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									Sterling Silver Body Jewelry In the Olympics, medals The finest athlete gets will get something made comes out as silver and are given to the first, second and third placer. the best, which is made of gold. The other two out of combining certain materials together that bronze.

The reason why silver and bronze need to be mixed is because the material itself is soft. It will be impossible to mold this into anything unless there is a mineral out there that can strengthen its composition. Luckily, there is and w someone mixes seven and a half percent of copper, the finished product is better known as sterling silver. Sterling silver is used in a lot of things. Two examples of these are kitchenware and jewelry. Studies show that more people use this as a fashion accessory. Jewelry stores sell these as necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. The trend these days has allowed manufacturers to do more in the market. It has given the seller the opportunity to expand and offer sterling silver as a piece of body jewelry. Body jewelry as it is called is attached on the individual's skin. This can either be pierced or simply clipped on. Customers that are afraid of getting an infection or experiencing an allergy will stick to the second type. Sterling silver is not really the best example of body jewelry. This is often considered to be a cheap alternative for those who can't afford the kinds that are either made of gold and platinum. Because it is more affordable, this does well with the younger generation especially those that are in high school and college. With the cash on hand, the person can even have some add ons by having a few stones attached The customer can even tell the manufacturer to make one from scratch instead of just selecting one from the display case. Sterling silver body jewelry must be cleaned regularly. In most cases, a mild cleaner and a piece of soft cloth will do the trick. If this does not work, this is the time that a brush has to be used. This does not have to be anything fancy so even the kind used for cleaning the teeth will do. After brushing, this should again be wiped down. People are advised to use something made of 100% cotton to prevent any damage from happening to the accessory. Sterling silver body jewelry are also good to give as gifts. The friend can be brought into the store to choose which one the person likes and have this pierced free of charge. The customer should be sure that the place is well recommended and follows sterilization measures since it would really be bad if the friend got sick.

Those who know people that love the clip on version can just get it. Each pack has a set of instructions, which includes how to attach and keep it shiny. Body jewelry is not something new. People have been using it for years and this will continue as long as this express one's individuality. Those who want to join the bandwagon but don't have enough money will just have to make do with sterling silver. With proper care, this can last for a long time until perhaps the person has enough money to buy something much pricier.

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