THE CHURCH OF
                                                    THE SACRED HEART
                                                         Oldest Catholic Parish in New Jersey,
                                                                 Established in 1814
                                                                 343 South Broad Street
                                                               Trenton, New Jersey 08608
                                                                 Phone: (609) 393-2801
                                                                   Fax: (609) 989-8997
                                                                  ALL ARE WELCOME
                                                   Whatever your present status in the Catholic Church,
                                                       whatever your current family or marital situation,
                                                                  whatever your past or present
                                                  religious affiliation, whatever your personal history, age,
                                                   background, or race, whatever your own self-image or
                                                  esteem, you are invited, welcomed, accepted, loved and
                                                        respected at the Church of the Sacred Heart.

                   STAFF                             FOURTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME
                                                            JANUARY 29, 2012
      Rev. Dennis A. Apoldite, Ext. 102
                                                  First Reading: Deuteronomy 18:15-20
                                                  Moses explains to the people that a prophet will
                   DEACON                         come from among them, and that they should listen
           Rev. Mr. Neiser Cardenas               to this prophet’s words, for God has told him of this
                                                  prophet. God also tells Moses that anyone who
  PARISH SECRETARY and COORDINATOR OF             pretends to speak in his words, or speaks in the
            RELIGIOUS EDUCATION                   name of other gods shall die.
          Mrs. Linda Teresky, Ext. 101           Second Reading: I Corinthians 7:32-35
                                                  Paul tells the Corinthians how an unmarried man or
           PARISH RECEPTIONIST                    woman is able to devote themselves fully to God
           Ms. Helen Smith, Ext. 109              without concern for the needs of a spouse. Paul
                                                  explains that God wants to help them promote good
            DIRECTOR OF MUSIC                     and devote themselves more fully to God.
           Kelly Hall (609) 558-1966
                                                  Gospel: Mark 1:21-28
                 TRUSTEES                         As Jesus was teaching, a man with an unclean
           Mrs. Maribeth Hardiman                 spirit came to the synagogue and asked if Jesus
             Mr. Michael Franko                   had come to destroy them. Jesus ordered the spirit
                                                  out of the man, who shrieked violently as the spirit
               OFFICE HOURS                       departed. The people were amazed at the authority
     Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 3:00 pm         he had over the spirit.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                  BAPTISM
           LITURGY SCHEDULE                        Please call the Parish Office at least one month in
  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday             advance. Baptisms will be held on the first and
                12:10 Noon ~                               third Sunday of the month at 12:15.
              Weekend Schedule                                         MARRIAGE
          Saturday Evening 5:15 PM                  Please call the Parish Priest at least one year in
       Sunday Morning 9:00 and 11:15               advance to set up initial meeting and to confirm a
For each Holy Day please reference the bulletin                   wedding date and time.
              RECONCILIATION                                    ANOINTING OF THE SICK
      Saturday afternoon ~ 4:30 to 5:00                Please call the Priest’s residence any time.
    Every Friday following the 12:10 Liturgy             COMMUNION TO THE HOMEBOUND
              And by appointment                   Please call the Parish Office to schedule home visit
        MASS INTENTION FOR THE WEEK                                                 REMEMBER IN PRAYER
Saturday – January 28                                                                      OUR SICK
5:15pm Judge & O’Brien Families r/o Family                        Dorothy Montecalvo, Robert Dunn, John Caruso, Eva
        People of the Parish                                      Dilts, Bill Harrington, Jack Callery, Doris Horan, Dorothy
Sunday – January 29                                               Emicke, Feliciano Family, Diana Rodriguez, Giovanna
9:00am Veronica Shurgala r/o Marut Family                         Munoz, Jorge Bautista, Jacqueline Murray, Aurea
        Jesse Sanders r/o Betty Holland & Dan George              Rivera, Sue Dize, Ellen Meskill, Rosa Herrera, Mauricio
11:15am David Liedtka r/o Friends                                 Rodriguez, Robert Kee, Jimmy Morales, Elizabeth
         Ellen Liedtka r/o Friends                                Czap, Elba Gonzalez, Kerry Mumola Kelly, Dawn Kungl,
Monday – January 30                                               Catherine Horn, Cole Andrew Dellacorte, Laura Webb,
12:10am Gino Filipponi r/o Friends                                Edward Adams, Betty Cooley and our friends at South
          Ellen Dudas r/o Jane Davis                              Village: Gregorio Torres, Hope Lederman, Georgina
Tuesday – January 31                                              Youngblood, Dorothy Howell, Bud Glover, Florence
12:10pm Mary Ann Born r/o Friends                                 Glover, Florence Harney, Margaret Helton, Wayne Smith,
         Special Intention r/o Marie Loveless                     Rose Curilo, Angie DeBraccio, Tirado Family, Helen
Wednesday – February 1                                            Mulford, Concepcion Reyes, Jr.
12:10pm Antonia Steckel r/o Thomas Steckel & Family                                   OUR DECEASED
         William F. Cracker, Jr. r/o Dorothy & Carl               Joseph Horan, Therese Joseph, Izzy Tagliaferri, Jill
Thursday – February 2 – No Mass                                   Kremzier Robertson, Stephen Barreca, Mark Bellan,
Friday – February 3                                               Clarence Caratella, Eleanor Wiles, and our friends at
12:10pm Barber Family                                             South Village – Emily McQuire, Rosalie Davies, Ken
        Diana Amoroso r/o Dorothy & Carl                          Cubberly, Lucia Massimi, America Atili, Robert Czyzyk,
Saturday – February 4                                             Fernando Figueroa, Jim Metaliano, Janet Moran
5:15pm William F. O’Brien r/o wife, Lynn
                                                                                       OUR MILITARY
        Lorraine Welsh r/o Michael Milazzo
Sunday – February 5
                                                                  Airman Michael Kinest, US Air Force
9:00am Veronica Shurgala r/o Family                               Sergeant Peter Bruchez, USMC
        Lucille Fisher r/o Family                                 Captain Joseph E. Marut III, US Army
11:15am People of the Parish                                      PFC Thomas Evans, US Army
                                                                  Sgt. C.J. McKenna, US Army
Saturday, January 28 – 5:15PM                                     Seaman Nathalie Ramos, US Navy
Altar Server: Brighid Quinn, Caroline Royal                       Airman, Emanuel Figueroa, US Air Force
Eucharistic Minister: Chris & Bob Hoyer, Craig &                  Airman, Joshua Blaney, US Air Force
Kathleen Ronning, Mary Komjathy                                   First Lieutenant Brian S. Williams, USMC
Lector: Michelle Jablonski           Presider: Fr. Dennis         First Lieutenant Derrick Syed, US Army
Sunday, January 29 – 9:00AM                                       Staff Sergeant Raymond Housal, US Army Sergeant
Altar Server: Olivia Mangan, Kaitlyn Warner                       Robert Colella, 1st Class, US Army
E. Minister: Holly Mangan, Gary Frank, Brian & Carmel             Sergeant Gared Housal, US Army
McEvilly, Clare Frank                                             Sergeant Ryan Mc Sorley, USMC
Lector: Bill Hennig                  Presider: Fr. Dennis         Lance Corporal Mathew Wolfe, USMC
Sunday, January 29 – 11:15AM                                      Lance Corporal William Sinnett, USMC
Altar Server: Ryan Allaire, Noah Andujar                          Lance Corporal Christopher Poinsett, USMC
E. Minister: Ann Barbadore, Jose` Diaz, Mary Ann Benz,            Lance Corporal Ryan Sharkey, USMC
Kieran Todd, Scott Sandford                                       Private First Class Jay Waalkens, US Army
Lector: Lucy Folger                   Presider: Fr. Dennis        Private First Class Matthew Conyers, US Army
Saturday, February 4 – 5:15PM                                     25TH Infantry Division – Alpha Company 127
Altar Server: Loughery DeMille                                    Sergeant Alberto Rosario, US Army
Eucharistic Minister: Anne DeMille, Sam & Karen                   Sergeant Ivan Cosme, US Air Force
Farruggio, Tom Glover, Teddi Hines                                Airman Aimee Figueroa, US Air Force
Lector: Richard Artis              Presider: Fr. Dennis           Sergeant Brett R. Flavin, USMC
Sunday, February 5 – 9:00AM                                       Hospital Corpsman, Thomas J. Douglas, US Navy
Altar Server: Catherine & Daniel Silvernail, Natalia Sczepanski   Sergeant Peter F. Miller, Jr. US Army
E. Minister: O. Johnson Nagbe, Jack & Carol                       1st Lieutenant Matthew Bartomeo, USAF
McDonough, John McKenna, Maria Salamandra
                                                                  Major Michael Suter, US Army
Lector: Katherine Fugate             Presider: Fr. Dennis
Sunday, February 5 – 11:15AM
Altar Server: Ethan & Madeleine Rizzuto                           The collection for last weekend amounted to
Eucharistic Minister: Maria Milazzo, Edwin Morgan,                $6,963.00. Thank you for your continued
Michael Rhodes, Helen Smith, Carmella Staub                       support and generosity.
Lector: Sue Fugate                   Presider: Fr. Dennis
          CHRISTMAS ~ THANK YOU                            ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION
The poinsettias have been taken away and the        We will again celebrate wedding anniversaries
nativity set is packed away and so the              during the month of February and celebrate a
Christmas Season has come to an end, except         special Liturgy on Saturday evening, February
for the final Thank you to so many wonderful        11, 2011 at 5:15. All couples who are
people of Sacred Heart. I offer my gratitude to     celebrating their 1st, 5th, 10th anniversary or any
all of you for making this time of year a time of   multiple of 5 during this year of 2012, are
joy and celebration. In particular, I am thankful   invited to renew their marriage vows at the
to those who coordinated this year’s Giving         Liturgy. You are also invited to join us in Msgr.
Tree Project, including the set up and              Toomey Hall for wine and cheese following the
distribution of gifts. Over 400 gifts were given    Mass. Please contact the Parish Office before
to those in need. Over 650 bags of food were        February 9th so that certificates and
distributed as well as gifts to the children from   preparations can be made.
Santa. Thanks to all who made that possible.
My gratitude to those who decorated our                    CONTRIBUTION STATEMENTS
church and grounds so beautifully and to all        Those interested in receiving a tax statement
those who participated in our Liturgies: our        documenting donations made in 2011, please
Seminarians, Kelly Hall, Anthony Mancino and        contact the Parish Office weekdays between
our Choir, the Ushers, Servers, Extraordinary       10:00am and 3:00pm at 393-2801 Ext. 109 or
Ministers of Holy Communion and Lectors. To         email
those who contributed to the flower collection, I               PARISH REGISTRATION
am grateful for your generosity. I offer my         Thank you to all who have taken the time to fill
sincere and prayerful gratitude to all of you for   out the registration forms that were sent in the
making this year’s Christmas Season a season        November parish mailing. You should have
to remember.        Your Christmas gift to the      received a blank registration form in the mail in
Church amounted to $41,433.00. I am very            the November mailing. If you did not receive
grateful to you for always being so supportive      one, please take a registration form from the
of our parish. On a more personal note, the         vestibule of the church and send it in. You
seminarians and I offer our thanks to those         may also put the form in the collection basket.
who sent Christmas greetings, fruit baskets,        The registration form is our only means of
and cookies and other special remembrances          certifying anyone as a member of our parish so
to us during the Christmas season. May God’s        if you haven’t registered, please fill a form out
blessing be with you and your families              also. Thank you.
throughout the New Year. Fr. Dennis
                                                             CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK
          BLESSING OF THROATS                                        JAN. 29-FEB. 5
In honor of the Feast of St. Blaise, February 3rd   The theme for this year’s Catholic Schools
a blessing of throats will take place after all     Week is “Faith.           Academics.      Service.”
Masses next weekend, February 4th & 5th.             Catholic high and elementary schools
                                                    throughout the Diocese will be having Open
      2012 BISHOP’S ANNUAL APPEAL                   Houses and other special events this week.
The Bishop’s Annual Appeal Pledge Weekend           Please visit http://trentonmonitor.nj for listings.
took place last weekend. If you were away and
did not have time to make a pledge, please                          OPEN HOUSE
take a pledge card from the table in the            On January 31st from 6 - 8 pm, Trenton
vestibule and return it to us as soon as            Catholic Academy invites you to join them for
possible. Our parish goal is $27,665.00.            their Catholic Schools Week Open House for
Together as a parish family let us show our         high school students. Come see TCA where
support of this year’s Appeal with our              FAITH is deep-rooted in Christ, ACADEMICS
generosity and prayer.                              are the rule and SERVICE is a way of life. For
                                                    more information call 609-586-3705, ext. 119.
                                 Our History
New Jersey’s first Catholic Church, dedicated to St. John the Baptist on June 12, 1814, and was built at
Market and Lamberton Streets in Trenton. A small simple brick building 30 feet wide by 50 feet deep, St
John’s drew a congregation of 30 families from both sides of the Delaware River, who continued to
depend on traveling Philadelphia priests until 1837 when Rev. Daniel Magorien, was appointed the first
resident pastor.

Fourteen years later, Irish immigrants fleeing the potato famine, had begun to swell the ranks of a
congregation of German, French and Irish origin. The cornerstone for a new, much larger St. John’s
Church was laid that year at Broad and Centre Streets. Completed and dedicated on August 27, 1848, the
new church was classical in design, built of stucco brick with a three-story bell tower. The growth of the
parish of St. John was so rapid that wing was added in 1856.

On Sunday night, September 30, 1883, fire destroyed St. John’s Church, leaving only the exterior walls,
belfry with its bell and cupola standing. Undaunted, Pastor Rev. Thaddeus Hogan inspired his
congregation of St. John’s Parish and plans were drawn up for a new church building slated to be
dedicated to the Sacred Heart.

On August 3rd, 1884 Bishop Jeremiah Shanahan of Harrisburg laid the cornerstone for a new church. On
June 12th, 1885 the surviving St. John’s bell, rang out again to signal the partial completion of the new
church as Mass was celebrated for the first time in the basement chapel. The basement chapel was
designed to seat 1,300, although the pews hadn’t arrived and parishioners stood.

Sacred Heart was dedicated on June 30th, 1889 by the Most Rev. Michael S. O’Farrell, first Bishop of
Trenton. On the north side of the church a rectory was built and on the south side a Catholic club house
was built, both matching in design of the new Church of the Sacred Heart. The Catholic Club where
gentlemen could be molded according to the highest standards was dear to the heart of Msgr. Hogan and
he achieved his ambition so successfully that it was a cultural center for the men of Trenton for many

Romanesque Revival in style, Sacred Heart Church was designed by Patrick Charles Keely (1816-1896),
himself an Irish immigrant. He was 19th century America’s most prominent and prolific Catholic architect -
the designer of many cathedrals in Boston, Hartford, Buffalo, Albany and Chicago, as well as some 150
churches, including ones in New Brunswick, Jersey City, Mount Holly and Newark.

In 1918, Msgr. Hogan’s successor, Rev. Peter J. Hart built a modern school and convent adjacent to the
rectory. On June 17, 1966 Msgr. Leonard R. Toomey was appointed the thirteenth pastor of the Church of
the Sacred Heart (formerly known as St. John). In 1972 the stores, houses and a tavern adjacent to the
Catholic Club were purchased from the City of Trenton through an Urban Renewal Program and
transformed into a landscaped parking yard for the parish, thus completing the current Parish Campus.

Still attracting parishioners from surrounding areas of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the Church of the
Sacred Heart continues its mission to be a source of help and education, a place of vibrant worship, and
he security of being a solid Catholic Christian community for all who come. Having been listed on the
National Historic Registry for the United States Department of Parks and Wildlife, The Church of the
Sacred Heart, moves into the new millennium anticipating the 200th celebration of the Parish in 2014.

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