Bible by r21pfpf


									                                      THE BIBLE


• 46 books of Scripture
• Originated with Judaism
• Pentateuch, History, Wisdom and Poetry, Prophecy


• 27 books
• The section of the Christian bible that pertains
  specifically to the Christian faith
• Written from approximately 20 years after the death
  of Jesus (50 C.E.) to 100 C.E.
• Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, various Epistles and
  Letters, Book of Revelation

            Gospels:    Matthew, Mark, Luke and
                        John - deal with the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus
            Acts of the Apostles: Luke's account of the early days of the Christian
                        community and the spread of the Good News throughout the
                        Roman Empire after the death and Resurrection of Jesus.

            Pauline Epistles: written by St. Paul or others to support and further
                       educate individual Christians or small communities that have
                       been brought to believe in Jesus through the missionary work
                       of Paul and others.

            Letter to the Hebrews: often attributed to Paul but probably not written
                        by him; is a kind of extended sermon to a group of Christians
                        who are in danger of falling away from their belief in Jesus.

            The Catholic Epistles: attributed to James, Peter, John and Jude. Address
                       Christians as a general audience rather than specific

            The Book of Revelation: filled with highly symbolic and mysterious
                      language. It was written to encourage late-first-century
                      Christians to remain faithful to Christ during times of severe

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