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					Global Studies Association 11th International Conference, July 5-7th, 2012.

And the Department of Sociology, Manchester Metropolitan University.

‘Globalizing Cultures and Identities: Sport, Lifestyle and Heritage’.
Please note: all events and panels will be held in the John Dalton Building (JD) just off
Oxford Rd, on Chester Street. This is on your right if you are coming from the city centre or
the station.

Keynote addresses and ‘meet the author sessions’ will be in the Lecture Theatre (JD. T03).
Most panels will be held either in Seminar Room 1 (JD E0.05 – the ‘Cate’ room) or in
Seminar Room 2 (JD.E34). Where three panels are timetabled at the same time we will
utilize the Lecture Theatre as well. Lunches and all tea/coffee breaks will be held in the
main JD entrance where registration and all sources of conference information will be


12.00 – 2.00. Registration in the main entrance to JD building. Welcome to
the conference.

2.00- 3.30.

Panel 1. Olympic Ideals: what value(s) for Olympism in the 21st century?
Convened by Mark Pope. (Chaired by Paul Kennedy). JD. EO.05.
Paul Anamudu, Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate, Cultural Studies in Literary Interzones, Universita degli
studi di Bergamo, Université de Perpignan Via Domita.

‘Olympic Games and Postcolonial Migrants: the Transgression of Colonial Rhetoric through Performativity’

Jill Timms, Dept of Sociology, London School of Economics and Political Science,


‘Playing Fair at the Olympics: Utilising global sporting platforms to improve working conditions in
transnational supply chains’.

Carol Mei Barker, Bradford media School, University of Bradford,


‘Emancipating the image: The Beijing Olympics, regeneration, and the power of performance’.

Iain Lindsay,

‘Olympicisation: Life in the Shadow of the Olympic Torch’.

Panel 2. Global Nomads, Social Integration and Cosmopolitanism.
(Chaired by Dr. Robert Grimm) JD. E34.
Lydia S.T. Lam, City University of Hong Kong


‘Nomads of the North in the South : TESOL/TEFL: Global Academics in Hong Kong, Culture, Mobility and

Nessa Adams, Department of Sociology and Communications at Brunel University, UK.


‘Afro-Caribbean Societies: The Impact on Identity, Integration and Segregation in the University

Victoria Quintero Morón, Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Spain.

‘Intangible heritage: local demands and global supports’.

3.30- 3.45. Tea/coffee/juice

3.45- 5.15.

Panel 3. The European Union in the World (convened by Didem Buhari-
Gulmez) (Chaired by Professor Chris Rumford). JD.EO. 05.
Helen McBride, University of Wyoming, USA.


‘The Move Toward Peace: The European Union and the Transition from Community Development to
Community Relations in Northern Ireland’.

Ulrike Zschache, Lancaster University, UK.
‘The Common Agricultural Policy in a Global Perspective.’
Professor Roland Robertson, The University of Pittsburg and The University of Aberdeen,

‘Europe in Chaotic Decline’.

Panel 4. Systematic approaches to International Relations. Convened by
Didem Buhari Gulmez. (Chaired by Jill Timms) JD. E34.

Dr. David Aworawo, University of Lagos, Department of History and Strategic Studies

‘Global Values and Foreign Policy: Liberal Expansionism and Relations between Nigeria and Britain since the
late 1990s’.

Ali Onur Tepeciklioglu, Department of International Relations, Ege University (

‘Reassessment of World Society Approach within the international Theory of Martin Wight’.

Didem Buhari Gulmez, Department of Politics and International Relations. Royal Holloway, University of
London. (

‘Unpacking the EU’s global actorness: Stanford School’s World Society approach’.

Panel 5. Cosmopolitanism convened by Maria Rovisco.
(Chaired by Paul Kennedy) JD. T03.

Myria Georgiou, Dept of Media and Communications, London School of Economics and Political Science

‘The urban street and spaces of conflict and renewal’

Mark Pope, Royal Holloway College, University of London.


‘Cosmopolitanism as an analytical tool: UK news media coverage of human rights issues in counter

Nick Stevenson, University of Nottingham.
‘Human Rights and the Cosmopolitan Imagination

5.15- 5.30. Tea/coffee/juice.

5.30- 6.45. Keynote address by Professor Richard Giulianotti, Loughborough
University, in JD. T03.
(Chaired by Chris Rumford)

‘Sport Mega Events in the Global City: the 2012 Olympics in London’

6.45- 7.30. Drinks reception in the main entrance to JD Building.



Panel 6. The European Union and the World (convened by Didem Buhari-
Gulmez) (Chaired by Professor Roland Robertson). JD. EO. 05
Valentina Kostadinova, University of Birmingham. UK.

‘Saudi-EU Relations – Current Impediments and Future Options’

Marius Guderjan, Manchester Metropolitan University,


‘Europeanisation or European integration of local government?’

Alistair Brisbourne, Royal Holloway College, University of London,


‘Rethinking the Anna Lindh Foundation in the Euro-Mediterranean’.

Panel 7. Globalization and Changing Lifestyles. (Chaired by Dr. Robert Grimm) E34.
Dr. Mansour Pourmehdi, Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Bradford.


“Globalisation, the internet and the forbidden romance in Morocco”

Aysegul Kesimoglu, Turkey,


‘The relevance of culture for gastronomic tourism in Turkey: and ICT approach’.

Mohammad Hossein Moghaddasi, The Institute of Design, Department of Costume Design, Moscow State
University of Design and Technology, Moscow, Russia.

‘Emblematic Sneakers: Participation of Sport, Fashion Design and Culture in Creating Contemporary Popular

Panel 8. Sport and Identity Issues, I. (Chaired by Paul Kennedy) JD. T03
Dr. Chris Porter, Lecturer, Dept of Sociology, Manchester Metropolitan University,
‘Football Supporter Culture and Globalisation: An Uneasy Relationship’

Dina N. Fedorova, Institute of History and Archeology, Russian Academy of Sciencem Ekaterinburg,


‘Football and identity’.

Babajide Ololajulo, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology,University of Ibadan, Nigeria

“Arsenal in the church”: Globalisation, football identity and alternative nationalism in Nigeria’.

10.45- 11. Tea/coffee/Juice.

11 -12.15 Keynote Address by Professor Sharon MacDonald, Manchester
University, in JD.T03 (Chaired by Chris Rumford)

‘Cosmopolitanism and transnational heritage’

12.-15- 1.15 Lunch
(Committee meeting of the Global Studies Association, chaired by Chris Rumford) E0.05


Panel 3. Globalizing Cricket (Convened by Mark Pope in association with the
British Sociological Association).
(Chaired by Dominic Malcolm) E0.05

Amit Gupta, Associate Professor, USAF Air War College,
( )

‘Non-Western Nations and the Control of Global Sporting Events’.

Dr. Russell Holden, Director IN the Zone of Sport and Politics Consultancy.

‘Purity, Profit and Progress – The Potentially Destructive Tensions at the Heart of Contemporary
International Cricket’.

Habibul H. Khondker, Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, PO Box 144534, UAE

‘Cricket, the Post-Match Drink and Exclusion of British Asians’

Panel 10. Changing Turkey in a Changing World convened by Didem Buhari-
Gulmez. (Chaired by Dr. Shoba Arun) E34.
Asst. Prof. C. Akça ATAÇ, Çankaya University, Turkey,

‘Pax Ottomana? Neo-imperialist discourse in Turkish foreign policy

Assoc. Prof. Muge Kinacioglu, Department of International Relations, Hacettepe University

Ankara, turkey. (

‘Nato and Turkey in the post-cold-war: the use of force and identity formation;’.

Asst. Prof. Erkan Saka, Bilgi University, Turkey


‘The current reconfiguration of mainstream media in Turkey’.

2.45- 3.45. Meet the author:

Emeritus Professor Robert Holton, Ulster University, talks about his new
book in T03.
(Chaired by Chris Rumford)

‘Global Finance: Breaking the Mould’

3.45- 4.00 Tea/coffee/juice

4.00 – 5.30

Panel 11. Globalizing Cricket convened by Mark Pope (in association with the
British Sociological Association). E0. 05
Discussant: Professor Chris Rumford, Dept of Politics & International Relations,
Royal Holloway, University of London,

‘Discussion of papers presented in both ‘globalizing cricket’ panels, 9 and 11’.

Dominic Malcolm, School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, Loughborough University

‘Cricket, Englishness and Globalization’

Thomas Fletcher, Carnegie Faculty, Leeds Metropolitan University (

‘Bangladesh Premier League: Politico-economic Reflections’.

Panel 12. Globalization and Heritage. (Chaired by Professor Sharon McDonald). E34
Ben Kasstan,
‘The Jewish Birthright: Heritage Tours in Israel’.

Jan Lorenz, The University of Manchester.


‘Looking for Jewishness. Heritage, belonging and translocal social space of a contemporary Polish Jewish

Prof. Vincent Wai-kit Ho, University of Macau.


‘Substantiating Heritage and Current Identities in Macau: Tourism Industries, Lifestyle and Cultural Memory
in a Casino City’

Panel 13. Migration, Globalization and Identity. (Chaired by Dr. Shoba Arun) T03
Marta Villa, Departement of Social Sciences, The University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy.


‘Identity obsession and strategies of recognition through the fertility rituals: the case study of Stilfs in
Vinschgau (Italy – Sudtirol)’

Samuel M Clevenger , Dept of History, University of Wyoming, USA.

“Hoop Migrations: Historical Parallels in the Recruitment of American Basketball Athletes”

Dr Anya Ahmed, University of Salford, UK.


‘Resisting globalizing cultures: on being ‘English’ abroad.’

5.30- 5.45 Tea/coffee/juice

5.45 – 7.15. Keynote address by Professor David Inglis, Aberdeen University,
in JD T03.
(Chaired by Chris Rumford)

‘Who were the great global thinkers? Reconsidering globalism and cosmopolitanism’.

7.30 – 9. Conference Dinner at MMU (venue to be announced).

9.00 -10.30
Panel 14. Sport and Identity Issues II (Chaired by Jill Timms) E0.05
Jared Van Duinen, Dept of History and Politics, Charles Stuart University, Australia

‘A “nation-in-Empire”? The case of Anglo-Australian cricketing relations in the ‘British World’, c.1850-1934’.

Stefan Hubner, Jacobs University Bremen, Germany.

‘The ‘Western Civilizing Mission’ and muscular Christianity: Elwood Stanley Brown, the YMCA and the Global
Promotion of Amateur Sports as Christian Citizenship Training’.
Amit Gupta, Associate Professor, USAF Air War College, Maxwell AFB, AL 36117, USA.


‘The IPL and the Indian Domination of Global Cricket’.

Panel 15. Issues in Theorizing and Measuring Globalization.
(Chaired by Dr Chris Porter) E34

Professor Victor Roudometof, University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus.


‘What Is Glocalization? Past and Present Interpretations’.

Dr. Marco Caselli, Dipartimento di Sociologia, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – Milano, Italy.


‘Beyond the Nation state. Alternative ways to measure globalization.’

Professor Barbara Henry, Political Philosophy, Sant’ Anna School for Advanced Studies, Pisa, Italy.


‘ “The Right to Access” as the key to understanding Cultural Capitalism?

Panel 16. Identities and Globalization.
(Chaired by Dr. Mansour Pourmehdi) T03

Artem Rabogoshvili, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle, Germany.


 “Between “the stage” and “the market” – national-cultural organizations of non-indigenous people at the
time of public celebrations in Siberia ”

Maria Karaulova and Oliver Shackleton,, The University of Manchester


‘The Irish Festival in Manchester: Celebration of Heritage and/or Rebranding the Image of the City?’

Dr. Muhammad Kamran, Associate Professor, Department of Urdu, University of the Punjab, Lahore-

‘Translating and exploring the Universal Approach in Contemporary Pakistani Literature and Culture’.

Professor Andrea Pitasi and Mariarosalba Angrisani, University of ??? Italy.


‘ “Hypercitizenship” and the evolution of a global identity’

10.30 – 10.45. Teas/coffee/juice
10.45- 11.45. Meet the Author
Professor Roland Robertson, Aberdeen and Pittsburg Universities, talks about
his new book with Sophie Krossa, in T03.
(Chaired by Paul Kennedy)

‘European Cosmopolitanism in Question’.

11.45 -1.15.
Panel 17. Globalization, Health and Cultural Practices.
(Chaired by Paul Kennedy) E34
Su-ming Khoo, School of Political Science and Sociology, National University of Ireland, Galway.


‘The diffusion, role and take-up of globalizing health practices and the mechanisms through which this
occurs: global consumer health activism and complex health reforms - between health rights and consumer


‘Globalisation and the dilemma of harmful cultural practices in Africa: The Nigerian experience’.

Ohanyelu Charles Nnamdi. Gambia College, Brikama, The Gambia.

‘Culture and African females in the world of sports’.

Panel 18. Globalization, Ideology and Global Consciousness.
(Chaired by Dr. Mansour Pourmehdi) E0. 05
Dr Rafal Soborski, The American International University in London


‘Globalization and ideology: mapping the shifting debate’.

Precious Chatterje-Doody, Manchester University,


‘Online challenges to the elite’s historical narrative: re-imagining Russia?’

Eliza Urwanowicz-Rojecka, Department of Sociology and Social Communication,

Stanislaw Staszic College of Public Administration in Bialystok, Poland.

‘Global Consciousness. A Sociology of Knowledge Perspective’.

1.15 Lunch.


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