Music/Chorus Lesson Plans by WbCO40m7


									Music/Chorus Lesson Plans
Mrs. Holsey
Week of Sept. 26

L. 4-7

   I.       Goal: Students will sing a song that illustrates repetition and contrast.
            Goal: Students will identify and describe the differences between contrasting
            sections of a song.
            Goal: Students will read from noation and sing a pentatonic song.
            Goal: Students will read and sing ascending and descending melodic
    II.     Student Activity: Students will sing “Lean on Me” and discover its form and
            repetition. Students will listen to “Magnolia” in Spanish/English and create
            movement for the form. Students will sing and be able to identify a
            pentatonic scale/song with “Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie.” Students will
            pop up and down while standing to represent the song’s melody (“Gonna
            Build A Mountain.”).
    III.    Connection to Standards:
            A. State:9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4
            B. National: 1,2,4,5,6
    IV. Assessment: Participation/Cooperation Grade, Performance Grade, notebook
          entry, Good Musician’s Award Slip, Hot Seat Award.
Music Lesson Plan
Music Lesson Plan
Mrs. K. Holsey
Gr. 7 L. 1-7

   I.      Goal: Students will analyze ways melody relates to lyrics
           Goal: Students will discuss how copyright laws have protected the rights of
           Goal: Students will discuss the progression of music recording.
           Goal: Students will identify music careers.
           Goal: Students will listen to and describe the mood of a recording.
           Goal: Students will identify characteristics of musical styles and what a
           musical style is.
   II.     Student Activity:
           Students will compare music of Joan Baez, Will Smith, and Tori Amos.
           Students will examine how music gets published and how it can be protected
           by law. Students will examine the time line of musical recordings and how
           they have progressed….a possible project may be involved. Using listening
           activities and reading activities students will discover 4 music
           careers.Students will critique actual singing examples using a standard form.
           Students will listen to and identify several musical styles. They will add
           vocabulary to their notebook.
   III.    Connection to the Standards:
           A. State: 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4
National: 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

Grade 8:
L. 9

   I.      Goal: Students will identify the careers of music therapist and music teacher
   II.     Student Activity:
           Ask three questions:
           “What is the purpose of music in a doctor’s office?”
           “At a concert?”
           “In school?”
           Read and discuss p. A-26 and A-27 in 8th grade green book to learn about
           skills necessary for the above careers.
   III.    Connection to Standards:
           A. State: 9.4
           B. National: 1, 2, 7, 8
   IV.     Assessment: Group discussion and participation/cooperation grade.

Adv. Chorus Plans in One (Aug/Sept)
K. Holsey
Adv. Chorus
Choir Builders L. 33-37 + Tongue Twisters

I. Goals: Students will:
          Sing repetitive pitches in tune
          Internalize intervals
          Identify triplet patterns
          Sing 2-pt. harmony
          Sing 2-pt harmony with solfege syllables

II. Student Activities: Stuents will warm up with a Choir Builder and/or a Tongue
Twister. The lesson will then be applied to our Christmas Chorus repertoire. We will
work on the Opener (s) and Finale (s). We will also do an Icebreaker Activity and get
our room/supplies set up for the year.

III. Connection to Standards:
     A. State: 9.1, 9.3
     B. National: 1,5,7

IV. Assessment: Notebook entries, Hot Seat ?s , Good Musician slips,
Participation/Cooperation grades, application of new knowledge (written and/or oral).

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