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					History 102D – Western Civilization
Midterm Exam – Winter 2011

Please choose one (1) of the following questions to answer. These questions have been
given to you well in advance. Please take the time to prepare using the materials
presented in class as well as Norman Davies text for reference and/or the PDF
documents. During the exam you will not be able to use notes or the text. You will have
one hour to complete this exam.

Points will be earned for accurate factual answers that show your in-depth knowledge of
the topic. Generalizations, while often accurate, are inadequate. Facts must be presented
in your answers to show you have more than a surface knowledge of the material.

VERY IMPORTANT ----- Handwriting must be legible.

Essay Questions

   1. What factors contributed to the fall of Rome and the rise of Christianity. Is there
      a connection? Are any of these factors seen as an influence in the rise or fall of
      any other empire’s or kingdoms?

   2. Explain the significance of the Magna Carta. How and where did it arise? Could
      it have been successful in any other country of the middle ages?

   3. What can the turbulent religious world of the High Middle Ages tell us about
      Europe during this period? What roles did St. Thomas Aquinas, the Franciscans
      and Dominicans, and the popular heresies play?

   4. Examine the investiture contest. What were the foundations of this conflict? How
      did it represent the essential struggle between church and state? How did this
      conflict influence European history?

   5. Were Internal Factors Responsible for the Fall of the Roman Empire?
      (Please answer this question based reading of the yes / no arguments and what
      was discussed in the class lecture.)

   6. Did the Byzantine Empire Benefit from the Rule of Justinian and Theodora?
      (Please answer this question based on reading the yes / no arguments and what
      was discussed in the class lecture.)

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