Forensic Science in Middle School

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					Forensic Science in Middle School
Join the CSI craze and explore the world of Forensic Science. Who doesn’t love a mystery? It’s in reality
shows, dramas, and even, historical documentaries; everyone is taking it in. Contrary to popular TV
shows, crimes are not solved by superstars in an hour. They are solved by hard-working heroes who
work tirelessly behind the scenes to help protect our communities. This general science course hones
and reinforces skills in critical thinking, life science, physical science, earth science, archaeology,
anthropology and many more. Students will learn the history and uses of the many sciences that go into
crime scene work*. Learn to lift fingerprints at a scene, analyze fibers, find the skeletons o f the past
and put it all together to find out “whodunit.”

Min:    3/ Max 12

Cost:    $50 per month

Class fee:      $65

Instructor: Mona Bausone

Contact info: 467-9133

Text: Teacher provided packet

*By nature, CSI explorations will present scenarios dealing with crime. However, the field of Forensic
Science is about discovering and bringing about justice in the face of crime. Additionally, we will deal
with topics such as body fluids, but all experiments will be conducted using fake, laboratory-produced

Mona is a homeschooling mom of three who has been training adults for 14 years in software and soft
skills for the last six. She is MOS (formerly MOUS) certified in Office 2000, but currently teaches all
versions up to version 2010 to adults at various computer schools in Richmond. As an independent
consultant she has built databases, written manuals and trained clients such as the US Navy and other
government officials. Through the years, companies have recognized her ability to help today’s adults
with their writing, management, and interpersonal skills. She is an industry published author, has worked
on several official historical projects and other research assignments. Although teaching for corporations
has been a blessing by allowing her to be at home with her children, Mona hears the Father's call to
serve the children and families of other homeschoolers so that they are prepared for the future as
knowledgeable and faith filled leaders on earth.

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