Anatomy and Physiology Project by lanyuehua


									                    Anatomy and Physiology Project
                          DUE March 19, 2010
Anatomy & Physiology in the News
Find an article in a newspaper or magazine (in print or online) that discusses
Human Anatomy and/or Physiology. You may not use an article that was used in
class. Read the article and TYPE a two paragraph summary of the article. Turn
in the article with your summary.

Your summary should include the following:
    Paragraph 1: Detailed summary of article content.
    Paragraph 2: Answer the following questions:
            Why did you choose this article?
            What areas of Human Anatomy and Physiology are discussed
              in this article?
            Why is the subject of the article important?
            What are two things you learned from reading this article?

Anatomy & Physiology Research
Research an approved community organization that is dedicated to fighting a
specific disease/disorder or to improving the health of a specific segment of the
population. TYPE a two paragraph summary.
Some approved organizations include: American Heart Association, American
Lung Association, American Diabetes Association, March of Dimes, American
Cancer Society, Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of American, ALS Association,
Autism Speaks…see me with other options.

Your summary should include the following:
    Paragraph 1: Organization’s name, history, purpose, goals, and target
    Paragraph 2: Answer the following questions:
            How does this organization raise money for research?
            What educational programs or community outreach does this
              organization offer?
            What contributions has this organization made to society?

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