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									                                    CHAPTERS 26-28 COVER SHEET
1.   Identify and explain the historical significance of each of the terms. Each term should be at least 2 sentences each to receive credit.
2.   Extra Credit: Outline chapters 26-28. All outlines MUST be handwritten & legible to receive credit for the assignment. MUST be on college
     ruled paper. Font must be appropriate size.
3. Answer the questions. Take no less than half a page to answer each of these questions to the best of your ability. Answer all parts to the
     question. Must be on college ruled paper.

Chapter 26 The Cold War Abroad                       Chapter 27 America at Midcentury,                    Chapter 28 The Liberal Era, 1960-
and at Home, 1945-1952                               1952-1960                                            1968
Cold War                                             Dynamic conservatism                                 Sit-ins
GI Bill of Rights                                    Interstate Highway Act                               New Frontier
Employment Act of 1946                               Brown vs. Board of Educ. of Topeka                   Nixon-Kennedy televised debate
Containment policy                                   Civil Rights Act of 1957 and 1960                    Clean Air Act of 1963
Iron Curtain Speech                                  Earl Warren                                          Freedom rides
Truman Doctrine                                      Little Rock’s Central High School                    Bay of Pigs
Marshall Plan                                        Third World                                          Cuban Missile Crisis
Berlin Airlift                                       Ho Chi Minh                                          detente
NATO                                                 Vietminh                                             Civil Rights Act of 1964
Mao Zedong                                           CIA                                                  War on Poverty
NSC-68                                               Domino theory                                        Job Corps
Taft-Hartley Act                                     Ngo Dinh Diem                                        VISTA
Fair Deal                                            Eisenhower Doctrine                                  Great Society
HUAC                                                 ENIAC                                                Barry Goldwater
Alger Hiss                                           Sunbelt                                              Baker v. Carr
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg                           Baby boom generation                                 Miranda v. Arizona
Joseph McCarthy                                      AFL-CIO                                              Malcolm X
McCarran Internal Security Act                       Rosa Parks                                           Black Panthers
                                                     Montgomery Bus Boycott                               AIM
                                                     D. Martin Luther King Jr.                            NOW
                                                     Southern Christian Leadership                        The Pill
                                                     Conference                                           Operation Rolling Thunder
                                                     Elvis Presley

Chapter 26                                                                     Chapter 28
1.  Discuss the origins of the Cold War. Explain the differences               1.  Discuss the accomplishments and failures of JFK’s thousand
    in policy, goals, and assumptions between the U.S. and the                     day presidency.
    Soviet Union. Is it possible to assess “blame” for the Cold                2. How did the Supreme Court in the 1960s change the tenor of
    War, or were both sides equally responsible?                                   American life and, at the same time, inflame the heated
2. What was the containment policy? How did the Truman                             political climate? What were the major Supreme Court
    administration implement it in Europe and Asia?                                decisions?
3. What were the causes of the anticommunist hysteria that                     3. Why did Lyndon Johnson choose to escalate U.S.
    swept the nation in the late 1940s and early 1950s? Why did                    participation in the Vietnam War gradually? To what extent
    McCarthyism receive so much support?                                           did that policy succeed? What did the American people think
                                                                                   of the war? What role did public protests and television play
                                                                                   in shaping American public opinion?
Chapter 27
1.  What progress did the civil-rights movement make in the                    Reading and Quiz Schedule
    1950s? Refer specifically to Brown vs. Board of Education of               03/17 – Chapter 26 Coversheet Due/Id’s Quiz
    Topeka and the Montgomery Bus Boycott. How did whites                      03/18 – Chapter 26 Primary Source/Practice Test
    respond to African Americans’ demand for desegregation?                    03/19 – Chapter 26 Socratic Seminar
    What role did Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King play in                03/22 – Chapter 27 Coversheet Due/Id’s Quiz
    spurring southern African-Americans to fight for their                     03/23 – Chapter 27 Primary Source/ Practice Test
    rights?                                                                    03/24 – Chapter 27 Socratic Seminar
2. Describe the U.S.’ involvement in Vietnam and the Middle                    03/25 – Chapter 28 Coversheet Due/ID’s Quiz
    East in the 1950s. Explain the domino theory and the                       03/26 – Chapter 28 Primary Source
    Eisenhower Doctrine.                                                       04/05 – Chapter 28 Practice Test
3. How did child-rearing and education theories meet the needs                 04/06 – Chapter 28 Socratic Seminar
    of society in the 1950s? What changes occurred in the late                 04/07 – Projects Due
    1950s in education? Why?                                                   04/08 – Project Presentations
                                                                               04/09 – Review
                                                                               04/12 – Unit Test – Part I     04/13 – Unit Test –Part II

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