Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Coalition by WJQQY8G


									           Midwest Chronic
            Kidney Disease
  Objective: To work with the medical
community at large to better manage the
health and quality of life of patients with
         chronic kidney disease
        Midwest Chronic Kidney Disease
                       (CKD) Coalition
   Primary Focus –

Early intervention for detection and treatment
           of chronic kidney disease.

   Goals –
     Identification of CKD
     Education for Quality Improvement
     Payment/Coverage
        Midwest CKD Coalition
   Officers
           Chairman
           Vice Chairman
           Secretary
           Treasurer
   Workgroups
           Education
           Health Policy
   Meetings
           3 Face-to-Face per year
           Conference Calls as necessary
            Midwest CKD Coalition
           Leadership Responsibilities
   Chairman –
      Lead Coalition Meetings/Calls
      Assist with agenda Development
      Ambassador for community education & promotion of initiatives
   Vice-Chairman (or Chair elect) –
      Assist Chairman
      Responsible for recruitment
   Secretary –
      Develops agenda and meeting announcements
      Updates and maintains membership listing
      Records minutes of meetings
   Treasurer –
      Responsible for all financial transactions
      Secures funding
      Secures meeting locations and accommodations
      Reports annually
Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Coalition
   Organizations -
     Large Dialysis Organizations
     Independent Dialysis Organizations
     Kidney Foundations
     QIOs
     State Departments of Health
     JCAHO
     IL Academy of Family Physicians
     Health Plans
     Manufacturers
     Network
  Midwest CKD Coalition

 GFR  Calculation Position Paper
 Payer Summit

 Educational Materials

 Presentation Package

 Web Development
          Midwest CKD Coalition
   Education                Health Policy
     Public Service           GFR Position Paper
      Announcement             Payer Summit
     Ohio NKF Campaign
      – Kidney Score
     Website
     CKD Presentation
    Midwest CKD Coalition Work Plan
              Educational Initiatives
   Public Service Announcement
     √ Coordinated by the NKF for March Kidney
       Awareness Month
     √ Includes - Intro to Coalition, CKD statistics & “Know
       Your Number” format for CKD levels
     √ Sent to Coalition members for dissemination to
       constituents and posting on websites
   Needs Assessment
      Ohio NKF Campaign – Kidney Score
      Generalize for Coalition
    Midwest CKD Coalition Work Plan
               Presentation Package
   PowerPoint Presentation

                 Midwest CKD Coalition

                 Chronic Kidney Disease:
                 Improving Outcomes and
                    Planning for ESRD
    Midwest CKD Coalition Work Plan
                     Presentation Package
   Slide Deck
       100 Slides
            Outline demographics

            Propose strategies to slow progression and improve outcomes

            Plan for treatment of ESRD

       Speakers Notes

       Branding/Packaging

       Distribution Plan
Midwest CKD Coalition Work Plan
   GFR Initiative
       Created position paper on the importance of converting
        serum creatinine to GFR on all lab reports
       Develop standard cover letter for use by coalition
        partners to disseminate the paper to their key
       Develop/advertise other GFR calculators for use by
        primary care physicians
       Post on Coalition Website
    Midwest CKD Coalition Work Plan
                       Payer Summit
   September 21, 2006,Chicago, IL
   Objectives:
       To bring awareness of the importance of early identification
        and treatment of chronic kidney disease
       To create an ongoing clearinghouse for gathering and
        disseminating CKD information to payers
       To create a common shared data set including processes and
        outcomes for quality disease management and for
        benchmarking best practices
   Evaluations – Excellent!
    Midwest CKD Coalition Work Plan
                    Payer Summit
   Agenda
     CKD Overview & Benefits of Early CKD Care
     Panel: Cost of Care
         WellPoint
         RMS
         Care Level Management
         Kaiser

     Cost Savings Economic Model
     Texas CKD Clinic Experience
     Next Steps
Midwest CKD Coalition
    Web Design
            Midwest CKD Coalition
   Sound work plan

   Delegation of responsibilities

   Achievement of early goals

   Continued commitment by members

   Increasing representation
    Midwest CKD Coalition Challenges

   Membership outside of the nephrology
   Coordination & ownership of the coalition and
    identified initiatives
   Funding - $$$$$$$
     Payer summit & other conferences
     Ongoing meetings and conference calls

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