIL 30, 2012

                                                                                                         Exceeds                 Meets                Needs            Not
Ministry Areas:                                                                                          Criteria               Criteria           Improvement       Observed

General Expectations:

Demonstrates strong leadership and organizational Skills.
Have the ability to relate to a wide variety of persons,
both in individual and group settings
Have a strong understanding of accounting methodology.
Provide accurate records representing the financial
position of the church.
Revise and amend presentation reports as needed for
clarity and utility.
Comments: 

Specifically Areas of Responsibilities:

Retrieves and requests vouchers and writes checks for
expenses and files in numeric order
Reviews income statement from counters for accuracy
Prepares payroll, taxes and enters into spreadsheet
all calculations; deposits check for taxes
Maintains spreadsheet on musicians and babysitter’s
Run QuickBooks report for end of the month
Prepare Treasures Report (5 pages) make copies for staff
and Council
Maintain bank account and signature cards, reconcile
Bank Statement
Prepare all reports and requests for Council meeting
Prepares State L&I and Federal 941 IRS reports
Prepare all reports, charts/graphs and requests for
Stewardship committee
Prepare all books, reports, papers and back-up needed for
Audit committee meeting held quarterly
Prepare and mail to PLU Zion portion of the application
the students have filled out for
 PLUM Scholarship
Prepare Budgets for Budget Committee meeting (s)
Prepare and maintain Benefits for Pastor John
Prepare all W-2’s and recap for salaries for IRS at end of
Complete Annual Financial Report Form for ELCA
Prepare Treasures Annual Report and answers any
Comments: 
                                                                              Evaluation Form 2
                                                                                Revised 6/22/10
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                                                     Exceeds     Meets        Needs            Not
Ministry Areas:                                      Criteria   Criteria   Improvement       Observed


Maintains confidentiality in all matters
Support and takes direction from staff members and
Communicates with others clearly and respectfully
Comments: 

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