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					JD May 2012

Peace Building-initiatives Programme Officer- Goma (DRC)

CAFOD’s Mission is to promote human development and social justice in witness
to Christian Faith and gospel values.

Job Description

Note: This is a 2 year contract

As part of a recent review of CAFOD’s international work, it has been decided to exit from our
existing Rwanda and Burundi programmes. This new Peace Building-initiatives Programme Officer
role will support this process as follows:

a) For months 1-6: 100% of effort will be spent in supporting the exit from the Rwanda
   Psychosocial programme and Burundi Livelihoods Programme.

b) For months 7-12: Effort will be split 50%:50% between supporting the exit from the Rwanda /
   Burundi programmes and the development of a new sub-regional Peace Building programme

c)    For months 13-24: The full peace building job description below will apply

See (the annex attached) for the Rwanda / Burundi exit strategy including key responsibilities for
the first 12 months

Job Purpose

         Support the exit from Rwanda psychosocial programmes and Burundi livelihoods

         To work closely with the Programme Manager in managing and developing CAFOD’s
          programmes categorised under “Peace building initiatives in the DRC”, with an extension
          to Rwanda and Burundi for sub-regional initiatives.

         To take forward relationships with key stakeholders and partners at both operational and
          strategic level, contributing to the formulation of CAFOD’s strategies and goals, developing
          programmes to achieve those goals (including the sub-regional peace building
          programme), and carrying out the programme appraisal, monitoring and review needed to
          implement and manage programmes in line with CAFOD’s values and working principles.

         To promote networking and exchanges between CJPs/Caritas from dioceses and national
          level involved in the programme, and ACEAC at sub-regional level. This will involve
          facilitating communication between different levels of the programme (diocesan, national,

         To capture learning from this peace-building work and feed this back into the DRC and
          CAFOD organisation

         To assist partners to develop their programmes.

   The post holder will be expected to work largely without administrative support.
Job Scope

         Delivers programme/office support within agreed budget

1/6                                             date
         Responsible for monitoring use of programme funds and ensuring they are properly
          accounted for

         Carries out some task supervision but no formal line management responsibilities

This role reports to the Advocacy Initiative Programme Manager based in Goma

Key responsibilities

To manage and develop the programme in conjunction with the Programme Manager
         Contribute to the implementation, monitoring and review of CAFOD’s country strategy for
         Contribute to the development of new programmes of work in line with CAFOD’s corporate
          and regional strategic frameworks.
         Appraise project proposals from partner organisations and assess the organisations’
          abilities to manage and implement the proposed project.
         Monitor the progress of individual projects and the wider impact of CAFOD’s programmes,
          using the learning from this to inform future programme development.
         Ensure that projects/programmes are properly appraised and presented for approval (via
          PCM1 guidelines) that is to say:
               o developing Programme Concept Notes; Programme Framework documents
               o carrying out Programme Organisational Assessments (POA)
               o formulating documentation for grant approvals (e.g. Project Summary and Grant
                  Approval, Grant Agreement Document etc)
         Oversee the work of Programme Accompaniers and technical consultants working on
          CAFOD programmes. (Note: the Programme Officer will not be expected to take on the
          line management of such personnel.)
         Mainstreaming in consultation with other relevant staff advocacy, Emergency Response,
          Protection, Early Recovery, HIV/AIDS and gender considerations into CAFOD funded
          programmes in the region

Relationship holding with partners and key stakeholders (20%):
         Develop, nurture and manage relationships with CAFOD’s partner organisations in DRC,
          Rwanda and Burundi in agreement with the relevant Programme Manager.
         Identify and organise responses to the learning needs of partner organisations in
          conjunction with CAFOD’s support teams.
         Supporting partners to the development and implementation of participatory monitoring
          processes in relation to the peace building
         Helping partners (through assessment, monitoring of peace building activities) to identify
          related activities (eg Early Recovery, Livelihoods) to Peace Building activities

To represent CAFOD’s programme at an operational level (20%):
         Develop, nurture and sustain relationships with relevant local stakeholders including local
          government, peace building, advocacy related national networks and other agencies
          working in DRC. This will include other Caritas/CIDSE agencies.
         In liaison with the relevant DRC Programme Manager, to sustain relationships with relevant
          bilateral agencies based in-country, including DFID and the EC, seeking opportunities for
          programme funding where applicable.

    CAFOD’s internal system for Programme Cycle Management (PCM)
2/6                                             date
         Undertake advocacy and information work in support of CAFOD’s programmes with
          relevant stakeholders in the region and/or in Europe.
         Support the preparation of funding applications and reports for external funders, in liaison
          with the PM and the PDFO
Liaison and communication with other Departments and Sections within CAFOD to ensure that the
programmes are well understood, and that information is available for publications, media
briefings, development education, etc.To contribute to the financial accountability of the
programme (10%):
         Prepare and monitor budgets relating to both CAFOD and partner-led expenditure in
          conjunction with the Programme Manager.
         Deliver the programme within an agreed budget.

Programme knowledge and learning (10%):
         Use CAFOD’s programme management information systems effectively to produce
          management information and support decision making at both programme and corporate
         Keep up to date with development issues and trends, both within the relevant
          country/sector and more generally.
Child Protection
CAFOD recognises the personal dignity and rights of children, towards whom it has a special
responsibility and a duty of care and respect. CAFOD, and all its staff and volunteers, undertake to
do all in our power to create a safe environment for children and young people and to prevent their
physical, sexual or emotional abuse. CAFOD is committed to acting at all times in the best
interests of children, seeing these interests as paramount. This post involves responsibility for
people who will have contact with children or young people and applicants will be subject to
specific checks related to child protection issues. The post holder is required to obtain a Disclosure
from the Criminal Records Bureau.

Key Competencies

3/6                                             date

Understanding our context Working together                          Making change happen              Job-specific competencies

A Understanding Catholic        D Managing ourselves                H Managing resources              I Experience and skills in
identity   Works comfortably                                        Delivers programmes within an     programme development,
                                E Working with others
                                                                    agreed budget; Develops
with secular and Church                                                                               including peace and
                                F Communicating     Fluent in       programme funding proposals
                                                                    (including to institutional       reconciliation
                                French and good written and
B Understanding CAFOD                                               fundraisers; Makes effective
                                spoken English
                                                                    use of ICT
C Understanding                 G Looking outwards Works
                                                                    I Achieving results    Delivers
international development       with and builds the capacity of
                                                                    work within the context of an
Shows an understanding of the local partner organisations;
                                                                    agreed programme framework,
importance of gender and        Carries out partner capacity
                                                                    uses programme cycle
diversity in humanitarian and   assessments and identifies
                                                                    management tools effectively
development work. Knowledge     support needs
of tools and ways of working                                        J Managing our
with partners to address
gender, such as through the
PCM cycle.                                                          K Taking the lead


IV. Job-specific competency

Significant experience (2 years minimum) in a similar position enabling a good understanding of issues and an ability
to deliver results.

V. Job-specific competency

 Mediation skills – sympathetic listening, diplomacy, tact, easy contact and interpersonal relationship

    Levels required for this post
    1.     Being effective
    2.     Excelling
    3.     Leading the way

           4/6                                               date
Terms and Conditions

Contract          A two-year contract, including a 6 months month probationary period.

Salary            Grade 6a: USD 23,622 per annum with 9 annual increments of USD 591, up to
                  USD 28,937. (including 13th month )

Notice period     3 months

Holidays          34 days (annual 19, Public 9, Easter and Christmas 6)

Pensions          There is an optional contributory pension scheme (10% employer and 5% employee
                  contribution). Alternatively, CAFOD will make a similar contribution to a Personal
                  Pension Plan

Other benefits Medical insurance will be provided for the staff member and spouse plus children
               100%. 13th month bonus paid

Location          Goma-Caritas Goma shared office building DRC

                                                                    CAFOD is an equal opportunities
                                                                    employer. Recruitment and selection
                                                                    procedures reflect our commitment to
                                                                    child protection.

Additional information

CAFOD is the official Catholic aid agency for England and Wales. In more than 40 countries across the world,
we bring hope, compassion and solidarity to poor communities, standing side by side with them to end poverty
and injustice.

Our vision is a world transformed to reflect the Kingdom of God: a world where –
        the rights and dignity of every person are respected
        all have access to basic needs in life
        women and men share equally in shaping their societies and our world
        the gifts of creation are nurtured and shared by all for the common good and
        the structures that shape people’s lives are just and enable peace.

International Division
This post works with the International Division, whose purpose is, in collaboration with our partners, to have a
lasting impact on poverty and injustice through development programmes, advocacy, and humanitarian
response. The International programme will promote learning, strengthen and empower communities and
people in need regardless of their race, gender, religion or politics, and build links between CAFOD supporters
and partners overseas.

West Africa & Great Lakes Region

5/6                                                date
The WAGL Regional team is part of the International Division. CAFOD’s development and humanitarian
programmes in this region are concentrated around partnerships in countries where the challenges of poverty,
exclusion, human rights and conflict are particularly acute.
Our West Africa (Sierra Leone/Liberia, Nigeria and Niger) and Great Lakes (Democratic Republic of Congo and
Rwanda) are lead by Regional/Country Representatives with line management support from a Regional
Manager based in CAFOD’s offices in London.

Country Team

The Kinshasa office, covering our programme work in DRC, Burundi, Rwanda, forms part of the West Africa &
Great Lakes Team (WAGL). The WAGL team also work in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, & Liberia, and Niger with offices
in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and a presence in Niamey.

The team in the region consists of;
- A DRC Country Representative (based in Kinshasa),
-   The Team in Kinshasa including; a DRC Programme Manager, a PDFO, an ABG Programme Officer , a
Programme administrator and an Administration officer, a Conflict transformation Coordinator, a Finance and
Administration Manager (all based in Kinshasa);
A DRC Programme Manager, an Emergency Response Officer, a Early Recovery/Livelihoods Officer, an advocacy
Programme officer (All based in Goma).

CAFOD’s work in DRC focuses on Short, Medium and longer term Humanitarian response and social
development programmes in the area of Emergency response (caused by conflicts, wars, and natural disaster),
Protection, Early recovery and livelihoods. CAFOD also funds specific programmes in the area of Advocacy
(Peace building and reconciliation, Natural resources, the Governance and Transparency programme).
Finally as part of our sub regional strategy, there is sub regional peace building programme under development
involving Rwanda, Burundi and DRC.

6/6                                                 date

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