Sample Induction Action Plan: Victoria College, Belfast, Year 10 Mathematics: Assessment for Learning

                                                Signed                                                          Signed
Name: _________________________                 Beginning Teacher: _________________________             Teacher-Tutor: _________________________

      Area(s) for Development                     Actions                    Support Arrangements               Success Criteria            Monitoring and Evaluation
        (Ref to Competences)              (Including timescales)                                                                             (Inc evidence in portfolio)
   I wish to develop and integrate   Beginning from January 2006:       Support from staff within the   Pupils will sit a test that will   Teacher Tutor classroom visits;
   more detailed assessment of       1. Draw up test papers in          Mathematics Department, in      fairly assess individual
   pupils while helping Year 10W        accordance with department      particular the Head of          performance and knowledge;         Feedback from Teacher Tutor;
   prepare for their exams in May.      policy after each topic areas   Department.
                                        covered;                                                        Record results;                    Lesson plans;
   This will encourage me to:        2. Work with maths                 Consultation with:
   1. Select various methods to         department in predicting                                        Provide parents with a clear and   Samples of test and exam
       suitably assess each             10WS KS3 results;               1.   Teacher Tutor              helpful report.                    papers in portfolio;
       individual pupil, including   3. Record test, homework and       2.   Teaching Colleagues
       differentiated worksheets;       classwork marks;                3.   Head of Year 10                                               Record of marks supplied;
   2. Effectively use attainment     4. Assess pupils’ Christmas
       targets and level                mock KS3 papers and offer       I will ask the Head of                                             Homework evidence;
       descriptions when assessing      positive feedback;              Department to proof read a
       pupils’ work;                 5. Participate in Year 10 Parent   sample of reports and test                                         Feedback from pupils of their
   3. Set up a system to record         Teacher meetings;               papers.                                                            own learning (evaluation
       and compare pupil             6. Complete accurate and                                                                              sheets).
       progress;                        detailed end of year reports
   4. Signpost gaps in learning         for each individual pupil.
       which will influence future      June 2006.
       planning, e.g. in revision
       areas to be covered before
       KS3 exams;
   5. Offer feedback to pupils
       and parents providing
       evidence of achievement in
       areas of concern.

   GTCNI Competences
   24, 25. 26.


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