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									                                  Comrie Golf Club
                                News – November 2011

Annual General Meeting/ Prize Giving

It was a great pleasure to have so many of our members attend the recent AGM and Prize
Giving. It is really encouraging to see the level of interest and support for the Club’s
activities. The main points reported and agreed at that meeting were:
     We were delighted to welcome 31 new Full members and 5 Country members during
     A team of Barry Anderson, Peter Nichol, David Pettigrew, and David Simpson won
         the West Perthshire Trophy for Comrie against strong competition from Auchterarder,
         Crieff, and Dunblane
     Callum McGuigan won both the Junior and Gents Championships – the first time this
         has happened. Callum is also the youngest player to win the Gents Championship.
     Chris McKelvie was congratulated on winning the Ladies Championship.
     Our golf matches from all sections of the club against other local courses were all
         played in a friendly spirit – but, in overall terms, not too successfully for us!
     The extensive social programme over last Winter was very successful and well
         supported. Bill McGuigan’s clubhouse lunches and dinners were superb.
     All of our Open events went extremely well. Only one had to be deferred because of
     The course was again in excellent condition during 2011 – despite some appalling
         weather. Ally and Chris were thanked for the excellent work they have done.
     The accounts for the year showed a surplus, we have paid off a large element of the
         clubhouse loan, and we have increased our bank balance. The club is in satisfactory
         financial state.
     In view of a number of increasing costs, a small increase of £5 on the full annual
         subscription for 2012 was proposed and approved.
     Four new members of Council were elected – Brian Christie, David Morfitt, Peter
         Philip, and Hazel Wylie.

Donations to the Club

It is pleasing to report that the club is, as a result of some generous donations, able to acquire
for next season a new flag (the current one is in very poor shape) and better outside seating.
During the year we were presented with a new bench in memory of Stewart MacGregor –
sited at the 6th tee. Friends of Ian Oates also presented a fine mahogany bench for outside the
clubhouse. We are now able to purchase another mahogany bench and two tables and
benches to complete the area around the clubhouse doors. These acquisitions will greatly
enhance the appearance around the clubhouse.


As a result of a well-publicised Court case resulting in a golfer and his club having to pay
large compensation payments to a player struck by a wayward shot, there has been added
focus on the need for members to ensure that they have adequate insurance arrangements in
place. Members may find that they have cover within their Household Insurance but that
needs to be carefully checked. The club provides the option – on renewal of subscription – to
purchase Personal Liability Insurance; details of cover are available at the Clubhouse. It has
to be the responsibility of individual members to satisfy themselves that they feel
adequately insured.

Winter Social activities

The programme for the Winter months:

       12 to 16 December – Christmas lunches and dinners
       Tuesday 13 December – Ladies Christmas lunch
       New Year Nonsense (9 holes, weather permitting)
       Friday 20 January – Burns Supper
       Friday 27 January – Whist
       Sunday 29 January – Sunday Roast
       Saturday 11 February – Clubhouse Dinner
       Friday 17 February – Ladies Dinner
       Friday 24 February – Whist
       Sunday 26 February – Sunday Roast
       Friday 9 March – Quiz Night
       Saturday 23 March – Whist
       Sunday 25 March – Sunday Roast

The events were well supported last year and were often sold out. Members should book

Fixture List

The Fixture List for 2012 has been prepared and is ready to print. This will be issued to
members in January. Some changes have been made to the programme in the light of
    A slightly later starting time for Member events on Sunday afternoons - to provide
       better timing for catering.
    Comrie Fortnight Competitions in the second week - to avoid a clash with Bowling
       Club events.
    Separation of Medal and Spoon rounds for Gents
    Summer League only to be held on Saturdays
    Help for Heroes charitable competition to be combined with club events in June


If members have not been receiving emails from the club, we do not have your email address!
Please supply this by sending an email to the club as emails are a cost effective and efficient
way of communicating to the membership.

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