OLP Volunteer Handbook - 2011 by lanyuehua


      10 Annual
Our Lady of Peace Parish
 Community Health Fair
                                             "If you want happiness for an hour, take
                                            a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go
                                            fishing. If you want happiness for a year,
          Volunteer                         inherit a fortune. If you want happiness
                                            for a lifetime, help somebody."

          Handbook                              - Chinese Proverb

  Compiled by the OLP Volunteer Committee
                                    Table of Contents
Our Fair’s History………………………………………………. 1                                                            OUR LADY OF PEACE CHURCH
                                                                                                   15444 NORDHOFF ST. –NORTH HILLS, CA 91343
A Letter from the Pastoral Council……………………………... 2
Organizing Committees……………………………………….. 3
                                                                                                   February 1, 2011
Volunteer Positions…………………………………….……….. 4
Volunteer Information………………………………….………. 5
Schedule………………………………………………….…..…. 6                                              Dear Volunteers of the OLP Health Fair,

Sponsors and Services…………………………………..………. 7                                       The community of Our Lady of Peace Parish is very excited to once again have the
                                                                                 volunteers from UCLA serving us at our 9 Annual Health Fair!
                                                                                 North Hills is a community that is diverse culturally and economically. We have
                                                                                 families from many ethnic cultures who have migrated here to build a better life for
                                                                                 their families, as well as families who have lived here for many generations. We
                                                                                 come together in faith to share, worship, and grow together as a People of God.
                   A History of our Community Health Fair
                                                                                 Economically, this community has been hit very hard. Many of our parishioners have
                                                                                 lost their jobs and have been left without health care. In past years, the numbers of
        The first annual Our Lady of Peace Parish Health Fair was held on        people needing health services has been large; this year, the need has definitely
February 10, 2002, and was organized by Pilipinos for Community Health           grown. Some who, a year ago, were not in need are now joining those who have no
(PCH), Asian Pacific Health Corps (APHC), Latino Student Health Project          means of receiving the care they need.
(LSHP), Vietnamese Reach out to Aid the Community (VRAC), and OLP                With medical issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure and anxiety-related
parishioners. During the first year of the fair, health care professionals and   issues, our people come seeking guidance on how to take care of themselves and
organizations provided free services to over 400 community members. Of           their children. Some families have not had health care for a long period of time, and
these service recipients, approximately 75% did not possess health               their children are in need of vision exams and dental care.
insurance, and 70% did not visit a physician on a regular basis.
                                                                                 We are so blessed to have the presence of this Annual Health Fair. Parishioners
        The ninth annual OLP Parish Health Fair will be held on February         who have come in past years look forward to returning, knowing that some of their
21, 2010, with the goal of providing various medical services that may be        needs can be met by the service providers. We are grateful to these service
inaccessible to the members of the community. By providing free resources        providers and to all the volunteers for giving their time and talents, and responding to
and services to its members in a comfortable and welcoming environment,          a great need in our community.
we hope to promote health awareness and encourage healthy lifestyles.            Thank you for all you devote to our people, and for giving up a day to see to the
 Through the collective efforts of UCLA students and community members           needs of others. We pray many blessings to you for your generosity, and pray that
alike, we believe that the OLP Health Fair will help establish a sense of        you will be touched by God’s compassion and mercy, and you serve others.
community empowerment through something so important, but so often
overlooked in our daily lives: our health.
                        2010 – 2011 OLP Health Fair                                                             Volunteer Positions
                          Organizing Committees                                   Volunteers select preferences for positions when signing up. However, final
                                                                                  assignments will be determined and sent in an email the day before the health
                           Health Fair Directors                                  fair, according to the needs of the fair. Tasks include:
                          Gabriel La O Gomez               Edgar Corona
  Jason Cheung            Charisma Urbiztondo              Beatriz Marron         Registration Tables. Volunteers will oversee the completion of health fair forms
  Melinda Feng            Sampaguita Iaquinto               Monica Gill           and decide qualifying criteria for services. Bilingual volunteers needed.
                                                             Elia Salazar
                                                           Laura Cuavas           Children’s Area. Volunteers will supervise children’s activities and play games
 Asian Pacific Health   Pilipinos for Community Health    Latino Student Health   with the children. Volunteers must be Virtues trained or under the supervision of
        Corps                                                    Project          another Virtues-trained volunteer.

                                                                                  Escort/Crowd control. Volunteers will be placed throughout the fair directing
                                                                                  attendees to the proper places. If placed near a line/waiting area, volunteers will
                               Student Group                                      be responsible for ensuring that service recipients have necessary forms ready.
                                                                                  Hypertension Screenings. Certified volunteers will take blood pressure readings.
                             Melissa Veluz –                                      Hypertensive cases will be referred to nearby medical professionals.
                                                                                  Body Mass Index. Volunteers must have attended a training session prior to the
                                                                                  health fair. Volunteers will be taking height and weight measurements and using
Food and Donations          Community Members              Publicity Committee    the BMI machines for readings.
    Committee                Rosie Hernandez             Edgar Corona, LSHP*
   Melinda Feng ,         Willis Veluz-Abraham           Beatriz Marron, LSHP*    Service Provider Assistance. Volunteers will be stationed alongside various
       APHC*              Melissa Veluz-Abraham                                   service providers who need extra help. Volunteers will follow instructions given
                                                                                  by the service provider to whom they are assigned. They will also help ensure
                                                                                  that service recipients have proper forms ready prior to receiving the service.
   Service Provider         Volunteer Committee           Logistics Committee     Translation Services. Interpreters will be required at service provider locations
  Contact Committee        Sampaguita Iaquinto,           Monica Gill, LSHP*
                                                                                  and will be needed throughout the day of the fair.
Jason Cheung, APHC*               PCH*                    Elia Salazar, LSHP*
                           Charisma Urbiztondo,          Laura Cuavas, LSHP*
                                                                                  Floaters. Volunteers will be assigned to specific tasks as needed.
                                                                                  Evaluations. Volunteers will administer program evaluations to service
    Medical Advisors                                                              recipients and providers. This position will aid in the development and expansion
  Arnel Reyes, M.D.                                                               of future health fairs. Bilingual preferred but not necessary.
                                                           Finance Committee
Esteban Everard, M.D.      * = Committee Head
  Marian Oliver, RN
                                                         Gabriel La O Gomez,      Cooking. Volunteers will be helping make lunch in the kitchen during the
                                                                 PCH*             morning shift to be provided to all the volunteers.

                                                                                  Parking. Volunteers will make sure the parking space for the bus is not blocked
                                                                                  by cars during the busy mass services.

                                                                                  Flyering: Volunteers will be responsible for flyering right after masses during
                                                                                  the fair. The main purpose of this added position is for service recipient recruits.
               Volunteer Information- “The Day Of”                                              Schedule for Volunteers
                                                                       The fair opens to the community at 8:00am and closes at 3pm. Free
There are two groups of volunteers:                                    food and t-shirts will be provided to volunteers.
Group 1 = Morning Shift Volunteers
Group 2 = Afternoon Shift Volunteers                                   First Shift: 6:30am – 1:00pm
                                                                       MORNING SHIFT WILL END WHEN THE SECOND SHIFT ARRIVES
Transportation: A bus has been reserved for the event and will         AT YOUR POST.
leave as soon as it is full. Please do not be late! Volunteers must
                                                                       6:15            Meet at De Neve Turn Around
be at the pick up location, DE NEVE TURN AROUND NO LESS                6:30            Leave UCLA
THAN 15 minutes prior departure For volunteers using their own         7:00-8:00       Sign-in and breakfast
vehicles, parking is available at the church lot (entrance on          8:00-11:45      Shift 1 (switch between 9:45 and 10:15 if applicable)
Langdon), but it is OPTIMAL if you please park outside on the          11:45-12:30     Lunch and sign-out
street, since we would like the inside of the parking lot for mass     12:30           Departure from OLP
attendees.                                                             1:00            Arrive at UCLA

Arrival and Departure at OLP: Upon arrival at OLP, volunteers          Comments: If transportation follows the schedule, volunteers will arrive at
will be directed to the volunteer table for check-in, post             OLP with enough time to eat breakfast before their shifts start. Volunteers
                                                                       should note the departure time from OLP when taking their lunch breaks.
assignments, and breakfast or lunch. At the end of the shift,          Volunteers should check-in at the volunteer station prior to boarding the bus
volunteers must check-out at the volunteer table and fill out an       at the end of their shift.

Meals and Breaks: Breakfast and lunch is provided for all              Second Shift: 10:15am – 4:30pm
volunteers. Upon arrival during the morning shit (around 7:00am),      SECOND SHIFT MUST RELIEVE THE FIRST SHIFT AS SOON AS
morning volunteers (Group 1) will sign-in, eat breakfast, and          LUNCH IS OVER.
promptly proceed to their posts. Upon arrival at OLP during the
                                                                       9:45            Meet De Neve Turn Around
afternoon shift (around 10:30am), volunteers (Group 2) will sign-in,
                                                                       10:00           Leave UCLA
eat lunch, and promptly proceed to their posts. Only after             10:30-11:30     Sign-in and lunch
volunteers in Group 2 have arrived at their posts (between 11:30-      11:30-3:00      Shift 2 (switch between 1:15 and 1:45 if applicable)
11:40am) may Group 1 leave their shifts and proceed to the             3:00-4:00       Clean-up and sign-out
volunteer table for lunch and check-out. Please remember to fill out   4:00            Departure from OLP
an evaluation before leaving!                                          4:30            Arrive at UCLA

Switches: You may be asked to switch to a new post mid-shift           Comments: If transportation follows the schedule, volunteers will arrive at
depending on where you work and if time permits. PLEASE don’t          OLP with enough time to eat lunch before their shifts start. Volunteers
                                                                       should check-in at the volunteer station prior to boarding the bus at the end
switch without our permission.                                         of their shift.
                                                                   With Special Thanks to
          Sponsors and Service/Information Providers
    Blood Pressure screenings (APHC, PCH, LSHP)
                                                                   Dorothy Martinez, M.D.
          BMI/Body Fat (APHC, PCH, LSHP)
 Dental Screenings provided by LADS/ Hispanic Dental                     Karla, M.D.
                                                                     Art Ambrosia, M.D.
    Glucose and Cholesterol (Western University)
Mammograms, Pap Smears (Professional Mammography                 Melody and Fiancee, M.D.
                    Imaging, Inc.)
                                                                       Carlos A. Veluz
          Bruins in Focus Vision Screenings
               UCLA Volunteer Center                           Deacon Doug & Dolores Jones
            Lupus Foundation of America                          Deacon Ray & Lally Guiao
                Stroke Force at UCLA                                  Rose Hernandez
              SHOUT/SPROUT at UCLA
           A3M Bone Marrow Registration                Eric Sugay, Councilman Richard Alarcon's Office
                        First 5 LA
                                                                   Father Alexander Lewis
         National Alliance for Mental Illnesses
        LA County Community Senior Services                         Father Brian Delaney
                      Krispy Kreme
                                                                    Pilipino Prayer Group
              OLP Pilipino Prayer Group
                    Western Bagels                           Holy Name of Jesus Prayer Group
                                                                         Isidro Mora
                     Food-4-Less                                       John McGovern
                                                                         Lally Guiao

                                                                OLP Spanish Prayer Groups

                                                            And all the parishioners of OLP Parish

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