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					Welcome to
             Eric Barger’s

                             Seminar Ministry

         Here are just a few short
              excerpts from
       Eric Barger’s current Take A
          Stand! Seminar slides.
     (We utilize computer animation and travel
      with a state-of-the-art video projector.)
Eric Barger’s


                Will the

   Please Stand Up?
3But I am afraid that just as Eve
was deceived by the serpent's
cunning, your minds may
somehow be led astray from your
sincere and pure devotion to

4For if someone comes to you and
preaches a Jesus other than the
Jesus we preached, or if you
receive a different spirit from the
one you received, or a different
gospel from the one you
accepted, you put up with it easily
• A cult is a group that believes
  doctrines other than the central
  doctrines of Christianity as taught by
  the Bible.

• A cult usually has a strong
  authoritarian leader.

• A cult usually has additional books
  besides the Bible that they claim are
  “inspired teaching.”

• A cult usually depends on good
  “works” for acceptance, redemption,
  salvation, etc.
Christian Christ        The Mormon Christ

                        Not Always God, Became
Eternally God
                        a God
The Only God            One of Many Gods
Creator of All          Was Created
                        Begotten Sexually, by
Miraculously, of the
                        God the Father
Holy Spirit

Not Married             Married with Children

Atoned for Sin by       Atoned by Sweating
Death on the Cross      Blood in Gethsemane
                        Requires Godliness
Justifies the Ungodly   before Justification

Offers Full Salvation   Offers Full Salvation
Unconditionally         Only on Conditions
 Founded in 1852 by Charles Taze
 Russell as “Zion’s Watch Tower”
and became The Watchtower Bible
    and Tract Society in 1879

Jesus (2nd person of the Trinity) does not

JW’s claim that the trinity came from

JW’s believe that Jesus was a created
being known originally as Michael the

JW’s do not believe in the atonement
(Christ’s shed blood) but rely on works
Jesus is a mere man - His virgin birth,
atonement and resurrection are ignored

Discounts the supernatural completely

His miracles are fables

His authority to save is incomplete

This has become the gospel in some mainline
Protestant denominations and seminaries

Philosophical reasoning has replaced DIVINE

“The Jesus Seminar” is a prime example
Who is the REAL


9For in him dwelleth all the
fulness of the Godhead bodily.
10And ye are complete in him,

which is the head of all
principality and power:
Who is the REAL


15Who   is the image of the invisible God,
the firstborn of every creature: 16For by
him were all things created, that are in
heaven, and that are in earth, visible and
invisible, whether they be thrones, or
dominions, or principalities, or powers:
all things were created by him, and for
him: 17And he is before all things, and by
him all things consist.
19For it pleased the Father that in him

should all fulness dwell;
Who is the REAL

He is Creator     He is Righteous
He is Savior      He is Holy
He is Deliverer   He is Worthy
He is Master      He is Friend
He is Healer      He is Judge
He is Provider    He is King

     He is God!
 Our Mission:
  Be Ready to Give
Every Man an Answer
for Our Hope! (I Pet. 3:15)

You need
 to know

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