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					Community Organizing & Bulding
for Disaster Mitigation
-caring power & social capital-
               22nd APAN in Singapore

    Shinobu Sakurai
    Mie University, School of Nursing
    Community Nursing
                                       SOI ASIA the 1st delivery contents

Foundation of Comprehensive Disaster Science
(Field Study in Thailand on December 7, 2005. )
    Primary care (to keeping basic human need &
     health )
    Psychotherapy (to keeping spirits for survive)
    City planning :architecture, civil engineering (to
     back to normal life style)
    Urgent installation on network after disaster:
     field server development (to monitoring &
     analyzing data)
    GIS for disaster (to share the data for safety
multidiciplinary approach for victims
Destruction of person, thing, and environment over wid
range that exceeds adjustment limit of community

Destruction of a serious social functio
          The definition of disaster

Ⅰ.occurring in the limited area for a short span

Ⅱ.The throughput in the area is exceeded,
       Rescure & relief from the outside of an area
    is required.

Ⅲ.   Emergency with many disaster victims
  The difference between usual emergency
     care and disaster medical treatment

 Demand    < Medical resources     Demand     > Medical resources
                                   There are large number of
 Care for an individual life
                                   people who need the basic life
 support is priority.              support priority.

In the case of emergency   In the case of disaster medical treatment
     The difference between a Kobe earthquake
              and a Niigata earthquake
                       Niigata earthquake              Great Hanshin Earthquake

      The           A district type and middle                 City type
classification of
   Feature              Isolated social +                    Aged society
                          aged society
   Feature             Death in the car                    Related death

  Death toll        40 (man : 16 woman : 24)             6443 (man: the 552
                         Related death 60.0%                   daughter : 919)
                     Death in the train Nine persons
                                                           Related death   14.3%

   Refuge                   103,000                           317,000
  The purpose of countermeasures
         against calamities
1. A human life is protected.

2. Property is kept.

3. A daily life living and business are
 rebuilt quickly.

4. The prior measure for making
 damage minimum.
A Comprehensive Approach to a Disaster Situation

               < Three Factors to be attended >


                     Social Capital
           About a social capital

The common norm and common sense of values which
make easy cooperation between the inside of a group, or
 a group, the network accompanied by an understanding

                                   Social reliance

                        The norm                     Network
The conventional network                               A
organization etc.)


     B            C                                B       C
                      The element of subject
                      discovery power

                       The leadership coordinator
                       element which performs
                       production of human

                       The element of the public
                       space for communication
                             Disaster cycle                     reparation of
     The preparation                                            disaster
     of disaster                                                training and a
     Disaster                                                   stockpile
     education and                                     Long term Mental care
     training                                          Assistance of daily living
    warning system               prevention Calm term Local reorganization support
    Refuge                       plan
    preparation                                    Chronic
     first aids &             Warning              term
    emergency care                                 2~3years

Phase 0:24H                     An acute  A subacute
Grasp of disaster victims         term    term 1~6          Phase 3:3rd week ~ 2 months
Emergency measure              1~2 months months            Makeshift house moving
                                                            Healthy management
                                                            Production of a new
Phase 1:72H                                                 community
                                        Phase 2 :
f a stricken area                       Up to 4 days ~ 2 weeks
Actual condition of assistance &        Management of a shelter :
support                                 Health, life, etc.
Aid and prediction to the exterior
Prevention of secondary disaster
Uneasy removal
  Community organizing & rebuilding for disaster
1. determination of the window at the time of disaster
  (one place)
   Selection of the main person in charge at the time of
   Administration, medical treatment, welfare, a lifeline,
                              All the groups that exist in a
  community           Gas

        Administration              Welfare

          treatment                                  Information

2, Holding of the
     committee of a
     headquarters of
each department and
each person in
charge of groups

3, making the
medical & health care
system for disaster
emergency :
connection and
cooperation of
institutions and
4. Background grasp of a
 citizen and creation of a
 registration procedures
(background: such as a state of
past history and a house, family
 structure, vulnerable groups in
         disaster, etc.)

5. saving food, clothing
       and shelter
He is a person with a high support priority
          at the time of disaster.

         C: Children
         E: Elderly people

         H: Handicapped

         C: Chronically ill

         T: Tourist
     Who are vulnerable groups in
    Those who have a handicap in physically
     Elderly people, a physically handicapped person, a
     sick person, infants, etc.

   Those who have a handicap in information is
    A visually impaired person, a hearing-impaired
    person, foreigner, etc.
   Those who have a handicap in understanding
    and judgment
     A mentally handicapped person, infants, etc.
         How important social capital in
                community is!
   Relief and rescue
      Importance of a community and independence disaster
   Refuge life
      Management and operating shelter,
    practical use of a community
   Disaster-victim support
    A makeshift house, affliction proof, disaster volunteer
   Restoration and revival
    Joint work with residents, such as city planning conference
   Disaster measures
  The Key concept for making the
strong community as a social capital

    Mission & Passion

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