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									        Regional                                   Regional Resource Center
       Resource Center                                 of the Bivocational
       Training programs                        and Small Church Leadership Network
       Center leadership                         Sponsored by: The Educators Group
       Center location
       Resource “lab”                             2. Application for Partnership
       On-campus events
       Regional events
       BSCLN participation                                                         May ‘10
       Network objects

The following “Application for Partnership” requests information from an Educational
Institution applying as a Regional Resource Center of the Bivocational and Small Church
Leadership Network. For completing this application, see the attached eight-part “Agreement
and Guidelines” a description of a Regional Center. Fill in the requested information on this
computer form below:

      1. Name of the Applying Educational Institution:

      2. Designation of the Responsible Unit or Program:

      3. Bivocational/Small Church Program Leader/Contact Person:

      4. Contact for Regional Resource Center:

      5. Defined Bivocational and Small Church Ministry Programs:

           Provide a summary of current and anticipated programs and strategies:

      6. Content of the Center and Resource lab:

      7. Membership and Active Participation in BSCLN:

      8. Annual Membership Fee: An annual Regional Resource Center fee is $100

      NOTE: Send Application to the President of the Educators for Bivocational Ministry,
      currently: Jay Barnett at Clear Creek Bible College, 300 Clear Creek Road, Pineville, KY
      40977. Telephone # 606-337-2372 Email:

Name of Institution’s Repsentative: _______________________________________________

Date sent to President of the BSCLN Educators: ___________________________________
     A Regional Bivocational/Small Church Resource Center:
     seeks throughout its geographical region to encourage, promote, connect, and
     serve bivocational and smaller membership churches, ministers, and families for
     their effective service in God’s kingdom. Primarily within its role as an entity of a
     Baptist, Christian educational institution, each Resource Center will:

     1.Maintain training programs for the leadership and functions of church bivocational
     ministry. (Examples: professional/ministry seminars and conferences, certificates or ICU’s,
     academic credit courses, degree programs, mentoring and consulting, and peer-group

     2.Designate leadership for the Center: such as a Director or Coordinator, with support staff
     available. (Could be a shared position part-or full-time.)

     3.Provide on the Campus a fully equipped physical location for the Center. (Could include
     shared telephone, fax, e-mail, Website page, copy machine, etc.)

     4.Develop and maintain a “Resource Lab” that specializes in resources for different
     aspects of bivocational/small church ministry. (Standards and guidelines may be
     developed and suggested through the Educators Group.)

     5.Make available conferences and events on campus for the benefit of bivocational and
     small churches. (These might be events that also benefit other ministry groups.)

     6.Host or co-host events for the region, and within the region, events that include and
     benefit bivocationals.

     7.Participate on a regular basis with the BSCLN, its leadership, events, and the leadership
     of other Regional Centers. (On an annual basis provide a report to BSCLN of the work of
     the Center.)

     8.Partner with BSCLN and its entities to fulfill the purpose and objectives of the Network,
     and, in every way possible to champion and advance bivocational ministry as an authentic
     biblical pattern and an essential strategy in our day and for the generations to come.

May, 2010

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