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									                                                                         Policy No: IC 8
                                                                         November 2001

   POLICY:               INFLUENZA VACCINE -
                         ADVICE AND GUIDANCE

Document Reference:         Infection Control
Point of Reference:         Peter Walsh
Status:                     Final
Date of Issue:              November 2001
Date of Review:             November 2004
Date of Review:             November 2006
Date of last review         February 2008
Policy Reference:           IC 8
Ratified by:                Clinical Governance Committee

                 Signed: _______________________________________

                           Dr Alex Lewis, Medical Director, Chair, MMC

                 Signed: _______________________________________

                            Claire Murdoch, Chief Executive

CNWL Infection Control Department 2008                                                 1
                                                       Policy No: IC 8
                                                       November 2001


1.0     Background                                                       3
2.0     Definition of Influenza                                          3
3.0     Vaccine                                                          3
4.0     Who to Vaccinate                                                 3
5.0     Is there anyone who should not be vaccinated                     4
6.0     How to receive vaccination                                       4
7.0     References                                                       5

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                                                                      Policy No: IC 8
                                                                      November 2001

1.0      Background

Each year the Department of Health conducts an influenza immunisation
programme in conjunction with a national TV and radio media campaign to
promote the policy.

This major public health initiative has been very effective with an overall
national uptake of 65% in those 65 years and over.

2.0      Definition of Influenza

Influenza or the “Flu” is an acute viral disease of the respiratory tract that
occurs most commonly in the winter months in temperate climates. It is
characterised by fever, headache, myalgia, prostration, sore throat and cough
and can be spread by sneezing and coughing. Usually self-limited, with a
recovery period of 2-7 days.

3.0      Vaccine

Vaccines are improved each year in response to the specific strain of
influenza anticipated. Following the vaccine antibody levels can take 10-14
days to rise. The vaccine contains an inactivated virus and cannot cause
influenza. Protection can last 6 months to 1 year. Vaccines are available from
October each year. The vaccine is between 70% - 80% effective.

4.0      Who to Vaccinate

     All healthcare personnel in clinical contact with patients should be offered
      immunisation as per Department of Health guidelines

     Elderly patients 65 years and over should be immunised

     Immunisation is also strongly recommended for patients who have:

                -   Chronic Respiratory Disease
                -   Chronic Heart Disease
                -   Chronic Renal Failure
                -   Diabetes Mellitus
                -   Lowered immunity due to disease or treatment

     Those living in long stay residential and nursing homes or other long stay

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                                                                  Policy No: IC 8
                                                                  November 2001

5.0   Is there anyone who should NOT be vaccinated?

Vaccination is not recommended if you have a serious allergy to hens eggs,
also vaccination is generally not advised if you are pregnant.

6.0   How can Healthcare staff receive vaccination?

Contact Occupational Health at either of the following sites for an appointment
during October.

St Mary’s Hospital Occupational Health Department            020 7886 1099
Royal Marsden      Occupational Health Department            020 7808 2139

Occupational Health Department carry out a vaccination programme every
year during Oct/Nov. The programme is advertised in departments and on the

7.0   References

Department of Health “Influenza Immunisation programme 2001/2001”

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