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					Creating a Storyboard

    By robb ponton

 •Presents a series of small sketches w/
accompanying description of action, plus
               audio copy.
•Gives advertiser an approx. idea of what
          the ad will look like.
 •Copywriter & art director come up w/
Storyboards: Why they are better
          than scripts

  •Allows you to think in terms of pictures.
   •All people involved can ‘see’ concept
    •Errors in visualization will be seen &
     •Can be used as shooting script that
       suggests camera angle & staging
    •Close-ups, camera moves & optional
           effects can be indicated.
    Number of Words in TV Ad

 •Most radio announcers: 160 to 170 words-a-minute
   •Delivery rate hard to define (pauses & multiple
                   speakers per ad )
        •Most effective TV ad: 101 -141 wpm.
              •Some good ads: no words
            •KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid
•20 words for 10 sec, 30 for 15 sec, 60-65 for 30 sec ad
           •Practice -Practice -Practice
 What To Consider When Writing A
Medieval “Christian vs Muslim” TV Ad

 •The Idea: Attract which motive? Love, Economics, Pride?
 •What is new or unique about product, idea, way of life?
                •What benefits does it offer?
               •Present your side of the story.
                   •Compare and Contrast
•Demonstrate.-Show product, idea, way of life in a favorable
        light or competitor in an unfavorable light.
            •Respect people of all walks of life.
         •Simplicity: Keep to 1 -2 principal points
              15-30 sec Ad

• Headline – reason why
• Select dominant sales point
• Humor can be very effective
  ‘Originality’ can be dangerous

Don’t forget that this ad is not
designed to express talent/ego –
it’s to give info about your topic.

Must be done tastefully,
sensitively & with intelligence
1                                  2

    Mac: “Hello, I’m a Mac.”           PC: “I’m a PC.”
                                       (moves arms back and forth)

3                                  4

    Mac: “Ready to get started?”         PC: “Oh, not quite. I’ve got a lot
                                         to do. What’s your big plan?”
5                                                6

     Mac: “I might make a home                 Mac: “So, what about you?”
     movie, or create a web site, try          PC: “Well first I’ve go to download those new
     my built in camera. I can do it all       drivers and erase the trial software that came
     right out of the box.”                    on my hard drive …”
7                                                    8

Mac: “Sweet.”                                  Mac: “You know, it sounds like you’ve got a lot of
PC: “and I’ve got a lot of manuals to read.”   stuff to do before you do any stuff, so I’m just
                                               gonna get started cause I’m kinda excited… ”
   9                                                          10

Mac: “Let me know when you are ready.”
PC: “Actually, the rest of me is in some other                     Silence: Show product.
boxes so … I’ll met up with you later.”

     “The ability to think better will soon become the most
       significant competitive advantage companies and
 individuals can claim. Thinking better is what it is all about.                            -
                                      Think Better by Tim Hurson
     Find the Opposing Forces
                    Brain Storm Ideas
 Christian Knight
                                        Pope Urban versus a
                                           Lord or Knight
 Muslim Warrior

                                         Medieval vs Islamic
                                        handling of the Black
                                          Death sickness
   Saladin vs King
Richard the Lionheart
 Find the Unexpected Connection
                        Christian Knight versus
                            Muslim Warrior

                        Armor vs cool clothing

         Christian Knight                         Islamic Warrior

Advantages      Disadvantages            Disadvantages of           Advantages of
of Armor       of Light Clothing              Armor                 Light Clothing
  “The unexpected connection is more powerful
           than one that is obvious.”
                                – Think Better by Tim Hurson

  It’s freezing outside so you put on your long
underwear, a turtleneck, a sweater, sweatpants,
 snow pants, a parka, boots, a hat, gloves, and
 maybe even a face mask. You look like Humpty
  Dumpty and you can barely move, but you’re
   finally ready to head outside and do some
serious snowball throwing. But no sooner do you
make it outside than you realize this: ‘Oh, man…
            I gotta go to the bathroom.’

 Now you know how a knight felt in the Middle
    -Oh Yikes! History’s Grossest, Wackiest Moments by Joy Masoff

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