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					Anatomy and Physiology 2B                                                                                 Dr. J. Ivey

Required Material
          Text: Anatomy Physiology: The Unity of Form and Function (Saladin, 3 rd edition and up)
          Topic Outline of Human Anatomy and Physiology 2B (Sternburg)
          A Guide to Anatomy & Physiology Lab (Rust)
          DiFiore’s Atlas of Histology (optional)
General Information
4 units, Lecture and Lab
Course Goals:
    Upon successful completion of this course, Anatomy 2B, the student should be able to:
        1.    Use appropriate terminology in discussing anatomical and physiological principles and
               relationships pertaining to the course subject matter;
        2.    Describe the structure and function of the nervous system;
        3.    Describe the structure and function of the endocrine system;
        4.    Describe the structure and function of the cardiovascular system;
        5.    Describe the structure and function of the respiratory system;
        6.    Describe the structure and function of the urinary system;
        7.    Describe the structure and function of the digestive system;
       8.     Describe the structure and function of the reproductive system;
       9.     Identify and discuss basic clinical disorders, diseases, and applications, associated with each
        10.    Integrate principles from different systems and critically evaluate clinical problems.

Absence and tardiness policies
Daily roll will be taken. Students are expected to attend class (Lecture & Lab) on a regular basis. Students who leave
class before the end of class or arrive to class at least 20 min. late may have a partial absence recorded for the class
meeting. Absences are excused only in if college authorized. You can be automatically dropped after two or more
absences. Please be on time!
Class information
 Chapter and Lab test to be announced
 No accumulative written final exam. Written final exam is only on last material covered. There will be a
     accumulative lab histology final
 Students are expected to read and study the Reproductive System on their own in preparation for the final exam.
 There are no make-up labs offered. If a student misses a lab he will receive a “0%” for that lab.
 Make-up lectures will be offered by arrangement and will be deducted 10pts.
 Each student is responsible for his own withdrawal form the class. The instructor is not responsible to officially drop
     a student.
 Please turn off cell phones during lecture. In lab, after introductory material is covered, you may answer calls, but
     please leave the room while conversing.
 Plagiarism in any form is unethical and will not be tolerated. Consequences of plagiarism may result in a failing
     grade for the course.

Grading Policy
     Lecture grade will be based on the average of all class exams
     When appropriate, grades will be based on 60% lecture and 40% lab or 100% of lecture (including lecture and
         lab, all on one exam).
     No extra credit will be offered.
Composition of final class grade:
                   A                 90-100%
                   B                 80-89%
                   C                 70-79%
                   D                 60- 69%
                   F                 <60%
Plagiarism and cheating policy
Cheating on anything will result in an automatic “0%” on that item and it cannot be retaken or made up. Cheating on
multiple occasions will result in an automatic drop from the course.
Anatomy and Physiology 2B                                                                                                          Dr. J. Ivey

When a student’s behavior is such that it constitutes a serious hindrance to the progress and safety of the class, and when
reasonable means or rectifying the problem is attempted, the student will be dropped from the class.
Students With Disabilities
Any student in this course who has a disability that may prevent them from fully demonstrating their abilities should
contact the instructor personally as soon as possible to discuss any accommodations needed to ensure maximal
participation and facilitate equal educational opportunity.

Order of Coverage                     Name of Chapters (order of coverage and exams subject to change)

     1                                 The Nervous System Part I
                                       Exam 1
     2                                 Nervous System Part II & Endocrine System
                                       Exam 2
     3                                 Cardiovascular System
     4                                 Blood
     5                                 Lymphatic System
                                       Exam 3
     6                                 Respiratory System
     7                                 Digestive System
                                       Exam 4
     8                                 Urinary System
     9                                 Reproductive System
                                       Exam 5

     All information in this syllabus is subject to change without prior notice to the student. The professor will attempt to inform
     students of any change as promptly as possible.

ADA Statement: Riverside community college abides by the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 that
prohibits federal and state agencies or program from discriminating against qualified individuals with disabilities. If you have a documented disability
that limits major life activity which may have some impact on your work in this class and for which you may require accommodations, please see me
or Disabled Student Program Services.


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