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					                         Kenilworth Foodbank – Newsletter 12th May 2012

Hello – this is a brief update on developments with the Foodbank over the last few weeks:

We have now raised over £4000 and have registered with the Trussell Trust.
Equipment is being purchased, premises examined, training underway and
systems set up. We are planning to open in mid July, Tuesday and Friday

A busy but exciting time!

The fund-raising beetle drive at the Methodist Church in April was great fun and raised over £600.
We are very grateful to all who supported this and to Les & Doreen Thornton for organising a
splendid evening.

Other fund-raising events that have occurred are Coventry Memorial Park Walkathon in which Nessa
participated and the Dance Band concert in St John’s Church which raised over £500. We are grateful
to Jane Bates at St John’s for organising this and the Meridians Dance Orchestra for their excellent
performance. Nessa is also applying for Council grants.

Although we have raised £4000 the Trussell Trust suggest a first year budget of £8000, however we
hope to spend significantly less.

    Training: There will be a lunchtime meeting for referral agencies on 19th June 12 – 1.30
    with Anne Danks from the Trussell Trust.

    There will be a volunteer training event on 29th June from 10 – 3pm at Jubilee House
    (former Police Station) with Anne. All volunteers invited –please bring a packed lunch
    (drinks provided).

                          Following registration with the Trussell Trust we have a hefty operating
                          manual and our own email address –
                          Kenilworth Foodbank – Newsletter 12th May 2012

                    We have access to the foodbank forum of good ideas and practises and will soon
                    have our own web site:

Premises – we are very grateful for the offers of premises for foodbank and we are finalising details
with the council about Jubilee House where the foodbank will operate from. We’ve also had an
offer of garage space for storage at St Augustine’s for which we are very grateful.

                               Les & Doreen Thornton visited the Smethwick foodbank in April. Five
                               churches are involved. They collect donated food from churches all
                               the time. They have eight cupboards and have had over 200
                               vouchers since January 24th 2012.

A number of us attended a very productive meeting with Jane Coates, Localities & Communities
Officer for Warwickshire County Council. Jane advised on grants that may be available and gave us
considerable help with premises and contacts in the council and community.

                                                        We will soon be ready to start food
                                                        collections to build up stock ready for

                                       Management and oversight

For accounting and control we are currently under St John’s Parochial Church Council (PCC). In April
Sandra Young and Ken Pollard attended the PCC meeting, giving an update on foodbank and answering
many questions. St John’s PCC is very supportive of foodbank.

The Management Group currently consists of

        Les Thornton , Yvonne Wheeler, Mary Rai, Nessa Kerby, Ken Pollard and a representative from St
        John’s PCC.

There is a wider group of church representatives which meets monthly.

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