Leadership Interview Questions by Ue0G6WA


									                                         Interview Questions

1. Check the series’ you have heard or read through:
     Loving God With All Your Heart                   14. Describe your devotional life/routine
     What is a Church
     Building a Joyful Marriage                       15. Describe your life in the area of fulfilling the
     Fellowship With God                              “one-another” commands.
     Sin in the Christian Life
     Knowing God and Loving People                    16. Describe your beliefs and practices about giving.
     Overcoming Evil                                  What percentage do you give and why?
     God Living in You
     Victory by Faith
     Newcomers Class                                  17. Regarding motives, love always assumes
     Agape 101                                            a. the most likely scenario
                                                           b. the scenario that reflects most positively
                                                           /on the person in question
2. Do you know Agape’s purpose statement and

3. What is your view of the “seeker-friendly”
                                                       18. What is the Deacon’s job?
4. What are your thoughts on the definition and
importance of expository preaching?

5. How does one determine what his/her gifts are?

6. What are your gifts?

7. What is the purpose of the gifts?

8. If a person does not know what his gift is, what
should he do in the church?

9. Regarding the singing time on Sunday mornings,
what is your idea of a good worship service?

10. Which statement sounds better to you?
    a) Worship is a response to great music as well
       as other beautiful things in the creation.
    b) Worship is a response to truth about God,
       and music is one tool to express that

11. What is your opinion about the practice of using
worship music as entertainment in order to draw the
lost into the church so they can hear the gospel?

12. Describe your level of commitment to corporate

13. Why is corporate prayer important?

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