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									                             St Joseph High School
       Parent Guardian Group/Catholic School Community Council Meeting
                        Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Present: Rick Rowley, Joanne Lukash, Janice Williams, Tina Bertsch, Joanne Lefebvre, Brad
Lefebvre, Terry Sirois, Sharon Compton, Marianne Taillon.

Welcome & Prayer: Meeting chaired by Brad Lefebvre, with prayer led by Rick Rowley.

Minutes: Motion to accept the minutes of November12, 2008 meeting as printed by Joanne
Lukash, seconded by Tina Bertsch.

Principal’s Report:

   1. Past Activities
      - Tuesday, November 18th – Parent Grad/After-Grad Meeting – information shared
         with parents from the school’s perspective and where the After-Grad Committee is at.
         Karen Pidskalny and Debbie Goralick are After-Grad chairs.
      - Thursday, November 20th-Sunday, November 23rd – Beauty and the Beast – another
         wonderful, entertaining and dynamic production – congratulations to all.
      - Monday, November 24th – Annual Meeting of Electors – thank you to Brad and
         Marianne for attending.
      - Thursday, November 27th – Band and Choir Concert – very talented individuals and
         very enjoyable performances.
      - Monday, December 1st – Knights of Columbus Festival – St. Joseph’s choir put on a
         fine performance.
      - Wednesday, December 3rd – Advent Penitential Celebration – thank you to the
         number of priests from the diocese for celebrating with us.
      - Friday, December 5th – distributed school newsletter – extra copies are available.
      - Wednesday, December 10th – Advent Eucharistic Celebration.

   2. Current and Upcoming Activities
      - C.W.O.S.T. – Changing the World One School at a Time – ACT and SRC initiative –
         raising money to build a school in Africa.
      - Thursday, December 11th – Christmas Semi-Formal School Dance – close to 400
         tickets sold.
      - Wednesday, December 17th – TGG Wind-Up and Christmas Hamper delivery –
         modified schedule.
      - Friday, December 19th – Last day of school before Christmas – 12:20 dismissal.
      - Monday, January 5th – 1st day back after Christmas.
      - Friday, January 16th – Last day of instruction – 1st semester.
      - Monday, January 19th – Period 1 Exam – 8:45 a.m.
      - Tuesday, January 20th – Period 2 Exam – 8:45 a.m.
      - Wednesday, January 21st – Period 3 Exam – 8:45 a.m.
      - Thursday, January 22nd – Period 4 Exam – 8:45 a.m.

       -   Friday, January 23rd – Period 5 Exam – 8:45 a.m.
       -   Monday, January 26th & Tuesday, January 27th – No School for Students
       -   Wednesday, January 28th – First day of 2nd semester
       -   Friday, January 30th – Report Cards distributed
       -   Tuesday, February 3rd – Staff Meeting Schedule – early dismissal (12:30)
       -   Thursday, February 5th-Saturday, February 7th – Senior Basketball Tournament
       -   Wednesday, February 11th – Next PGG Meeting – 7:00 p.m.

   3. Other
      - Jacine Alasha Stroh – baby girl to Brandon and Shelda – born Monday, December 8th
         at 11:00 p.m. – 6 lbs 13 ounces.
      - Christmas Hampers and PGG Contribution – last year $300.00
      - PGG Levy – September 30th numbers: 944 – Rick to apply for.
      - In-Motion Brochure – physical education information for school community councils.
      - Budget Consultation – handout.

Treasurer’s Report: Given by Janice Williams (Tracey McHardy absent). Current balance in
account as of December 10th, 2008, is $792.63. There has been no activity since the last meeting
other than $0.06 interest. $944 still to come for PGG Levy of this year.

Old Business:
   1. Guest Speaker and Date:
      Joanne Lukash spoke to Sue Foreman, and she is available to come and speak on the
      topic of “Consequences re Driving Issues/Infractions When Students are on Probation”,
      as well as “Drinking & Driving Consequences”. Mr. Rowley will speak to Mr. McKay
      regarding the availability of a room and will confirm the date with Sue (653-4539) once
      that has been determined.

   2. Build on Interest Generated when New Students Begin Attending St. Joseph High School:
      A lengthy discussion took place regarding various ways to communicate relevant
      information to parents, and making them feel more comfortable and welcome to attend
      future PGG/CSCC meetings and guest speaker presentations. What are our goals? (i.e.
      Do we want more parents in attendance and/or do we want to explore more ways to better
      communicate information to parents?) Several ideas and suggestions were brought
      forward such as:

       -   inviting area upper year elementary/feeder school parents and kids to attend meetings
           when relevant guest speakers and topics are presented

       -   targeting sub-groups of our school such as one grade level at a time, or a combination
           of 2 grade levels, to discuss items that are pertinent to their year (e.g. Grade 9s: study
           skills for new students or how does high school differ from elementary school; Grade
           10s: driver training and course selection; Grade 11s: course selection and credits;
           Grade 12s: Post-secondary institutions, scholarships, graduation, etc.)

      -   sending out personal invitations to parents and/or TGG reps inviting them to offer
          suggestions or to hear their voice regarding issues of concern (e.g. Talk mail)

      -   having future meetings tied to a specific theme and dividing them into two categories
          and two time slots: 1st portion: business meeting; 2nd portion: specific theme, topic, or
          guest speaker focusing on topic related to invited group

      -   pre-determine topics/themes of future meetings when fall planning is done (month of
          May) in order to give adequate notice to new and existing parents and students

      -   partnering meetings with guest speakers and relevant topics which are needed to be
          discussed at that particular time (i.e. inviting guidance counselor to speak re course
          selection prior to registration deadline)

      Mr. Rowley will check with Mr. McKay re deadline when students need to register for
      next year’s courses. Should this deadline coincide with the timing of the next PGG/CSCC
      meeting on February 11, 2009, Mr. Rowley will ask one of the guidance counselors to
      attend in order to speak to students/parents regarding their course selection. An invitation
      or notice will be sent out with the report cards to advertise this informational evening.

      Brad suggested that everyone bring ideas regarding future topics of discussion to next
      PGG/CSCC meeting.

New Business:
     Christmas Hamper Donation: Motion: made by Terry Sirois that the St. Joseph
     PGG/CSCC donate $300, as was done last year, towards the TGG Christmas hampers.
     Seconded by Joanne Lefebvre. All in favor. Passed.
     Brad will contact Tracey to collect funds for Christmas Hampers.

Next St. Joseph PGG/CSCC Meeting: February 11th, 2008, 7:00 p.m.

Meeting Adjourned: Joanne Lukash. Seconded by Terry Sirois.

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