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Review of the movies titlle "Serigala Terakhir" in English

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									                                     Serigala Terakhir

        This is Serigala Terakhir film,the producer is Upi Arianto.A few big name celebrities
show up in cameo roles.The movie tells about a friendship of five youngsters Ale (Fathir
Muchtar),Jarot (Vino G Bastian),Lukman (Dion Wiyoko),Jago (Dallas Pratama),and Sadat
(Ali Syakieb).They turn out to be streets kids and spend most of their times at street,fight
with everybody who they hate.

        In the middle of story,Ale and his friends feel lose Jarot,because he must in the
jail.Suddenly,when Jarot was out from the jail,he become Ale’s rival.Jarot join with Naga
Hitam group,a mavia group who move in the drugs bussines.Until the end,Jarot must kill his
old friends,they are Jago,Lukman,and Sadat.But in his heart,Jarot still love him.And
then,Jarot invited Ale for met to put out the white flag.But Ale still have a grude for
him.They fighted,and then Ale die.In the top of his life,that both friends hugs and
apologize.Suddenly,Jarot get the shoot,and he die too.

        Who shoot of Jarot? you must watch the film.Life experiences in this story will stir
you to your emotional core while bringing out your sense of friendship.

        There are a lot of little things make this movie worth watching.The story is very
interesting and tighten.While some of the jokes are amusing,some of the fights go on a few
bit too long.

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